Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my second half marathon recap!! :)

     I just ran my second half marathon on September 18th! And here's my recap of that event. Friday I picked up my packet with Tiffany and the kids. Walked around the expo and found a hat! I figured if it was going to be raining i need a running hat. I have a hat- just a normal baseball hat but that wasn't gong to work considering i used it before in the rain and it got so heavy! So Saturday night I made a pasta dinner to carb load, and all day I drank water to make sure I wasn't going get dehydrated. So my pasta dinner consist of pasta with white sauce, and chicken and bread sticks! It was yummy!! :) Then I had to pick my dad up from the airport which i wanted to go to sleep so i can be well rested. but that didn't happen and I got home at 11:15 and went straight to bed. the weather forecast called for rain. I hate running in the rain! So i don't know why but i was more nervous for this race then any other races. Maybe because it was going to be raining? or maybe because i thought i wasn't prepared for it? i don't know what the case might be.
    so the morning of, i got up like at 6,  and ate a half of a cliff bar, some toast, and some banana. I just wasn't feeling hungry. I then put my outfit on. it consist of : a black long sleeve running shirt, a blue t-shirt over, bright blue knee high socks, my running shoes, and a running skirt, and my hat. So we were suppose to meet Tiffany down town so we could stay dry before the race. the race started at 8:45 sharp. so her and I lined up together knowing she would probably pass me and we would start together but end separately. And we were off, about 1700 ladies (9men) started running. tiffany's ipod went flying and she found it. we actually kept running together. I asked her "am i slowing you down?" and she said " no this is what/where I want to be.." so i wasn't sure if i was running her pace or what. but whatever it was i kept with her. we were lucky.. it didn't rain much at all. it only rain near wright park and market street, and it was just misting really. then we went down to dock street /ruston way to finish running. i probably took a gu every few miles, i think mile 5-6, 8,  9.5 and 11. I always struggle around mile 11 because i hadnt ran that much since the other half marathon back in june. but i was still with tiffany :) . I slowed down at the hills but i managed to still keep up with her. around mile 10 i noticed my leg was burning. i was chafing on my leg. Oh great i thought i have 2.5 more miles of my leg rubbing . then we were .50 mile from finish line. my gps said i had already reached 13.1 but i knew it was off. there was a slight incline so i slowed down and tiffany went on her way. once i didn't see her i knew i needed to run. paul was waiting on the top of the hill and he saw tiffany and thought okay alyssa will be like another 10 min. and bam there i was.. seconds after her. so i knew it was mostly down hill now. so i picked up my pace and made sure i wasn't going to slip and fall around the corner because it was slippery. i noticed the time clock and it said 1:59:25? and I thought OMG im going to get under 2 hrs.!! So i seriously picked up my speed... i think i crossed at 1:59:36. Tiffany was there at the finish line because she had came across at 1:58.. My official time :: 1:59:20!!! :) i still can't believe that I ran a half in under 2 hrs!! I grabbed my free food, and waited for will to meet tiffany and off we went back to the car. as soon as we got back to the car and almost to the freeway, tiffany calls. and mentioned I had won an award. I was then in my shock. I came in 3rd in my age group. So we hauled back and made it just in time to hear my name and grabbed my ribbon and earrings!!
     So over all it was a great race! under 2 hrs, and 3rd in my age group. i only felt pain in my ankles, and knees that day. and once i got home, i showered, ate and took a nap. then next day, i felt it in my quads, and back but over all i felt great!! And now im looking forward to my next race whatever that may be!!


me crossing the finish line.

knowing im almost finished!! :)

after getting my award :) 3rd in age group

us running together

tiffany knowing she is almost finished

US both finished under 2 hrs!! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New soccer

:) today was fall session soccer. (yesterday) we had our normal team back plus or minus. We played this new team and they needed a girl. So guess who went? Me! Brian and I went over. And I had to wear a yellow shirt. It was so big that it made me look like I'm wearing no pants. This team was fun: they passed. And it wad just fun playing against my team. I had some great passes and even score a goal!! :)
Then second game I was tired ! But I played anyways! This other team was violent !! I also played very well!! But I have a lot of bruises this time around. And I'm sore !! But I'm glad soccer has entered my life and I get to play with some awesome people!! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a little update on my life

Hello readers!!
Nothing to exciting going on, just been enjoying 80+ degree in Washington in september :)
I was able to see Megan the other day! It was so good seeing her and faith. I can't believe how big faith has gotten. She has so much hair!! I'm glad Megan is closer now so I can be in faiths life!! Just because there's already drama in the little girls life :-/
I will post pics of her soon!!

