Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello! I'm slacking off on not writing everyday.
First I would like to make a few shout outs!
To my friend Cynthia . Happy birthday girl. I'm glad Tiffany organized a party for you. The food was great and cupcakes too! Happy birthday.

Second: happy engagement to my friend Emily. That's really exciting!

On a side note:
I feel like I'm missing out.
I feel like everyone around me is getting engaged/ married. I want that too, but won't be getting that with this relationship I have. Maybe this is a sign fro
God saying move on mr right will come. Or maybe he's laughing since mr right has already past. Whatever the case maybe I really thought I would be engaged by now( when growing up I thought my age now I would be engaged) well looks like thAts not going go happen.
I want someone who I can run with, who has a reglion background, who I can make dinner with. Who will have good hygiene ( nice teeth!), who encourages me, supports me and the list Goes on. When will my time come?
Anyways I just had to express thT

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