Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just a little update.

Hello  my friends. Man i have been not doing my job of keeping up on my blog. Nothing to much is going on, just the normal: running, soccer, working, cleaning. The other day (saturday) I played soccer. I was told from my team that each week they see improvements from me. That makes me feel that im glad I kept playing over the summer. This team passes, traps the ball, and talks. Paul watched the other day and he also said it was fun to watch that team play. we played the sounders and we were pretty well matched up. I was more in people's way, passing to the correct people who were open, and attempting more goals! :) over all im glad i kept playing over the summer.

Today i went running :) I had an idea of a long run today. I got all ready, and left my house and out the door i went. I was .25 mile down the road and noticed no knee brace. "oh crap" that meant no long run because i didn't want something to happen. so i cut my run short. "bummer" i ended up running 3.25 miles not what i wanted but oh well. no real pain so that was good. so i took it a little bit easier because i didn't want to hurt my self. so i ran from my house past tides, up to bk, and back down the hill. nice hilly workout but wish i went more but better safe then sorry.

well i believe thats all I have to say for today..

oh wait.. just in a few days from now I will be attending my friend leighs' wedding. Im actually really excited! :) Im really happy for her! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

black spray painted sounded like a good idea at the time...

Hello my little readers!
Hope all is well with everyone, ive been keeping busy! I have been sick or dealing with allergies for 2 freaking weeks now!! Its been horrible, just go away already! But today after 2 weeks i'm basically all better now. Thank-god, its' been long enough!! So having whatever it was for 2 weeks, made my work outs/runs harder to do. honestly it's harder to run when your own nose is running. but finally this past week ive been working out again, and it feels great!! I wrote out a schedule last sunday and so far so good I have been following it. basically it says the day, what i must do for errands/bills, if im working, and what kind of work out I need to do! So monday I ran 2 miles to calibrate my nike+ and that was a little hard, the air was thick sun was shinning, and running around a track was hard! But i did it, with no knee brace either!! Im thinking I over worked my knee while i was training for my half but im glad i didn't have to use it :). Anyway at one point i was running and a bee hit my leg good thing i had pants on!!! SO i ran 2 miles but i wanted to keep going. So i actually went to the gym and ran 3 more miles on the treadmill. It actually felt great being able to run again and no running nose either! :) Then tuesday I ran again. this time more outside. I think it was only a 3.5 mile run but it was mostly hills! then today i hit the gym, and did something other then running. Tomorrow: will be a run day!! :)

* Why do people pick to work out next to me when there's so many other open machines all around. I dont mind having people work out next to me but when you start smelling, it's harder for me to focus and continue my work out and breathe. As soon as I change machines, i lost motivation to work out as planned. UGH! *

Today I felt like i needed to fix this table i have. So i went out bought a sander(pad) and paint (spray) and sanded my table. then I painted it. note to self: need more then 1 can of paint, and might as well gotten a can of paint and brush. I now have a black table, that still needs a touch up again! But it looks pretty good. I will post pictures soon.

A little shout-out:
Leigh- happy bridal shower!  i can't believe your getting married soon.. I can't wait !! :) She got a lot of gifts, and it was very put together!

why is it everytime i go to a bridal shower im the one they want to dress as the bride? No i wasn't the bride at this one, but my team did win the dress picking ! :)

well i believe thats' all for right now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

over the past few days

Hello my blogger friends-
Hope everyone is enjoying May...I mean july.. the weather sure does feel like may tho with this rain and barely reaching 70! Shouldn't it be at least in the 80s? anyway lets hope we will have a longer summer then normal!!

I like to do some shout-outs for some people (just in case I dont get back on here before hand)

Happy Birthday to my aunt Kelley (july 13)- Shes such a caring, and helpful person. she always likes to help others before herself. She loves being outside working in her yard, getting facials, and watching judge shows! Im glad she's my aunt! (craig you picked a good one!!)

Happy Birthday to my friend Emily (july 15)- Ive known emily since jr or sr year of high school. She's is a dedicated Christ follower, loves children, is a very kind person whos' caring, probably has the best view of the mt rainier (at least her parents do..;). Im glad she found the man of her dreams. so now it's fewer times I actually get to hang out with her. but happy birthday :)

Happy early birthday to my friend Sara! (july17)- Sara is one of a kind person. I've known sara since senior year? maybe earlier, i honestly can't remember. We would probably only say hi and such once in a while. then while everyone else was heading to colleges and away, thats when sara and I became better friends. We would go on picture adventures around GH, tacoma, seattle. We try and always grab coffee and have some girl talks!! We both have cats, and im glad we're friends! Happy birthday!! :)

Anyway, it has been one week (or more) :( since Ive worked out, thats including not hitting the gym, and running. I really miss it. Reason your wondering?? Well either grass pollen attacked me last tuesday night causing a sore throat wed, which never really cleared up or it was a cold or sinus infection. I honestly do not know. So it's been a week now and im still not 100% better.!! I played 3 soccer games on saturday (will talk more about soccer soon) 2 outdoors and boy it was hard to breath. Tissue and I were probably best of friends sat and sun and monday even tho i didn't want to be friends with tissue. Now i have this awesome cough. UGH will whatever I have just go away now please? I would like to start working out again! And it's hard to do so when you can't really breath and such.

