Saturday, August 20, 2011

today at the bux...

SO on this blog, i will be writing all the crap i hear/deal with at the bux. I mostly say this on fb on a status but i thought it would be funny to read later. if you have some to add just comment below and it shall be fun.
working with the public is strange but someone has to do it. heres my marks "____" will be customers talking. **__** will be me.

so today at the bux: " can I have a tall pike over ice?" * we actually have premade ice coffee* "is it pike?" * no ms, it's our special blend to make ice coffee.* "well can i have it pike over ice?" *ms it will first melt cup, second make it to watery."

"can I have a soy sauce latte?" (did you really just say soy sauce?)

"can you take the egg off/ sausage off /cheese off my sandwich?" -- really then why order a sandwich you know it's super busy- just save us the trouble and pick it off your self.

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