Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My legs feel like Jello!

You might be thinking what an interesting title for this blog. But here we go, today's work out at the gym: ran two miles on the treadmill on incline of 7? ( can't remember) and then hopped on the bike. I biked for 17 miles!
Total miles: 19 miles at the gym. When i got off that bike, my legs felt so jello like it was strange.
While riding on the bike, I was imaging me actually being outside riding in the sunshine, where it's warm and such. but instead I watched cars pay at the toll booth.. (boring)

I would like to do a shout out to my Long lost friend DONNA!!
but first a little background of her!
Donna and I met back in elementary school at Discovery in Gig Harbor. We were in the same 3rd grade class with Ms. Dickson. (not a great teacher but whatever). I dont remember how we became friends, but we did and still are to this date. Ms. Dickson would ALWAYS get us confused with eachother. (we didn't look anything alike but she just had a hard time telling us apart...(Donna had dirty blonde hair, and I had redish...nothing alike-- yes we wore like the same clothing...legging pants, and baby doll shirts..)) so we were in the same 3rd grade class , and 4th grade class with Mr. Church. We had so much fun together, then she moved away out of Washington (navy kid) but we still kept in contact! She then moved back to washington (bremerton) and moved again, but her family is still here so I try and see her when she visits. so thats how she got her name, long lost friend!

Good luck in labor! I know you will do great! I can't wait to see your little bundle of joy. I bet she's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures. Good luck!!

hmm here's something going on in my life at this very moment:
Im getting a tattoo! Yes I mentioned in another  post that that is one of my new year goal: well it's coming true very soon. I wont say what Im getting, but I will be posting afterwards. (those of you who know, DONt SAY anything). SO the other day my dad called me saying "well since your birthday is coming, I'm going to buy you your tattoo!.:" "are you really?" Yea, I will call around and let you know, maybe sunday afternoon.. "okay dad.."
(after that phone call, I sort of freaked out.. I dont do needles! So i need to get over this fear quick!!)
So im excited but freaked out all at the same time. :)

well until next time.. have a great day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a little update.

Life has been a little bit busy the last few days! I dont even remember what I wrote on my last post.. I have been posting on my iphone so hopefully this will go faster, and make more sense. HA ( yes you maybe thinking what she's been posting a blog on her iphone? yes it takes a little bit longer but I hardly turn on my computer anymore.). And I can't believe that Jan is almost over...what the heck?! time is just flying by so fast!! Jan almost over which means feb is coming, and there's a lot going on! : My birthday, mom's birthday, my friend's babyshower, and my dear friend donna will be having her baby! :)

First of all I would like to share this:
mashmellow mocha coffee creamer is so good! I think i need to find more of that creamer!! I had some in my coffee this morning and man oh man it was super tasty, and it actually makes me want another cup right now! It sort of taste like coconut! YUM!

I yet haven't picked a running program for my half marathon.. I guess i haven't really thought about it.. well today after I write this blog, and pay bills I will look into them!

what have I been doing lately? Well I saw my best friend megan the other day. she's so cute a little prego! I cant wait for my little "niece" to be here! I need that baby fix holding baby and such. (I still do not want kids but having a baby fix helps!!!)

Anyway, I've been thinking about a tattoo lately.. (yes Im 22 and still zero tattoos..) I found one I like.. it's little daisies on a star..I love daisies and stars so why not combine both together (when I figure out how to upload pics to this blog I will show you). So this past weekend I did get another ear peircing.. makes it 4 now. I dont know why  i did another piercing, but i did. I figured it was time to get another

and I will leave you with this!
I ran a litle over 3 miles on saturday afternoon while it was actually decent weather! It felt great running outside!I think I should have gone more except I was meeting friends so 3 miles was all I could do!
This week: Im planning on running more than 3 !! (okay even without a running plan Im still running outside and im loving it!!)

well have a great day!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A good laugh.

What a day.
Worked, worked out, made dinner, finished Bl, saw a friend. Over all a good day.
So Funny thing at work today. Our door was broken so people would grab the door and noticed it wasn't opening. So Seth was like oh I'm going to put out the chairs. And instantly went to the broken door and went slam straight into the door. It was very Funny! :)

Then I made this really good dinner. It was In my crock pot. Had chicken, corn, onion, mustard, pepper, chicken broth, veggie juice, and few other items. Mixed in crackpot for 4 hours and worked out during that time. It was good. And I have plenty of leftovers. Oh the joy of cooking for 1. Yes you heard 1, let's just say haven't talked to Paul since Tuesday night.

