Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan snow

What a great day off. I was about to have a 3 day weekend but that changed. I picked up a shift. Good thing I didn't paint my nails Monday night. So it started snowing around 6pm. I cleaned the house while watching it fall to the ground. I then started to freak out since snow was growing and it was getting later in the evening. I work in the morning Now. O was excited for snow until work. :-/ oh well I hope it's gone off the roads before I leave.
But tonight I did go for a walk in the snow. Close to two inches. Just walking down town gh. All quiet, and peaceful minus the cat trying to get by. It was nice. Threw some snow balls ( perfect snow for that btw) and even made a mini snow man! :)
Well at least I was able to play in it. But it better be off the roads !

1 comment:

  1. Its slippery- barely could get up my driveway!!! Should be gone by morning but drive careful!