Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry christmas and Happy new year!

Merry christmas (late) Hope everyone had a great time with friends, and family. Here's a recap of my lovely christmas.
Well My dad moved before Thanksgiving, and so he sent me some cash. Which I bought a lovely new iphone 4s! (Thanks Dad) then he also sent some pj pants and such. Then my mom got me some more pj pants, and some useful items like an iron, food storage containers, baking pans. :) Over all it was a good christmas eve. Christmas day was another story. I usally work that day because it's fun to do. but after this year, Im having second thoughts of why did i put myself through this? Well this year we MUST worked all but one holidays.. (thanks my awesome boss.....NOT) So i asked for thanksgiving day off because i wanted to do a turkey run. so christmas day was not really choice. so it started off well, until partners were fighting, and customers were just plan rude! after that day my christmas sucked. I went to pauls family house, and then left. Anyways over all it wasn't a great christmas.
And after gettnig christmas day tips, it wasn't worth working that day!

I can't believe 2011 is almost over! WHere in the world did the time go??
Well looking back from 2011, I went to so many weddings! I believe 6 people got married, but I only went to 4! Still that's alot of wedding. Congrats to all my friends!
I also attended alot of baby showers! I think i went to 5? Holy babies! Congrats to all you guys with little ones. I love seeing all your babies growning up to little toddlers!
I ran  2 half marathons this past year, and really got into running!

This coming year, Im hoping for a good year! Im hoping to run at least one race each month! Jan wont have a race tho, but feb,mar,apr are already set! :)
With all that running, Im hoping to get in better shape, and improve my personal records, and eatting better! Im also hoping to work out more at the gym, and tone up! :)
Which all that working out, I would like to improve my eating. Such as eat more meals at home, cook more and eat less sugar crap! I know this will be hard to do but I know it's going to a great pay back in the end.

Also I know one for sure wedding I will be attending in this next year! Congrats to Kelsey and TJ on their engagement! :) Im so happy for you guys!

Well those are some of my new year goals!

Happy new year and stay safe!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dec 20

Merry christmas well almost.. I can't believe it's just a few days away. I swear this year went by faster then last year. Im done shopping, wrapping, decorating, and baking. I am so glad I dont have to worry about anything and can just relax now!
Well, this will be a short blog today. I dont really have much to say! have a great day!! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

november 30th!

WHAt happened to november? seriously? Seems like i was just writing a blog and it was november 3. yeah I have been slacking off big time with blogging. so heres what have been happening!

I was able to get a lovely wonderful cold thanks for awesome customers! Seriously I hate you all! I have been sick since friday. It sort of started tuesday with a sore throat, wed i felt crappy, thursday sore throat but didn't really put to and to together, and friday felt blah, saturday little stuffy --took medicine (bad idea) made it worst.., sunday stuffy (took medicine) monday I was seriously worst, tuesday I slept most of the day until like 3 when i finally put the tree up, wednesday (today) im still sick, i guess i sound better but more nose still isn't. I just want it to go away SOON!!!

Well the holidays are in full swing here at the house! I moved some couches and a table to make sure the lovely christmas tree has a home for the next 2 months. :) So I finally put up the big tree and brought out the small tree. I haven't decorated the big tree yet, I need help with lights. I guess last year, I threw a fit with paul.. so im waiting. But i did decorate the mini tree. I added some lights this year, and went with a starbucks theme tree this year. Last year i did mini colored bolbs. it looks very cute! (I might need a few more starbucks ornaments ;) )  this weekend the bigger tree will be decorarted! Pictures will be posted ! I even am ahead of the game with holiday cards! I am/have been collecting addresses, got the cards, and made a letter of what has been happening (still needs to be printed) and printing pictures for those who dont have facebook. so im going to try and send it out in the next few days! :)

Shopping! yeah thats right, im half way done shopping :) it's the greatest feeling to know your almost finished shopping and its not even december yet! :) No i wasn't the crazy person to go shopping on black friday. but i actually go later that day out in silverdale so it wasn't busy at all! I did manage to buy something for me.. sparkle shoes, only 15$ :)

Thanksgiving: This year was my first year I had thanksgiving off. I usually work all holidays but i really want to do a run. so thanksgiving day i ran the 10k in gh. :) the weather was cold!! I had my running carpis, jacket, and a vest. I was cold until like half way. it was harder because my chest wasn't 100% normal, i was fighting a cold. But it was a great race! I finished with paul at 57min! :) so thats like a 9:20 min pace. not bad!! :)
Im hoping to do a race in december and jan and feb to have a race each month.. ive done one in sept, oct and november. :)
the rest of Thanksgiving was relaxing until dinner with the family. :)

Happy late birthday to my two friends (Nov 28)- Megan, and Jerry. I am so glad you both are my friends and i get to celebrate with you! :)

Well my dad moved away. :( I knew this was coming for a while basically since during the summer. but then he and his girl friend broke up and he was going to just stay here. Well they got back to gether, and then he went down to visit, and he thought of moving down there again. so he wanted me to go help him move but he didn't give me enough time to actually go with him. so this was the first holiday without him here. yes I  miss my dad, but i guess people need to move to do what they need/want to do. i guess he wanted to try the relationship out again, and stay warm. Yes he moved to AZ., that lucky man! SO im hoping the first few days after the new years IM FLYING out of WASHINGTON and going to some SUNSHINE! it would be a perfect time to go considering, Christmas at the bux will be over and it will be cold here anyways. SO JaN will be something i will be looking forward to!