Gym: why is the stair master and I not the best of friends? I sweat so much on that machine compared to other machines!! But I guess I know I got a workout in. Total: 45 min cAlories not sure. And climbed 250 floors! And did weights.

Then to end my evening I hung out with a dear friend :)

I hope tomorrow is a good day! I don't want aNy favoritism ! I want to have a good ti
E T soccer and just. Good day in general

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A big ball of light was in the sky!

The first time in weeks the sun finally showed up! It was great! I woke up and saw bright light coming in my room. I instantly thought I must get out there and run. But I waited until 10 to run since it would be a tad bit warmer ( by like 2 degrees) so around 10 I put on my running / gym clothes. Adding to that a jacket ( light one) and a vest. And gloves. It worked out pretty nicely. I wasn't that hot or cold. At first my legs were shock to the cold but instantly warmed up! I even was a little sweaty when I got back ( I think it was from all the layers I was wearing) but it felt great to be back outside! I didn't run thAt long only 20 min and 1.5 miles. I would have gone longer if A) my sock wasn't bugging me B) my blueberry bagel kept being burp up. Either way it was still great being outside running in the sun down town gig harbor! I even tried out my new armband for my iPhone. I loved it!! Wish I had my earbuds but I couldn't find them. Turned out it was in my other jacket pocket! Over all I'm looking forward to running!
Which means I need a running plan!
Any suggestions ?

Besides running today I cleaned the whole house! Floors, windows, bathroom I mean the whole house minus pauls room of course . So now the house looks really clean. Let's see how long it will stay that way!

Today I hung out with my two dear friends Leigh and Sara! I just love hanging out with them!
Then went to the gym with alex. But 500 calories and made chickrn dinner with salad. :) and of course my lovely sweet tooth came along too :(
Over all it was a great day minus paul being mad. But I won't go into

Have a good night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello! I'm slacking off on not writing everyday.
First I would like to make a few shout outs!
To my friend Cynthia . Happy birthday girl. I'm glad Tiffany organized a party for you. The food was great and cupcakes too! Happy birthday.

Second: happy engagement to my friend Emily. That's really exciting!

On a side note:
I feel like I'm missing out.
I feel like everyone around me is getting engaged/ married. I want that too, but won't be getting that with this relationship I have. Maybe this is a sign fro
God saying move on mr right will come. Or maybe he's laughing since mr right has already past. Whatever the case maybe I really thought I would be engaged by now( when growing up I thought my age now I would be engaged) well looks like thAts not going go happen.
I want someone who I can run with, who has a reglion background, who I can make dinner with. Who will have good hygiene ( nice teeth!), who encourages me, supports me and the list Goes on. When will my time come?
Anyways I just had to express thT

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rain rain rain

Rain rain rain is all I see lately. I know its winter but everyday rain. We better have a great summer. Anyways I would like to do a shout out to my little cousin jaron. Happy 10 birthday dude! I can't believe ten years have past. :) I can still remember babysitting him and such. One memory I have was when I was babysitting my cousins he was not a great walker and fell and bit his lip and blood every where! I almost freaked out. I dont do well with blood! Anyway. Happy 10 birthday jaron! Have a good day.

Well nothing more to sAy but Seahawks lost.:(

I will leave you with this note::
I want to get chocolate wasted!! A line from th grown ups.

Friday, January 14, 2011

:) smiling is my favorite.

Today was a good day! :) went to work with some of my favorites, and then just a chill afternoon

I just love holding tiny bAbies! Yes you just read that. I love holding babies !
My co worker Cheryl just had her second baby boy. Candis and I were lucky enough to meet the new addition! Let me tell you hes very handsome! I even got to hold him! Very sweet, quiet and just so cute! Btw his name is Corbin! :) to cute!! I haven't held a baby in 2 years!! Yes 2 years was the lAst time was rylan and he's 2.5 years old now

Then to end my day I went to dinner with my good friend Amy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

internet and grandparents do not mix!

be prepared this one is a long post! some venting mentioned too.

