Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little taste of Spring around Gig Harbor

Today was a nice day for a walk. So i took the time and walked around Gig HArbor watching spring happen. First day of spring was yesterday, so what a perfect way to celebrate. so here's a few pictures on my walk!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday!

March as a few birthday's I would like to do a shout out for:

Happy 18th

The first person I would like to do a shout out is : Tessa. She's my brother's girlfriend and  they have been dating for a while now, and I am just now hanging out with her. She's actually really cool! Im glad my brother is dating her.

Faith and I

Cake time

Second person- My friend Megan's baby Faith turned 1 year old. I can't believe she's a year! This past year has flown by. I probably only saw her a few times in a year but she's the cutest thing in the world. I can't wait to see her grow up!

Third person- My dad. He's awesome. Growing up we would play "softball" in the back yard, basketball, and so on. I could go on but I dont want to bore you.  I wish we lived closer but he's now in warm sunny AZ.
SO happy birthday!! :)

St Patty's day run-tacoma

Here's a recap of my St Patty's day race!
My race outfit--i added a jacket
I really have to say I dislike running in the rain, and I might as well get use to it because every race so far has been cold, and raining. So I need to overcome the cold and rain and run outside in the rain more often. So I kept checking the weather for this day, they kept having snow flakes. Oh great snow, it's march! But when it got closer it was just cold and raining. Most people said they saw snow but i never did. SO the day of the race. I had my outfit picked out the night before, I had running skirt, with my sparkle green skirt, my crazy socks, with a green shirt and a hat. well the morning of i said no way to the skirt and put on my north face running carpis and added the socks to cover my legs. it actually turned out very cute!

So Paul was running as well, so we left and parked his car at his work and took the light rail.
I met up with Tiffany and met some running girls. It was freezing waiting for the race to start which started later then expected. So the ladies all went up closer to the starting line since they all had PR to get,. I didn't have a PR so i went back a little bit since Paul was running. So I think I was near 10min pace. I knew I wasn't but oh well. So we were off. I kept dodging people and trying not to slip going down this hill. mile one felt great, my sensor was a little off but not to far off. :) mile two it was me, Paul was some where behind me. i saw Tiffany at the turn point. she wasn't that far from me. :) It started pouring and windy at one point. I knew the sooner i get finished the sooner I can be warm again! OMG the last mile was a hill. I walked a few times for like 10 seconds to catch my breathing and fix my sparkle skirt. then i saw the finish line, so i started to get my self together and bam I started to sprint. I kept passing people, and saw the time clock, it had just turned to 27 min. I was thinking hmm not bad. My last 5k in gh was 29min. so i did a tad better! I found Tiffany and we took some pictures while i waited for Paul.

Turns out I should have checked the results when i was finished. I apparently placed in my age group! here are the results:
Total of runners 173/1698
female runners 47/1184
20-24 females 3/69
finish time 26:27
pace 8:35!
Over all I did amazing!
I wished I would have waited for my ribbon.. but I did email them and they will be sending it to me! :)

I can't wait for my next race!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

R.I.P Great-Grandma Nystul!

Jan 2, 1918-Mar 7, 2012.= 94 years of life.

My great-grandma Ruth passed today around 2pm Fargo time. You will be missed but you will be joined with your husband and family once again.

How many of you can say they knew their Great grandparents yet alone grandparents. I am very lucky to be able to actually have Great grandparents. I know I will always remember the good times, even tho it's harder to remember things about great grandpa, I will still enjoy all I can remember about those great people in my life.

My dad was raised by my great grandparents so she was like a mom to him. He was trying to make it to her before she passed but she didn't make it...Im sorry dad! She was the nicest person ever. Growing up/visiting she would always ask what should we do for "dinner/supper.." ALways severing others before sitting down to her food. Her food may get cold before she could actually enjoy it. She was still taking care of my grandpa (dad's dad), she would take a bus or cab and visit dale in the nursing homes, asking him to wipe his mouth and so on. She was still worrying about us too, and she never knew my parents have been divorced... but now they can not lie anymore to her...