So as many of you know/dont know. Im trying to become a shift supervisior at the bux. There was some talk about me leaving, leaving to proctor, at the begin of the new year, well then it needed to happen sooner.  But i reallt just wanted to finish out 2011 with my store and such. so I had to decline the offer :( I really didn't want to, but it was less hours, so i wouldn't noticed a pay increase. my dream job would be transfer to GH and work out here. I love my work schedule right now but i know when i become a shift that will sadly change. :(
so thats where Im at with that. I am doing more things in my store like being the lucky one to do a FULL on INVENTORY count.. ( seriously sucks) and leading promos and such. so if it happens it happens.

Well I think i recapped everything that has been happening over the last month.

Good luck to Tiffany,Will, Tiana, Cynthia at running in vegas, I wish i was going too! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November already?

Hello my friends.
hope all is well. Here's a recap of the last few weeks since apparently i haven't wrote on this since oct 11. Yikes!
well Lets see what i can remember from that long ago.

Well last week i had to deal with a lovely circuit breaker making noise. Paul was gone for a few days and of course this started about the day he left. he went on a work retreat. I had to preclose that day. I noticed a humming coming from somewhere, but i honestly thought it was the neighbors left a fan on or something. but as soon as I got home from work, it was still humming (i got home like at 9pm). i went to bed by like 11 because well i wasn't sleepy until then anyway. The humming got louder, and It kept waking me up. At one point it was making a beeping noise. I thought to myself oh crap you got to be kidding me. what if this catches on fire? why does this happen to me when no one else is around. of course paul can't fix/look at it or call the landlord when i tell him to call. so i got up and went to the couch to finish sleeping. by this time it was 630am. I should have just got up and went to the gym. but i was tired and went back to sleep. Then around 9, i went to check on it and yup still humming loudly. UGH. so i got ready, and then i decided to check what one was making the noise by turning off all of them. turns out it was the circuit that controls my room, the living room, and half the kitchen. so i didn't want to deal with it all day, i turned it off and went to my mom's to watch tv and such. about 6 hours went by and i got back home, and turned it back on. it stopped humming. but i was still concerned with the noise of it. and i asked paul to call, and of course he didn't. and yup the humming started a week later. i think this will be an ever ending problem. UGH!

I was able to run a halloween run. i was very excited. this run was at the 5 mile drive and it was at dark! I had my outfit all ready and i was running with paul. i was dressed up as a lady bug. the outfit worked out really well. it was calling for rain. but i was ready. it didn't rain untul the end of the race while we were walking back to the car. so this race was awesome. it started at 7:10 was suppose to start at 7. oh well it was late. it was foggy at the fort nesquillie area and windy. it made it spooky which was awesome. my pace wasn't that great considering the night before i had gotten hit in the rib cage from soccer and it was giving me a side ache which was sucking. i picked up my pace near the end and finished the race in 47min! :0 not bad for having a sore rib cage.

I wore my outfit to work on monday and it was fun just to dress up with the only 3 other people who wore outfits! we had a superman, a cat, and a lady gaga. and me of course. it wa a fun day at work.

halloween night.
i had made tacos for dinner and invited sara and alex over. we ate some tacos and headed out to the bar. we were the only ones who were dressed up that night at the bar. yes everyone had their halloween things over teh weekend but still people should be dressing up! so we had a few drinks and went back to my place to play wii dance. that was a fun night.

well i was going to post some pictures but my computer is acting really slow right now. even while typing this is't lagging what im tryping. so have a good day!Q

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 years already?!?

10/10/2011- Was the day I have been working at starbucks for 5 years! I can't believe it's been 5 years already!! I have come along way since 2006! I started working at starbucks 5 years ago. I was 18 years old, just had graduated high school and I was starting my first ever quarter at TCC. I had turned in my app, went to a job fair, met with traci, and bam I was walking out of class to my car when I got a phone call, from traci saying I got the job, what I should wear and i start on 10th. I was so excited and nervous. But it has been a great! I learned alot over the last 5 years, I started off shy and quiet but  i think it took 7months to finally open up and become louder! :) This has changed the way I am. I am not that shy little girl anymore, Im more loud. I have had customers tell me over the years, wow i remember when you first started and i love how you are today over the years of changes. I still love my job after 5 years, yes theres times i dont like it (when some people play favorites and dont do their jobs--) and eggnog time. but over all i still to this day love my job. I miss the people who aren't working there anymore but it's been great. Now your probably wondering what will happen next? Well i have been a barista for this long, I think it's time to move to become a shift. I've been ready for a while but i think i have been enjoying the less stress life right now but i can see myself moving up now. 5 years it's time to expand my horizon! I just want to say thanks to everyone who has seen me grow, help me learn, gain new skills, and such!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last day.

Last day:
Today we had to say good bye to vacation and back to the real world. :( we were able to sleep in which was nice since we got back so late and been go go go ever since we left Seattle. We grabbed some coffee and finished packing. Said goodbyes to the bride and groom and off we went. We were asked if we wanted to upgrade to first class. I said nah. But Paul wanted it. But by the time I decided we had just left tickets. So we actually lucky to get to the gate where a person was there and we upgraded. Let me just say once we did. I got more excited to fly. :) we were the first to board. Seats were nice. Comfy and roomy. Drinks were served right away. I didn't choose to drink adult beverages but Paul did. He's enjoying this first class life. He had 2 glasses of wine. And coffee with baileys. And we got free to use for the flight the DVD movie things :) free music. Free movies. And such. :) I love it. Saves my phone battery ! Then food time... On the way out we had hot dogs. But today thanks to Paul. We were lucky to have this experience. Pasta salad. Chicken. Bread. And dessert:: chocolate brownie on a plate with a doily :) and crackers with fancy cheese :) we get our own bathroom and the flight assistance is Awesome. :). There's only 8 of us up here. Still 4 seats left. I love this first class thing!! It's making time enjoyable. I dont have to worry about asking 2 other people to pee. I can just ask Paul. I don't have to wait for drinks. I can just ask. It's nice. I love seeing the sun. I will miss it. :( I'm not ready for rain yet. I love wearing shorts. No jackets and flip flops !! But it was a good trip. I hate to see it end. Wish we had one more day to just relax with kris and Ann.
from the airplane in the air
first class meal!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 6 wedding day.