So, the other day, I went to my grandparent's house (home on wheels basically) and she was telling me how she wanted a new email address since something wasn't working for her. ( or something like that--I don't remember all the details right now). So I sent them up with a yahoo account instead of GMail. And the whole time i was there she was complaining how she hates facebook, how she just wants people to email her on her email accounts, and how she wanted to get rid of facebook. So today I had a phone call.. it was grandma, "Alyssa I can't seem to log in to my email.." ( what a great way to spend my day off...teaching grandparents to use email...) So i get there this afternoon, and in two seconds I was logged in to her account. Then I imported contacts from email addressed and combined them to one email address. she then freaked out since an email came back saying delivery failed. I opened it and turns out that some of the emails she had on gmail wasn't correct.. ex: yahoo spelt like this yhoo. or having two servers on one email address ex:  really what one is it grandma? is it juno, or comcast?? it can't be both. so we were having that issuse. (as I slowing losing my patience for this thing...)
Then I fixed facebook, and i asked her to open a new tab...
grandma:"uh.. what, how do i do that? "
me:"go to that little square, and a new one appears..."
G:" OK now what...??"
me:"grandma, go to, but erase the open new tab writing first..."

I love my grandparents but technology do not mix well together!!!
If you never get old please do not contact me for any of the following questions: (yes all of these in side brackets have happened!)
1). you can't get on the Internet (probably cause your not connect)
2.)you can't log in to your email (because you were typing it wrong)
3.) that you don't like facebook because you prefers email better..(it's 2011, people use facebook to communicate right now...)
4.)get a phone that you are able to use..( I know phones come with directions but all I have to do is click things and bam i fixed something in 2 seconds compared to you reading the directions and figuring it out 3 days later...)
5.) dont go to fancy with tv's ( yes tvs are easy to use, but if you need to scan channels first, dont freak out that your tv isn't working. Yes, I went to my grandparents house one day and they were telling me their tv wasn't working, it was because it was new and they hadn't scanned for channels yet, and they were reading the directions, and I just happened to click a few items and bam done.
Im sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now...

Today I went to the gym for almost 2 hours.. that never happens! I guess I was just in a working out kind of mood when I got there.. or maybe it was because i needed to burn the calories from all the cookies i had ate today..
So i did the elliptical for 60 min burning 680 calories, and total mile 5.25
also, i felt like i could still go, so i hopped on the treadmill and ran 1.60 miles in 19min. then Alex and I did weights, and I worked out my legs and abs!

so total: almost 2 hours at the gym
Calories: 800+
Miles: almost 7 miles...

over all a good day, and now im hungry again..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An interesting drive.

So this morning I had to work ( originally my day off) so after playing in the snow last night I went to bed hoping for it to be gone when I got up. Well I guess we had at least 3 inches here. I kept waking up last night to check of the snow was gone. Nope it was still there. I swear I checked a few times. I had set my alarm for 5 just encase snow was still outside. Sure enough snow outside still at 5! So I went back to sleep for another 30 min. Got all ready for work and left my house at 7. Giving myself a whole hour! So here was my drive to work:
I live on a hill so my driveway was snow. Put car I to low gear and drove. Then snow plow came and moved all snow to my driveway. So I had to deal with that. Went though the harbor and on to 16 dealing with slush. I got on to 16 and freaking didn't see a huge puddle of water and basically hydro plane merging on 16. Then people were driving super cautious and by this point it was raining. Got on to bridge and it was windy. Drove to work in more slush and side way rain. And pulled up to pouring rain. So that was my drive to work.

I was able to go tp the blAzing onion in gh for 50% food!! :) they had a fun activity going on where you find a few items off their list for 50% off ! I went with alex and paul yum!
Then finished my night with dark mint chip cookies and lost!
Workout: none :(
Yesterday: 5.50 miles tredmil
3.50 bike
Total:9 miles plus 1 in the snow= 10 miles!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan snow

What a great day off. I was about to have a 3 day weekend but that changed. I picked up a shift. Good thing I didn't paint my nails Monday night. So it started snowing around 6pm. I cleaned the house while watching it fall to the ground. I then started to freak out since snow was growing and it was getting later in the evening. I work in the morning Now. O was excited for snow until work. :-/ oh well I hope it's gone off the roads before I leave.
But tonight I did go for a walk in the snow. Close to two inches. Just walking down town gh. All quiet, and peaceful minus the cat trying to get by. It was nice. Threw some snow balls ( perfect snow for that btw) and even made a mini snow man! :)
Well at least I was able to play in it. But it better be off the roads !

Sunday, January 9, 2011

la la la

happy sunday, I can't believe how fast this month is going so far!
anyway, nothing really exciting to report except I went to watch the hot tamales (tiffany's daughter) soccer team this evening. they are really good, pass well, and such. great job girls! (score was seriously 20 to 1..-- they stopped keeping score after 9...)

well, anyway I;m hoping for no snow

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awkward maybe?