She was still living on her own last year in an apartment. but then it got a little bit harder to get around. So she got moved to an assisted living housing but still had her own "place". Her brain was still there and she still looked like she was in her 80s but clearly was in the 90's! Her handwriting was still easy to read, it was getting a little sloppy  especially after breaking her arm, near the end but amazing!
Once she moved in this new place it was harder for her to get out to see Dale. She needed a walker to get around, but seriously still sharp person for her age!

I was glad I was able to see her one last time this past October. My dad kept saying " she's not going to be around much longer, better see her if your that close..." So back in October Paul and I went to a wedding in MN, and I asked to take a little trip to Fargo to visit great grandma. I hadn't seen her since 4 -5 years before that. So it was time to see her, probably for one last visit. I have to say Im glad I went. Im glad I spent time with her, even if we did just drive around, and eat. I kind of wished I stayed  more that last day we were there before heading back. But I can't change the past. But Im glad I was able to see her, spend time, and enjoy it.

I guess when your old you get sick alot. I guess she was eating and kept having problems with food and liquid getting stuck in her lungs. Which caused her to get pneumonia. She was then hospitalized. She went to hospice care on monday.  They were feeding her with tubes, and basically was on life support. She didn't want that to take away from the will? so with her, her drs, my dad and uncle they took her off life support tuesday and gave her pain medicines to wait.. I guess if she wanted something this morning they would give it to her, if she wanted a big mac or to watch tv she can. My dad called me last night and said she was off of life support, and johnny said her breathing was slowing down and probably only had a few hours left. I actually cried last night knowing all this is happening. I was scared for today and getting that phone call from my dad about she's gone. Instead of a call he had texted me. I knew it was home and I was scared to look at it. My dad flew from Florida and still didn't make it in time to see her one last time.
I got a text at 2 saying she had passed 2 fargo time. I was in public and I didn't want to cry so I knew she was finally in a Happy Place.
Great grandma we love you and you will be missed! We know you're in a better place, no pain, no more worrying, no more wars, just happy peaceful, and surrounded by loved ones.


Dont you ever get annoyed with people asking/bugging you for hours on end to work out with them? Well this happened to me yesterday. I was bugged for hours to go to the gym with someone. I told them not yet, I want my windshield to set more before going out. And then i needed to charge my phone. So basically all that time I kept being pestered. Finally I went to the gym, and this person was already there and had been there for 40min before that and then went to the steam room as well. WHY do YOU bug me all day and then proceed to go without me?? I found that very annoying! Then starts to work out next me to all smelly!? so yesterday I was annoyed!!

Crazy weather Washington!

The weather has been crazy lately! It goes from sunny, to rain to wind to more sun. On Monday it was cold, and very windy with pouring rain! It was nasty out. They were calling for snow in the next few days. yes I said snow. it's still winter people! Spring doesn't show up until March 21? So Tuesday morning I wanted to hit the gym early since im usually up on my days off at 5am... But I just stayed in bed and try to enjoy "sleep" but I couldn't, so I checked facebook. One post said, "i woke up to snow..." And i was like what?! So i jumped out of bed and sure enough it had snowed last night. Im down at sea level so I probably had half inch? But much easier to drive in since it didn't stick to the roads! SO I was curious How much GH actually got. So i got ready and headed towards starbucks because I needed some coffee before dropping my car off to get fixed. Over all it was pretty post card picture moment out there in Gig Harbor. I happened to take some pictures :)
Then this morning, a beautiful sunrise and temps in the high 40s, tomorrow 60! Spring is coming! :)

wow a 6 mile run.

So the other day, I went and forced myself to run little over 6 miles. I went right after work meaning no nap! ANd I needed to get a long run in before getting my toes done so I know toes would be an award! So instead of dealing with people I just wanted to run at the gym, and think. So thats what I did. I hate running at the gym but it gives you character right? OR not.. Anyways i felt great reaching that 6 mile mark again. I hadn't ran more then that since september. So i thought why not, I need to run more anyways. So i felt a little sluggish but i think it was because i had played soccer the night before, and worked all day. But at the end I felt great and ended with a lovely spa pedicure. :) Much worth it! But boy I felt blah later on, not hungry, and sore. But i knew it was worth it. The next day I was starving. this has happened before (my first half last june) So i knew what to expect. I can't wait to get more long runs in to run at my up coming races!
St patty's 5k only a few days away! :)