The day of the wedding. I woke up feeling a little blah from all the wine I drank the night before. So Paul grabbed Starbucks for me and breakfast since he will be gone all day. It was nice I slept in. And relaxed around the hotel. I did manage to go to some stores and shopped some to kill some time. Then it was time to meet people in the lobby. I was catching a Ride to the wedding and had to drive to the reception in paul car. So we got o the wedding. And it all started. We sat down and it started. I was lucky to sit close to the front :) so yes i took pictures. Lots of them :) this wedding was a catholic wedding. I've never been to one before. It was interesting. Alot of praising lord. Prayers and such. Even did mass where people would get up and take communion. Then the wedding was over and the wedding party left in a limo. While they were leaving an airplane flew over ( kris loves airplanes) Here comes the part I've been dreading: driving the car to the reception alone. But lucky for me sev ( kris sister bf) rode with me. I thought oh awesome. A person to make conversation with. But it wasn't that bad. Actually was able sit with them and the others I rode with to the wedding at the reception. It turned out to be the fun table. We had so much adult beverages on that table ! So I got
To the reception found my name tag and table and sat down. The reception was beautiful. They had a guest book scrap book. That you sign on paper that will go into a scrap book. They had wedding pictures of their parents and grandparents. And it was just put together nicely. Then finally the wedding party arrived. They made their grand entrance wearing sunglasses and such. Then it was food time. The food wasn't that bad, had some chicken and such. We watched a slide show of pictures of kris and Ann and then heard some speeches. Had some cake (pies) - wish they announced that they were cutting cake so I could have taken a picture. Oh well--
Then after cake it was dancing time. I don't like dancing but I did dance. They did the traditional bride husband : son mom : dad daughter: they did a dollar dance where you pay 1$ to dance with bride or groom. ( yes I did dance with kris and didn't have to pay :)) also I thought this was neat: they had a dance where married couple ls would get on the dance floor and start dancing and dj would announce how long people Have been married. And the last people standing were kris grandparents that have been married for 63 years.
Also. I was able to help decorate the get away car. It took Paul and I hours/ days to figure out how they were getting back to the hotel. We asked people: groom. And such. We even walked around the parking lot looking and we never saw his car. And all of sudden there it was. His car. So we grabbed some people to help decorate the car. It was easy to grab people because the "fun table" were sitting down so we used them. :) the car looked very cute. Not to dirty. Just alot of hearts and such on it.
We then went back to the dance floor so it looked like we were just taking a break. Thats when I actually started dancing. I even danced with kris a few times. I had a blast!! But boy was I tired when we got back to our room. Paul went down with some of the guys for more drinks. But over all it was a good wedding. I'm glad I was able to go to it:) I just need to wait to post pictures of the wedding. And they're having a Seattle reception so I'm going to that as well. ;)
Congrats to both kris and Ann. Good luck with your new life together!! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 5.

Day 5 is here. The day before the wedding. Stress levels are higher. This morning I tried to sleep in. I needed the extra sleep :). Grabbed some Starbucks. And off we went to pick up the groom and did some de stressing. Finally hit the giant spoon and cherry. I think it was just what the groom needed. A time to relax some and have fun. :) now it's do all last minute things before the big day tomorrow. I am kind of like a stress reliever. Let's hope I can do that.
Then we went ( I sat there) while everyone else practiced for the big day. Then rehearsal dinner at this fancy place. All paid for. :) I had the stake. Yummy! It was a fun evening. Just says the wine kept on pouring and I had a little to much! But it was still fun. We then went to Dave and busters and had a blast!! :) it's like a giant chuckie cheese but with adult beverages :) it was Fun.
I wanted to see this for a while!!
spoon and cherry!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4

Note to self. No coffee past 2 no matter what. I couldn't sleep last night. I kept tossing and turning. And I even woke up and went running in the gym because I couldn't sleep. Then grabbed some coffee and off we were went to go walking around a lake. The sun was shining and autumn Colors were shown and it was 70s. Perfect. So we walked 3 miles. I ran 3. = 6 today.
Then went to This place for brunch. I didn't like it much. I had fruit and toast. Not to good. Now we will be heading to the mall of America. I really hope I see the giant spoon and cherry art work but we shall see. Its getting to the point where I will be spending alot of time by myself. I was invited for a pedicure but I passed because 1) I dont really need it 2) I always get cut so I passed.