And now for soccer. This past weekend saturday I was able to play not 1 soccer game but 3 soccer games!! My indoor soccer team and I signed up for an outdoor tournament at chambers bay golf course. (not on the course but there's 2 soccer fields next to it. ) most of us hadn't played outdoor before. a few different things from indoor: there's offsides, the field is bigger and wider, more people on the field, the goal box is huge, throw ins and such. We were in the rookie division, but to be honestly the people we played weren't rookies. UGh i hate that! anyway it was nice to be actually outside trying something new. I didn't have soccer cleats but this girl who was playing with us brought extra and I was able to use them!! Thank you!!! :) it helped alot!. Anyway, we had perfect weather for this soccer game. First game was at 11:15 and it was like 65? so perfect. Problem was we hadn't played soccer in a few weeks, so we were a little rusty. But it was fun. then our next game was at 3. and by that game it was probably 80 degrees or so and we were a little tired from the first game, but i think the 2nd game was more our playing level. no matter what we never did score a goal but we all had fun. I had another soccer game later that night for indoor. I joined up with another indoor team during this summer because my team took a break because everyone busy with camping and such. So i joined another team. This is new for me to get outside my bubble. So i did it. I showed up a little nervous which i know i shouldnt be but still ive only played against these people not with them. So it was good to have paul, alex and sara there to cheer me on or well at least be there while they actually just talk. And it made it a little bit better when Jaime is on my team too. so i will at least know one person. Well that night the other team didn't show, so I thought oh darn. but not the case, we (my new team) broke up into two small teams and played each other. it was a good  "Hi good to meet you im going to be playing with you" kind of game. Jaime and I were of course on different teams, and we were all having a blast until she kicked a ball right at my leg. it hit my leg and boy did that hurt. It hit me so hard that it swelled up to a huge ball below my knee, and pain! No joke it was a huge bump, and then after the game it had gone done but a bruise was forming. Im not joking this bruise is the biggest bruise i have ever had in my life! Let me just tell you, sleeping saturday night was painful. my leg was sore, and hurt to move,. and plus I hadn't played soccer since a month so my soccer legs were sore. it was hard to even drive to work on sunday morning. But my legs are finally back to normal, I think it was tuesday. so basically 3 days after. but my bruise is still sore!!

Well I think thats all i have to report now. I think I may finish some chores, bake some cookies, and head to silverdale.. have a great day!! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

update of my life since the last post..

Hello my readers! Hope everyone is doing well. I bet you're all wondering where I have been since the last post (well I know at least alex wants to know about my life ;) ) well hmm.. I have been working alot lately as usual, taking naps, and running around town.
Basically my life hasn't been exciting, sorry guys.
Heres some things that I do recall doing:: I made my first banana bread the other day!! :) It was very good!! :)
Ive been going to bridal showers/weddings.
walking alot, and enjoying the sun.


Happy Birthday Alex

Happy late birthday to Alex (june 18). Alex and I have been friends for a few years, but we first meet in L.A class at GHHS. I believe it was in 11th grade? We would get assigned to sit by eachother, and I swear this kid would always fall asleep in class. (am I right alex?) Then we had more classes our senior year, and finally our friend sara made us all hang out. ANd Im glad she did. now alex and I hit the gym together, play soccer together, and just have fun! I made him an ugly cupcake cake and it was yummy!

Congrats to Jennifer & KC (marriage june 18) Sorry i couldn't come but I know you guys will have a happy life together!

During the wedding

You now may kiss your bride :)

Tiffany, Meredith and I

Niko and I at the wedding

jaime and I

Tiana, Meredith and I

Tiffany, myself and the photo bomber alex

first dance as one! :)
Congrats to Tiana, and Bill! (july 2) Thanks for allowing me to be at your wedding! Im glad you two found eachother! I have so many memories with Tiana :) we first met at starbucks! Boy did we have fun! Weren't we always eachother dates on the weekend? you and I at the bucks on the weekends together. oh good times!! But I wish you two the best!!

Well, I can't wait for this weekend, it's the first saturday off for a really long time. I will be playing not 1 game but 3 soccer games tomorrow! 2 out door game and one indoor game. It should be fun, the outdoor games are with my old team (we're taking a break for the summer) and my indoor team is brand new. I am actually a little scared. I never really like getting outside of my comfort zone but i guess it's a good step for me!! Wish me luck!!