Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My legs feel like Jello!

You might be thinking what an interesting title for this blog. But here we go, today's work out at the gym: ran two miles on the treadmill on incline of 7? ( can't remember) and then hopped on the bike. I biked for 17 miles!
Total miles: 19 miles at the gym. When i got off that bike, my legs felt so jello like it was strange.
While riding on the bike, I was imaging me actually being outside riding in the sunshine, where it's warm and such. but instead I watched cars pay at the toll booth.. (boring)

I would like to do a shout out to my Long lost friend DONNA!!
but first a little background of her!
Donna and I met back in elementary school at Discovery in Gig Harbor. We were in the same 3rd grade class with Ms. Dickson. (not a great teacher but whatever). I dont remember how we became friends, but we did and still are to this date. Ms. Dickson would ALWAYS get us confused with eachother. (we didn't look anything alike but she just had a hard time telling us apart...(Donna had dirty blonde hair, and I had redish...nothing alike-- yes we wore like the same clothing...legging pants, and baby doll shirts..)) so we were in the same 3rd grade class , and 4th grade class with Mr. Church. We had so much fun together, then she moved away out of Washington (navy kid) but we still kept in contact! She then moved back to washington (bremerton) and moved again, but her family is still here so I try and see her when she visits. so thats how she got her name, long lost friend!

Good luck in labor! I know you will do great! I can't wait to see your little bundle of joy. I bet she's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures. Good luck!!

hmm here's something going on in my life at this very moment:
Im getting a tattoo! Yes I mentioned in another  post that that is one of my new year goal: well it's coming true very soon. I wont say what Im getting, but I will be posting afterwards. (those of you who know, DONt SAY anything). SO the other day my dad called me saying "well since your birthday is coming, I'm going to buy you your tattoo!.:" "are you really?" Yea, I will call around and let you know, maybe sunday afternoon.. "okay dad.."
(after that phone call, I sort of freaked out.. I dont do needles! So i need to get over this fear quick!!)
So im excited but freaked out all at the same time. :)

well until next time.. have a great day!


  1. please bring your tattoo to soccer..i wanna see.

  2. Hi girlie! I started a blog too if you want to follow!