We then met everyone for dinner. Not the greatest dinner. :( then went to bed. I was a tired girl!
Very beautiful Autumn in MN
at the mall of america in lego land
all legos!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3

Day 3- we said good bye to great grandma and off we went 3.5 hrs drive back to mn. I was lucky enough to drive 1.5 hrs on a flat boring road. So today we walked around down town mn. Saw target field where twins play. We saw corporate target. This place was cool... 2 stories, with an escalator for your shopping cart!! No joke. I saw it in action. And even Paul tried it out 2x. We even video taped it. :) we then found the Mississippi river where we took some pictures of some sweet pieces of art. Let me tell you, drink water or at least give me water because i will be crabby in 90 degree heat.
We then got to our hotel which is pretty nice!! :)
I needed some more coffee and had to try caribou. Let me tell you... Yuck!!! I couldn't even drink it :p it didn't even taste like coffee. !!
Anyways that was day 3. It's about dinner time.
arch bridge near Mississippi river

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of trip

This morning we woke up and enjoyed a free hotel breakfast and found a Starbucks. Starbucks are harder to find out here. Caribou is very popular out here. Paul wants to try it but we shall see ;)
Then I decided to be a good great granddaughter and stopped at the store to buy her flowers. We found her place and she was of course waiting for us at the door. How sweet! She was excited to see me! She hadnt Seen me in 5 years. So we saw her place( very small) just like a bedroom with a bath room. They feed her and such. It's an assistant living home where she only uses the help when she needs it. Then we drove and picked up Dale -my grandpa- and we brought them to "dinner" (lunch) and drove around Fargo. Was able to take a picture and went to go print it off. We then hung around her place watched some tv and off we went to have "supper"(dinner) pizza was recommend by my dad. So ate dinner and took dale back then went back to grandmas for a bit before taking off. Some adult beverages were needed after a long day!
pizza place my dad loves so i had to go for him
i needed a drink after a long day of spending time with grandma

Trip to mn/nd part1

The countdown was over. It was time to pack and head to the airport. My dad took us (paul and I) to the airport and off we went through security and waited to board our plane. The ride wasn't to bad. Never I mean never eat an airplane hot dog. Omg. My tummy was hurting!!! As soon as we got off the plane and grabbed our bags we were off to get our car. Oh btw. My bag was the LAST bag on that plane. Good thing it made it on. Or other wise. I wouldn't have been happy camper! So we met with the bride and groom had dinner and then off we went to drive 3.5 hours to Fargo. We hit an outlet mall!! I of course had to stop and buy things ex a new coach bag :) then we finally made it to our hotel and went to sleep!!
thats a great feeling.. NOT

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my second half marathon recap!! :)

     I just ran my second half marathon on September 18th! And here's my recap of that event. Friday I picked up my packet with Tiffany and the kids. Walked around the expo and found a hat! I figured if it was going to be raining i need a running hat. I have a hat- just a normal baseball hat but that wasn't gong to work considering i used it before in the rain and it got so heavy! So Saturday night I made a pasta dinner to carb load, and all day I drank water to make sure I wasn't going get dehydrated. So my pasta dinner consist of pasta with white sauce, and chicken and bread sticks! It was yummy!! :) Then I had to pick my dad up from the airport which i wanted to go to sleep so i can be well rested. but that didn't happen and I got home at 11:15 and went straight to bed. the weather forecast called for rain. I hate running in the rain! So i don't know why but i was more nervous for this race then any other races. Maybe because it was going to be raining? or maybe because i thought i wasn't prepared for it? i don't know what the case might be.
    so the morning of, i got up like at 6,  and ate a half of a cliff bar, some toast, and some banana. I just wasn't feeling hungry. I then put my outfit on. it consist of : a black long sleeve running shirt, a blue t-shirt over, bright blue knee high socks, my running shoes, and a running skirt, and my hat. So we were suppose to meet Tiffany down town so we could stay dry before the race. the race started at 8:45 sharp. so her and I lined up together knowing she would probably pass me and we would start together but end separately. And we were off, about 1700 ladies (9men) started running. tiffany's ipod went flying and she found it. we actually kept running together. I asked her "am i slowing you down?" and she said " no this is what/where I want to be.." so i wasn't sure if i was running her pace or what. but whatever it was i kept with her. we were lucky.. it didn't rain much at all. it only rain near wright park and market street, and it was just misting really. then we went down to dock street /ruston way to finish running. i probably took a gu every few miles, i think mile 5-6, 8,  9.5 and 11. I always struggle around mile 11 because i hadnt ran that much since the other half marathon back in june. but i was still with tiffany :) . I slowed down at the hills but i managed to still keep up with her. around mile 10 i noticed my leg was burning. i was chafing on my leg. Oh great i thought i have 2.5 more miles of my leg rubbing . then we were .50 mile from finish line. my gps said i had already reached 13.1 but i knew it was off. there was a slight incline so i slowed down and tiffany went on her way. once i didn't see her i knew i needed to run. paul was waiting on the top of the hill and he saw tiffany and thought okay alyssa will be like another 10 min. and bam there i was.. seconds after her. so i knew it was mostly down hill now. so i picked up my pace and made sure i wasn't going to slip and fall around the corner because it was slippery. i noticed the time clock and it said 1:59:25? and I thought OMG im going to get under 2 hrs.!! So i seriously picked up my speed... i think i crossed at 1:59:36. Tiffany was there at the finish line because she had came across at 1:58.. My official time :: 1:59:20!!! :) i still can't believe that I ran a half in under 2 hrs!! I grabbed my free food, and waited for will to meet tiffany and off we went back to the car. as soon as we got back to the car and almost to the freeway, tiffany calls. and mentioned I had won an award. I was then in my shock. I came in 3rd in my age group. So we hauled back and made it just in time to hear my name and grabbed my ribbon and earrings!!
     So over all it was a great race! under 2 hrs, and 3rd in my age group. i only felt pain in my ankles, and knees that day. and once i got home, i showered, ate and took a nap. then next day, i felt it in my quads, and back but over all i felt great!! And now im looking forward to my next race whatever that may be!!


me crossing the finish line.

knowing im almost finished!! :)

after getting my award :) 3rd in age group

us running together

tiffany knowing she is almost finished

US both finished under 2 hrs!! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New soccer

