Saturday, September 3, 2011

another 10miler completed!!

I can't believe a year ago this weekend was my first official running race. a 10 miler called over the narrows. I was able to run with tiffany and cynthia. I had a blast and finished my first ever race 1:35. not bad. so all year long i had a goal to beat that time for this race. this year those lovely ladies didn't run with me but paul did. I hadn't ran 10miles since my half back in june. so a few days before i of course did some small runs, and was mentally getting my self ready. i knew i could do it but it was going to be challenging! So friday i picked up my race packet. my number was 248! :) I was getting very excited but scared to. this was the first race no one was at the finish line cheering me on. so this was going to be different. the sun was out, and the weather was perfect. I wanted to wear my running skort but it was chilly at the start line. so i wore carpis and a tank top. and it was actually perfect outfit choice. :) paul and I started together but i told him if he passed me and beat me i would be pissed! So we actually ran together until the bridge. I did have to slow down a few times because  my side kept hurting. but once we got over the bridge to tacoma thats where we actually stopped running together. he backed his pace down and I just kept going. i ate some gu chumps around mile 5,6, and 8. that actually seemed to help some! paul mentioned he kept an eye on me until mile 7 where i guess i picked up my speed some more. around mile 9 i knew i was getting tired but i wanted to finish strong. so as I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and saw what the time was i knew i had to go faster. i put my go forth power on. i kept pacing with these people but as soon as i saw the finish and how close it was i picked up my pace. i passed one girl, and then it was me and this man and I was determined to beat him and my time. I pushed hard and he noticed i was going fast and picked his speed up to. so it was him and I pushing for a strong finish people were actually cheering because it was a strong ending. he of course beat me by a millisecond. but i did it, i beat me time!! I finished a 10 mile race at 1:32:20!! I totally beat it by 3 min! that was cutting it close to be honest! But i did it!! Over all i was 154/356 over all, 45/193 out of females 4/7 in my age group. pace of 9:14. so not bad for doing this race for the second year!
my legs were jello like while i was trying to get the chip timer off my shoe. yes it was chipped time this year!! :)

i grabbed my food and drank some water and headed to the finish line to await paul to come in. so i guess i was cheering for him? but i was still trying to recover. he came across at 1:36. so not bad for not being able to run it last year due to hurt ankles. over all a good day of running.
after we got back home i totally needed a shower, coffee, advil and a nap. im pretty sure i was a little dehydrated. :(
we also stopped at gibsons for a well deserved frozen yogurt., and kent for some fries and chicken. yes i had some fries, i told myself no fires but ive been good for a while probably since july so not to bad. but those fries were so good so it was well worth it!! :)
and now in 2 weeks from tomorrow i will be running my 2nd half marathon. :)

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