So I would like to say great job hawks! They beat the saints! And they had some pretty good plAys! I wore my Seahawks earrings today and one customer David gave me crap. Well I guess he owes me an apology. ;)

And second: when did the word stop mean keep going and not stop? How about quit it? And no. ? I feel people hear those words and keep doing whAt they were doing. And why may I ask. ? To bug me or what?!

Anyway here's something very awkward that happened at work today.
Set up: I'm ringing people up, there's a little line forming. Angela is behind me, michelle was making drinks.
This guy walks up and I ask him what his drink was and this is how the rest of the conversation went:
Me:What did you have sir ?
Customer: tall .... Blah blah blah
Me:okay anything else. ?
Customer: yeah cAn I ask you a personal question?
Me: sure 
C: What do you think of breakin up with someone over text ?
Me: it's stupid. Doesn't really work. Might as well do It in person. 
C: are you a party girl? ( someother girl) 
Me: Uh. It depends?
C: well how about breaking up with someone on the phone. 
Me: depends on the situation.  Might as well do it in person. 
Me: okay. Well have a good day?
C: how about email? 
Me: Uh. 
C: can I have yours?

Really how the heck do you respond to that?! So of course the next customer ask if I was okay since I was blushing. Of course I'm goin to blush. That was super awkward. 

All I can say Is wow your nuts!!

And I will leave you with this: how would you have dealt with that problem?!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday night soccer

Today wasn't to exciting but I thought heck might as well write something.

I would like to mAke a shout out to Tiffany for being an excellent goalie for the first time! You did great! SAved many shots! :) way to go!!

Note to soccer: I think we need to work on passing. I noticed today we would all be bunched up together or someone kicks the ball to the other side of field when no one was there. I know I was trying to pass to people but there was a few where no one was there to pass it. So maybe since we have a new season coming soon maybe we should work on passing and communicating with each other! Just a thought ;)

Well Nothing more to report:

GO SEa HaWKS!! play off @1:30!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello and welcome to my first and ever blog! I figured since it's a new year, and I will be doing a lot of running this year might as well start a blog to write down my thoughts, ask for advice and just add random things from my life/day.

Lets do a little recap of 2010, of my good and bad points:
Good points of 2010:
-- I started playing soccer for the first time ever in my life. I had never played before and my friend/coworker tiffany mentioned that she was going to look in to a soccer team.. Thanks tiffany, Im loving this sport and im glad we all are on the same team together!

--Also thanks tiffany for getting me into running!! I ran my first race ever last year. It was called "over the Narrows"-started from uptown GH across Tacoma Narrows Bridge and back.. a total of 10 miles!

--I was accepted into UW-Tacoma which some really not to great grades..but didn't go..(couldn't afford it at the time I was accepted..)

--I finally finished Tacoma Community College, after 4 years..(it shouldn't have taken that long) but i finished and finally have a degree (which came today 1/6) debt free even!

--Went to california with my awesome friends, and drove a mazda 6!

-- I'm living on my own

--Finding out that people around me are all having babies..(my best friend megan, my long lost friend Donna, Jerry and his brother friends/coworkers at work --Cheryl, Angela, and Meredith, and a few more) I can't wait to meet these babies! :)

And now for the bad:
-My camera broke, so I've been camera-less
-having to decide what the next step is for school
-having to deal with people and changing plans
-and to end the year, had a not so great Christmas( over slept, late to work, no makeup, couldn't get the hair to curl, could't find the goodies of desserts..and it keeps going..)

And now here is some of my New Years goals!
-New Friends
-Hanging out with old friends
-New style (clothes, hair-out look of life..)
-picking whats right for me (school, life and so on...)
-running more races..( a half marathon or more!)
- to get better at soccer
-to be able to move out on my own, (right now im living with someone)
-travel to more places
-get a new camera
-being more affectionate towards people
-become a shift leader at work
-get a tattoo
-work out more at the gym
-drink more water
-save more money/invest money
-making more dinners/not eating out as much

Well Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for everyone!
Stay posted on a blog each day (at least I will try for each day!)

I will leave you with this:
gym workout-- ran 3 miles under 27min
 stair master: 100 fights of stairs, in 20min
total time: 47min + 500+ calories= Alyssa that is feeling great!
(btw I have done some kind of work out since sunday 1/2)