:) today was fall session soccer. (yesterday) we had our normal team back plus or minus. We played this new team and they needed a girl. So guess who went? Me! Brian and I went over. And I had to wear a yellow shirt. It was so big that it made me look like I'm wearing no pants. This team was fun: they passed. And it wad just fun playing against my team. I had some great passes and even score a goal!! :)
Then second game I was tired ! But I played anyways! This other team was violent !! I also played very well!! But I have a lot of bruises this time around. And I'm sore !! But I'm glad soccer has entered my life and I get to play with some awesome people!! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a little update on my life

Hello readers!!
Nothing to exciting going on, just been enjoying 80+ degree in Washington in september :)
I was able to see Megan the other day! It was so good seeing her and faith. I can't believe how big faith has gotten. She has so much hair!! I'm glad Megan is closer now so I can be in faiths life!! Just because there's already drama in the little girls life :-/
I will post pics of her soon!!

Today: soccer :) old team back together. Post more late
For now I'm just trying this app for my iPhone and writing this blog

Saturday, September 3, 2011

another 10miler completed!!

I can't believe a year ago this weekend was my first official running race. a 10 miler called over the narrows. I was able to run with tiffany and cynthia. I had a blast and finished my first ever race 1:35. not bad. so all year long i had a goal to beat that time for this race. this year those lovely ladies didn't run with me but paul did. I hadn't ran 10miles since my half back in june. so a few days before i of course did some small runs, and was mentally getting my self ready. i knew i could do it but it was going to be challenging! So friday i picked up my race packet. my number was 248! :) I was getting very excited but scared to. this was the first race no one was at the finish line cheering me on. so this was going to be different. the sun was out, and the weather was perfect. I wanted to wear my running skort but it was chilly at the start line. so i wore carpis and a tank top. and it was actually perfect outfit choice. :) paul and I started together but i told him if he passed me and beat me i would be pissed! So we actually ran together until the bridge. I did have to slow down a few times because  my side kept hurting. but once we got over the bridge to tacoma thats where we actually stopped running together. he backed his pace down and I just kept going. i ate some gu chumps around mile 5,6, and 8. that actually seemed to help some! paul mentioned he kept an eye on me until mile 7 where i guess i picked up my speed some more. around mile 9 i knew i was getting tired but i wanted to finish strong. so as I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and saw what the time was i knew i had to go faster. i put my go forth power on. i kept pacing with these people but as soon as i saw the finish and how close it was i picked up my pace. i passed one girl, and then it was me and this man and I was determined to beat him and my time. I pushed hard and he noticed i was going fast and picked his speed up to. so it was him and I pushing for a strong finish people were actually cheering because it was a strong ending. he of course beat me by a millisecond. but i did it, i beat me time!! I finished a 10 mile race at 1:32:20!! I totally beat it by 3 min! that was cutting it close to be honest! But i did it!! Over all i was 154/356 over all, 45/193 out of females 4/7 in my age group. pace of 9:14. so not bad for doing this race for the second year!
my legs were jello like while i was trying to get the chip timer off my shoe. yes it was chipped time this year!! :)

i grabbed my food and drank some water and headed to the finish line to await paul to come in. so i guess i was cheering for him? but i was still trying to recover. he came across at 1:36. so not bad for not being able to run it last year due to hurt ankles. over all a good day of running.
after we got back home i totally needed a shower, coffee, advil and a nap. im pretty sure i was a little dehydrated. :(
we also stopped at gibsons for a well deserved frozen yogurt., and kent for some fries and chicken. yes i had some fries, i told myself no fires but ive been good for a while probably since july so not to bad. but those fries were so good so it was well worth it!! :)
and now in 2 weeks from tomorrow i will be running my 2nd half marathon. :)

update of my life since the last post..

Life has been busy once again. heres a few things over the last few weeks.
My bff donna has been i town and I was able to hang out with her and her mini me, and meet her husband storm. donna and I have known eachother since 3rd grade. thats 15 years ago! crazy huh!! So we went to the waters over in port orchard and played trivia night with her parents. i had a blast. so i was able to go back this past thursday with paul and I and met up with donna and her mini me and family again. we actually won trivia night that night. and it was awesome getting a free dessert. Im glad i was able to see donna and such. ive missed her!

Happy 14th birthday to my cousin jenni- I can't believe she's 14 and a freshmen in High school. where has the time gone??
speaking of time. school again start not for me but for all my cousins. I can't believe i have a cousin as a senior, a freshman, an 8th grader, and a 5th grader. i haven't been in school like that for 6 years. I can't believe it 6 years out of high school. anyway I wish you all luck this school year!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

today at the bux...

SO on this blog, i will be writing all the crap i hear/deal with at the bux. I mostly say this on fb on a status but i thought it would be funny to read later. if you have some to add just comment below and it shall be fun.
working with the public is strange but someone has to do it. heres my marks "____" will be customers talking. **__** will be me.

so today at the bux: " can I have a tall pike over ice?" * we actually have premade ice coffee* "is it pike?" * no ms, it's our special blend to make ice coffee.* "well can i have it pike over ice?" *ms it will first melt cup, second make it to watery."

"can I have a soy sauce latte?" (did you really just say soy sauce?)

"can you take the egg off/ sausage off /cheese off my sandwich?" -- really then why order a sandwich you know it's super busy- just save us the trouble and pick it off your self.

2nd half marathon is a go!