Today: soccer :) old team back together. Post more late
For now I'm just trying this app for my iPhone and writing this blog

Saturday, September 3, 2011

another 10miler completed!!

I can't believe a year ago this weekend was my first official running race. a 10 miler called over the narrows. I was able to run with tiffany and cynthia. I had a blast and finished my first ever race 1:35. not bad. so all year long i had a goal to beat that time for this race. this year those lovely ladies didn't run with me but paul did. I hadn't ran 10miles since my half back in june. so a few days before i of course did some small runs, and was mentally getting my self ready. i knew i could do it but it was going to be challenging! So friday i picked up my race packet. my number was 248! :) I was getting very excited but scared to. this was the first race no one was at the finish line cheering me on. so this was going to be different. the sun was out, and the weather was perfect. I wanted to wear my running skort but it was chilly at the start line. so i wore carpis and a tank top. and it was actually perfect outfit choice. :) paul and I started together but i told him if he passed me and beat me i would be pissed! So we actually ran together until the bridge. I did have to slow down a few times because  my side kept hurting. but once we got over the bridge to tacoma thats where we actually stopped running together. he backed his pace down and I just kept going. i ate some gu chumps around mile 5,6, and 8. that actually seemed to help some! paul mentioned he kept an eye on me until mile 7 where i guess i picked up my speed some more. around mile 9 i knew i was getting tired but i wanted to finish strong. so as I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and saw what the time was i knew i had to go faster. i put my go forth power on. i kept pacing with these people but as soon as i saw the finish and how close it was i picked up my pace. i passed one girl, and then it was me and this man and I was determined to beat him and my time. I pushed hard and he noticed i was going fast and picked his speed up to. so it was him and I pushing for a strong finish people were actually cheering because it was a strong ending. he of course beat me by a millisecond. but i did it, i beat me time!! I finished a 10 mile race at 1:32:20!! I totally beat it by 3 min! that was cutting it close to be honest! But i did it!! Over all i was 154/356 over all, 45/193 out of females 4/7 in my age group. pace of 9:14. so not bad for doing this race for the second year!
my legs were jello like while i was trying to get the chip timer off my shoe. yes it was chipped time this year!! :)

i grabbed my food and drank some water and headed to the finish line to await paul to come in. so i guess i was cheering for him? but i was still trying to recover. he came across at 1:36. so not bad for not being able to run it last year due to hurt ankles. over all a good day of running.
after we got back home i totally needed a shower, coffee, advil and a nap. im pretty sure i was a little dehydrated. :(
we also stopped at gibsons for a well deserved frozen yogurt., and kent for some fries and chicken. yes i had some fries, i told myself no fires but ive been good for a while probably since july so not to bad. but those fries were so good so it was well worth it!! :)
and now in 2 weeks from tomorrow i will be running my 2nd half marathon. :)

update of my life since the last post..

Life has been busy once again. heres a few things over the last few weeks.
My bff donna has been i town and I was able to hang out with her and her mini me, and meet her husband storm. donna and I have known eachother since 3rd grade. thats 15 years ago! crazy huh!! So we went to the waters over in port orchard and played trivia night with her parents. i had a blast. so i was able to go back this past thursday with paul and I and met up with donna and her mini me and family again. we actually won trivia night that night. and it was awesome getting a free dessert. Im glad i was able to see donna and such. ive missed her!

Happy 14th birthday to my cousin jenni- I can't believe she's 14 and a freshmen in High school. where has the time gone??
speaking of time. school again start not for me but for all my cousins. I can't believe i have a cousin as a senior, a freshman, an 8th grader, and a 5th grader. i haven't been in school like that for 6 years. I can't believe it 6 years out of high school. anyway I wish you all luck this school year!