Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainbow pictures.

I happened to see this rainbow outside my front window and had to take a few pictures.

another race completed! :)

Another race completed. Another check off my races to do this year. So last year I ran the Seahawks 12k and loved it so I wanted to do it again this year. So the time came and I was excited to run this race again. It's very upbeat and has beautiful views of Renton, and running around the Seahawks training center which is pretty cool! :) So i had my outfit all picked out, and kept watching the weather report...you guessed it rain.

So I had my northface running pants, the socks i had for st patty's day, a blue shirt, green sparkle running skirt, and a hat. I was ready for the sea of green with a mix of blue!
So the night before I had played soccer, and during the game a soccer ball came smack at my knee cap, instantly blow up and bruised. I instantly thought "great im running a race in the morning, and my knee is bruised" That night i iced it, and took advil but it was painful to sleep. But the next morning my knee felt fine! And I was super excited.
race outfit

The morning of, I woke up and we left around 7 because we needed our race packets. The whole way up RAIN... :( then we got there, and WIND so windy that my hat came off my head. "great, this hat isn't going to work in the wind..." and COLD. so we got our packets and went back to the car to stay warm. The time had come to get out of the car and start the race. Rain stopped, Wind stopped, and blue skies and sun appeared. It was amazing! So paul and I got in line to run, i got right between real fast but not to slow but there was no mile post signs so i just basically hopped in a spot. 9am horn went off and off we went. Paul and I ran together until the course broke off to 12k and 5k. he was doing the 12k but knew he wanted a 10min mile pace and of course Im faster then that so we were off running our on paces. The race was great. there was a few people I wanted to pass so i kept my focus on trying to pass them. It worked pretty well :) I took my earbuds out when i got to the seahawks training center because it's pretty cool just to listen to the blue canon and such.On the way out of the training center I passed paul, so I knew I needed to keep my pace up. I never stopped running! It felt great not stopping when I really wanted to because my knee around 5.5 started to feel sore. But i kept going :) Finally the finish line appears, and I finished in 1:06! Not bad! I waited for paul to finish and got back to the car.... As soon as we were in the car, it started to pour rain, so we were so lucky with the weather!! :)
After finishing the race

Here are my race results!

Official race results from 12k
# finishers- 351/ 1347
# females- 98/753
#in my age group - 6/48
Time: 1:06:21 pace 8:54

Last years race results :

# finishers 512/1370
#females 179/777
# age group 15/64
time : 1:08:23 pace : 9:10

WHOO! I totally improved over all . cut time in 2 min, and pace was under 9min :)