Wow, I have been lazy about writing on my blog! it's been a few weeks. so dont think i can remember everything but I will give some points:

:Happy 3rd birthday to my cousin Rylan (8./5) I can't believe its been 3 yrs already. I remember the day when he was born. I was on big cousin duty pickin up his "big sister" and take her there when he was born. It was a warm sunny day in aug, we got to the hospital met with grandma and grandpa while they ate food. went up stairs and no joke, baby was born. craig was holding this tiny (slimy) little boy. My heart just melted. instantly thought " heres my new favorite cousin" sure enough this little dude and I (when it worked out) hung out, :) played bubbles, and such. he's growing so much and into a funny little man! :)

:went to my friend beth bridal shower. it was very cute/low key! :) No real bridal shower games :)
she did have to answer questions about her soon to be hubby. a silver bag with good items and red with bad items. well lets just say she didn't know that many questions so there fore the red bag was used. in this bag was some interesting items to name a few: honey, body chocolate paint, tassels, frosting, undies..
the good bag had: things she registered for.

: I finally bought new running shoes. no more nikes for right now. these shoes are so light and i feel like i can run "faster" :) still breaking them in but soon enough i must do some long runs! I have a 10 miler coming up and 2nd half! while i was running the other day this bee was charging after me. no joke. i ran faster that bee was there. I started to freak out. I dont want to get stung and i hate bees. so i kept pushing my self hard until i didn't have a bee after me. by this point i was more worn out then i wanted to me so i headed back home. plus i hadn't had enough water, been up since 245a, and was getting hungry.

: My long lost friend donna and her mini me (storm her husband too ) is in washington visiting. I was able to go see them. I miss her tons!

: the other day I picked black berries with my mom, lets just say she's nuts. she wanted to me to go into bushes and grab berries. but she better be making me a pie

And for the title of this blog.
Thats right I signed up for my second half marathon. you go girl one down town tacoma. it was expensive but it should be fun! Another reason why i should start hard core running again because september 18 is less then a month away and im only running 4 miles in my new shoes at a time. but i know i can put my mind into and focus. maybe i should not eat cookies? (wow that would be hard)

well i think thats all for now in my blogger world!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini vacation!

After months, and months of working my butt off it was time for me to have a mini vacation. It wasn't much but it was something small and not at work. I normally have tuesday and wednesdays off so i made sure of it and added thursday. so now i had a mini vacation. Paul took off this whole week, and we went to the east side of the mountians. But first we had to make a trip up to seattle. He had to meet up with a guy to talk about work. So i was of course with him. We parked right by top pot doughnut and walked a few blocks to a starbucks where we were meeting this guy. While walking I found this. It was the coolest thing ever!!

We finally found the starbucks and it was a very small one. No lobby to sit at, so we sat outside. I had to wait outside starbucks while paul and this guy went inside a building to talk. Here I was 9 am in down town seattle outside drinking coffee, trying to read a book. Thank-god for iphone, fb, words with friends, and text to keep me busy for 45min!! I did happen to see a tow truck towing a tow truck. how often do you see that? hardly ever! Then finally after 45 min of sitting outside, paul comes out and goes alright lets get that doughnut i owe you for sitting outside. so off we went to top pot grab one and headed to the car! And we were off to the east side. First stop leavenworth! For a tuesday it was freaking busy! It was cool just walking around the shops, and enjoying the WARM! After that we headed to chelan! Once again warm!! It felt like summer! So tuesday night we walked around, and found a yummy pizza place to eat at at a park. Omg that pizza was so good!!

Then wednesday we had no real plans, but we did walk to get breakfast at the apple cup! I had some amazing french toast! Yum just writing about it makes me want to have some more. then afterwards we went mini golfing. Paul and I are very "we must win" kind of people. well after 18 holes, we were freaking tied. odd.. but whatever! Then we went wine tasting.! this was the first time I've ever done this. It was pretty cool new experience.
the first wine place we went to

the 3rd wine tour place

We went to 3 different places, and tried 6 from one, 4 from the other and 5 from the last. I know im a white wine fan and not a red! these places were amazing. great views, nice building, and such amazing!
 first was a view of farms, second was on top of a hill over looking water and farm, and the 3rd one was way up on a hill having a 365 view of everything, from water to mountians to farms. stunning! 
 I loved it. we found some wine we liked and had to buy some! I can't wait to drink more wine. then later we went back to the hotel and went swimming/tanning outside. Then it was time for dinner so we went to the drive in. :) yummy, and ate it outside :). After dinner we really wanted some apple crisp. so we walked back to apple cup and got some. the best part: i didn't want ice cream and they added it anyway so the waitress was like "oh they put ice cream on it.. it's on the house' SCORE.. FREE!!! :)
Then thursday we had no real plans, so we grab some breakfast at this little place, and headed out. stopped in a few towns and looked around and ended our day at panera bread in GH., non fast food + band= nice way to end the mini trip!. Over all it was a great trip! And actually the first trip alone with paul and I. over all a fun great trip! :)
I will leave you with my favorite picture of the trip..

looks like im flying out of the car

Monday, August 1, 2011

stunning just stunning!!

Hello, I can't believe it's 1st of Aug. WHere is time going?? It's just flying by. The last few days have been busy!! Thursday- I was able to meet up with my friend kelsey! I hadn't seen her since april? way to long tho! I miss seeing her and such but it was good haning out! Friday- i went to a bbq at the lovely hicks house! :) always a fun treat! Then Saturday was normal go to work kind of day. well after wards I needed to go running to get some stress out. it felt great! The weather was warm by that point and I had been up since 4 so it was a little bit harder then normal but i managed to run 6 miles! then took a little nap and then it was soccer time. So i ran 6 miles and played indoor soccer with no girl subs so i was one hungry and tired girl!

The next day was a day off!! :) not because it just happened just because it was my friend leigh's wedding! :) Since i had the day off i was able to go to church. It was great being able to attend with my mom even. then it was meeting with sara and alex and head to the wedding! But before we could head out we had to find a garter on a sunday morning. yes the lovely bride forgot hers and called us to help! lucky for her, we (i) knew port orchard had a jo anne store. so we ran into there and found one!! made it to the wedding super early and the stress bride became less stress and started to enjoy the wedding day! The wedding was at alderbrook. very pretty. they got married outside over looking the water. a very small wedding but it was perfect! Colors were pretty, flower girl was funny, music was great, bride cried walking down, and it was short and sweet! I really enjoyed it! then they had a little happy hour while they took more pictures. I thought that was a great idea! It gets people to talk to eachother drink some and enjoy while not just standing/sitting around. It was good seeing people i hadn't seen in a while. :) then it was time to move from outside into inside. They had some yummy food, cute enterance, bubble blowing, yummy cupcakes and cake, great company, funny/touching speeches, over all a really good wedding. probably one of my favorites so far this year! :)
Im glad i was able to spend and attend this wedding and see my friend get married to her best friend. they are truely perfect for eachother! Best wishes!:)
here's just a few pictures of the wedding!

Shout-out:: happy birthday to my uncle Calvin! He's such an awesome person. A follower of christ who's belief has become much stronger! He's great at soccer, singing, and helping. Im glad he's my uncle!

And now the mini vacation starts!: wine tasting, sun, and no starbucks drama! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just a little update.

Hello  my friends. Man i have been not doing my job of keeping up on my blog. Nothing to much is going on, just the normal: running, soccer, working, cleaning. The other day (saturday) I played soccer. I was told from my team that each week they see improvements from me. That makes me feel that im glad I kept playing over the summer. This team passes, traps the ball, and talks. Paul watched the other day and he also said it was fun to watch that team play. we played the sounders and we were pretty well matched up. I was more in people's way, passing to the correct people who were open, and attempting more goals! :) over all im glad i kept playing over the summer.

Today i went running :) I had an idea of a long run today. I got all ready, and left my house and out the door i went. I was .25 mile down the road and noticed no knee brace. "oh crap" that meant no long run because i didn't want something to happen. so i cut my run short. "bummer" i ended up running 3.25 miles not what i wanted but oh well. no real pain so that was good. so i took it a little bit easier because i didn't want to hurt my self. so i ran from my house past tides, up to bk, and back down the hill. nice hilly workout but wish i went more but better safe then sorry.

well i believe thats all I have to say for today..

oh wait.. just in a few days from now I will be attending my friend leighs' wedding. Im actually really excited! :) Im really happy for her! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

black spray painted sounded like a good idea at the time...

Hello my little readers!
Hope all is well with everyone, ive been keeping busy! I have been sick or dealing with allergies for 2 freaking weeks now!! Its been horrible, just go away already! But today after 2 weeks i'm basically all better now. Thank-god, its' been long enough!! So having whatever it was for 2 weeks, made my work outs/runs harder to do. honestly it's harder to run when your own nose is running. but finally this past week ive been working out again, and it feels great!! I wrote out a schedule last sunday and so far so good I have been following it. basically it says the day, what i must do for errands/bills, if im working, and what kind of work out I need to do! So monday I ran 2 miles to calibrate my nike+ and that was a little hard, the air was thick sun was shinning, and running around a track was hard! But i did it, with no knee brace either!! Im thinking I over worked my knee while i was training for my half but im glad i didn't have to use it :). Anyway at one point i was running and a bee hit my leg good thing i had pants on!!! SO i ran 2 miles but i wanted to keep going. So i actually went to the gym and ran 3 more miles on the treadmill. It actually felt great being able to run again and no running nose either! :) Then tuesday I ran again. this time more outside. I think it was only a 3.5 mile run but it was mostly hills! then today i hit the gym, and did something other then running. Tomorrow: will be a run day!! :)

* Why do people pick to work out next to me when there's so many other open machines all around. I dont mind having people work out next to me but when you start smelling, it's harder for me to focus and continue my work out and breathe. As soon as I change machines, i lost motivation to work out as planned. UGH! *

Today I felt like i needed to fix this table i have. So i went out bought a sander(pad) and paint (spray) and sanded my table. then I painted it. note to self: need more then 1 can of paint, and might as well gotten a can of paint and brush. I now have a black table, that still needs a touch up again! But it looks pretty good. I will post pictures soon.

A little shout-out:
Leigh- happy bridal shower!  i can't believe your getting married soon.. I can't wait !! :) She got a lot of gifts, and it was very put together!

why is it everytime i go to a bridal shower im the one they want to dress as the bride? No i wasn't the bride at this one, but my team did win the dress picking ! :)

well i believe thats' all for right now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

over the past few days

Hello my blogger friends-
Hope everyone is enjoying May...I mean july.. the weather sure does feel like may tho with this rain and barely reaching 70! Shouldn't it be at least in the 80s? anyway lets hope we will have a longer summer then normal!!

I like to do some shout-outs for some people (just in case I dont get back on here before hand)

Happy Birthday to my aunt Kelley (july 13)- Shes such a caring, and helpful person. she always likes to help others before herself. She loves being outside working in her yard, getting facials, and watching judge shows! Im glad she's my aunt! (craig you picked a good one!!)

Happy Birthday to my friend Emily (july 15)- Ive known emily since jr or sr year of high school. She's is a dedicated Christ follower, loves children, is a very kind person whos' caring, probably has the best view of the mt rainier (at least her parents do..;). Im glad she found the man of her dreams. so now it's fewer times I actually get to hang out with her. but happy birthday :)

Happy early birthday to my friend Sara! (july17)- Sara is one of a kind person. I've known sara since senior year? maybe earlier, i honestly can't remember. We would probably only say hi and such once in a while. then while everyone else was heading to colleges and away, thats when sara and I became better friends. We would go on picture adventures around GH, tacoma, seattle. We try and always grab coffee and have some girl talks!! We both have cats, and im glad we're friends! Happy birthday!! :)

Anyway, it has been one week (or more) :( since Ive worked out, thats including not hitting the gym, and running. I really miss it. Reason your wondering?? Well either grass pollen attacked me last tuesday night causing a sore throat wed, which never really cleared up or it was a cold or sinus infection. I honestly do not know. So it's been a week now and im still not 100% better.!! I played 3 soccer games on saturday (will talk more about soccer soon) 2 outdoors and boy it was hard to breath. Tissue and I were probably best of friends sat and sun and monday even tho i didn't want to be friends with tissue. Now i have this awesome cough. UGH will whatever I have just go away now please? I would like to start working out again! And it's hard to do so when you can't really breath and such.

And now for soccer. This past weekend saturday I was able to play not 1 soccer game but 3 soccer games!! My indoor soccer team and I signed up for an outdoor tournament at chambers bay golf course. (not on the course but there's 2 soccer fields next to it. ) most of us hadn't played outdoor before. a few different things from indoor: there's offsides, the field is bigger and wider, more people on the field, the goal box is huge, throw ins and such. We were in the rookie division, but to be honestly the people we played weren't rookies. UGh i hate that! anyway it was nice to be actually outside trying something new. I didn't have soccer cleats but this girl who was playing with us brought extra and I was able to use them!! Thank you!!! :) it helped alot!. Anyway, we had perfect weather for this soccer game. First game was at 11:15 and it was like 65? so perfect. Problem was we hadn't played soccer in a few weeks, so we were a little rusty. But it was fun. then our next game was at 3. and by that game it was probably 80 degrees or so and we were a little tired from the first game, but i think the 2nd game was more our playing level. no matter what we never did score a goal but we all had fun. I had another soccer game later that night for indoor. I joined up with another indoor team during this summer because my team took a break because everyone busy with camping and such. So i joined another team. This is new for me to get outside my bubble. So i did it. I showed up a little nervous which i know i shouldnt be but still ive only played against these people not with them. So it was good to have paul, alex and sara there to cheer me on or well at least be there while they actually just talk. And it made it a little bit better when Jaime is on my team too. so i will at least know one person. Well that night the other team didn't show, so I thought oh darn. but not the case, we (my new team) broke up into two small teams and played each other. it was a good  "Hi good to meet you im going to be playing with you" kind of game. Jaime and I were of course on different teams, and we were all having a blast until she kicked a ball right at my leg. it hit my leg and boy did that hurt. It hit me so hard that it swelled up to a huge ball below my knee, and pain! No joke it was a huge bump, and then after the game it had gone done but a bruise was forming. Im not joking this bruise is the biggest bruise i have ever had in my life! Let me just tell you, sleeping saturday night was painful. my leg was sore, and hurt to move,. and plus I hadn't played soccer since a month so my soccer legs were sore. it was hard to even drive to work on sunday morning. But my legs are finally back to normal, I think it was tuesday. so basically 3 days after. but my bruise is still sore!!

Well I think thats all i have to report now. I think I may finish some chores, bake some cookies, and head to silverdale.. have a great day!! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

update of my life since the last post..

Hello my readers! Hope everyone is doing well. I bet you're all wondering where I have been since the last post (well I know at least alex wants to know about my life ;) ) well hmm.. I have been working alot lately as usual, taking naps, and running around town.
Basically my life hasn't been exciting, sorry guys.
Heres some things that I do recall doing:: I made my first banana bread the other day!! :) It was very good!! :)
Ive been going to bridal showers/weddings.
walking alot, and enjoying the sun.


Happy Birthday Alex

Happy late birthday to Alex (june 18). Alex and I have been friends for a few years, but we first meet in L.A class at GHHS. I believe it was in 11th grade? We would get assigned to sit by eachother, and I swear this kid would always fall asleep in class. (am I right alex?) Then we had more classes our senior year, and finally our friend sara made us all hang out. ANd Im glad she did. now alex and I hit the gym together, play soccer together, and just have fun! I made him an ugly cupcake cake and it was yummy!

Congrats to Jennifer & KC (marriage june 18) Sorry i couldn't come but I know you guys will have a happy life together!

During the wedding

You now may kiss your bride :)

Tiffany, Meredith and I

Niko and I at the wedding

jaime and I

Tiana, Meredith and I

Tiffany, myself and the photo bomber alex

first dance as one! :)
Congrats to Tiana, and Bill! (july 2) Thanks for allowing me to be at your wedding! Im glad you two found eachother! I have so many memories with Tiana :) we first met at starbucks! Boy did we have fun! Weren't we always eachother dates on the weekend? you and I at the bucks on the weekends together. oh good times!! But I wish you two the best!!

Well, I can't wait for this weekend, it's the first saturday off for a really long time. I will be playing not 1 game but 3 soccer games tomorrow! 2 out door game and one indoor game. It should be fun, the outdoor games are with my old team (we're taking a break for the summer) and my indoor team is brand new. I am actually a little scared. I never really like getting outside of my comfort zone but i guess it's a good step for me!! Wish me luck!!