Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't cry over spilled coffee....

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog, so prepare yourself this maybe a longer blog. Just trying to update you on what's been going on in my life. And I will explain the title of this blog as soon as I can.. So here's the last few days.

On this day I was able to have the day off and able to drive to Silverdale to see Donna and meet her new baby Keira Leigh! I instantly fell in love with her! She's such a little ham, and a little stubborn but still cute. She is now 2 months old but when I saw her she was 1.5 months old. it's great seeing my friends become mommys it's so exciting to see how they treat their little offspring's! I was able to hold her and take lots of pictures of this little girl! IM sad that Donna and her (and her husband storm) doesn't live closer so I can watch this girl grow up.

Later that day I forced myself to run outside. The weather was PERFECT!! Im so used to running inside that running outside was harder on my lungs. I guess I need to get used to that once again. I hadn't ran outside since feb 13. but since today was a nice day I ran outside. it felt great! my time wasn't the greatest but thats because I had ate famous daves a few hours before. so note to self, dont eat famous daves and go running because you will get a side ache and keep burping up it.

Then for dinner I made pancakes with protein added to them and fresh fruit-- bananas, kiwis, and strawberries. I wish I had taken a picture of the fresh fruit. I just love this time of the year! Yummy fruit!

Was the day I officially signed up for my first half marathon ever! I was a little nervous while filling out the registration form but i did it and now need to get my butt into gear! I've only done one other race. It was last year called "over the narrows" a 10 mile race. So now it's time to run a half marathon. So June 5 I will be doing that, and crossing off yet another new years goal off my list.
This night I made yet again another dinner. (whoo I'm starting to be a little cooker.. or maybe not.. ) I made a chicken patty (the only chicken I had that didn't need to be defrosted...) with pasta salad and steamed veggies. It was really tasty just which I had that chicken breast instead of that chicken patty.

Was soccer night! I am just loving soccer, to bad some of my team mates dont' pass the balls. And good thing: No soccer balls at my face. :)

I was able to have nothing planned so I was able to spend the whole day with my dad. I basically watched tv while he was around. but it was still great spending some time with him.

I told myself "rain or shine I must run outside today!!" So I got home from work ate some toast with PB and changed my clothes. I knew it was the tail end of the rain so I had to dress for the weather.This is what I used:: Leggings with running shorts, running shoes, running tank top and a north face windbreaker/rain jacket. And that worked out really well. The leggings worked great kept me dry. And I didn't used my armband this time so I had my phone in my jacket pocket. So no armband = no music. Yes thats right I used no music on this run! So I ran from my house, to Anthony restaurant to tides tavern, up the hill of harbor view, up the hill again of grand view, by the police station, stopped at the restroom by the start of the cushman trail, ran cushman trail to rosedale, meet up with paul, ran up rosedale hill to the high school, ran around the track a few times and back down rosedale, back to the house. A grand total of 7.56 miles in 1hr:07min:14sec!! I was very proud of myself. It felt great running. I wanted to keep going long around mile 6, but I knew i shouldn't. So that means I didn't push myself hard enough. Darn! And it didn't really rain, just a little sprinkle at the start. As soon as we got back to the house it started to sprinkle again, and as soon as I got out of the shower it was pouring. so I made perfect timing to run 7.56miles! Now I need to run that again for my 12k race on april 10.

Before I move on to explain the title of this blog, I would like to mention this:
I have a great grandma, who is 93 years old. I found out the other day that she's not doing so well. Having internal bleeding and was sent to the hospital. Its scary to know that your great-grandma may not live that much longer. We called her 2 weeks ago on my dad's birthday, and she didn't sound like she really wanted to talk. And thats very uncommon for her. She usually asks me "hows my car, Hows work, weather and so on.." but this time she only mentioned how it's still cold outside and they are getting some rain but not to much because that would cause flooding. Then I thanked her for my birthday card last month, and she was like yah I can't get out much and that was it. my dad, brother, and I all said she didn't sound that great. She's such a great woman. Always taking care of others before her self. Always concern about us eating food, making sure we're all set before she eats. waits for us for hours in the lobby of her apartment until we get there. visits her son by taking the bus or taxi, and so on. I love this little old wise lady of my family, I would hate for her to leave, but she has lived for 93 years. I just hate to travel back to North Dakota and see her like that or go to a funeral. I hope she gets better though!

Anyway And now for my title of this blog: Dont cry over spilled coffee:
So today is my day off of work. I was able to sleep in, but that was horrible because I over slept i think i had over 10 hrs of sleep. so that gave me a horrible headache. UGH. So i made a french press coffee, and drank that and still had a headache. so then I went to starbucks, I had a free drink coupon to use. SO I went in there grabbed a triple tall americano with white mocha and steamed soy. I only had a few sips of it. I got home put the coffee on the kitchen counter and I dont know what happened next but all over the kitchen counter was my coffee. UGH I was pissed. Coffee that I wanted so badly was all over the counter, the floor, on the kitchen stools, on my coach purse strap, my keys, and mail. I was so pissed, I wanted the coffee for my headache. I started getting mad, and a tear of frustration came out. So then i had to clean the whole counter, stools, keys, floor, and such and still had a headache. So i had to make some via. YUCK. thats not what I wanted at all. So i had to take a nap to basically start my day over.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

driving north has some great perks! :)

So today Starbucks and I became best of friends... I had a cup of tribute blend in a french press made for me this morning :), then I stopped before getting on the highway to go up north. you may be thinking but "you just had a french press.." yes I did, but im driving north so i need more, so an iced coffee :) then on my way back i was getting a head ache and i really was craving a cookie. I kept driving and driving and I was close to federal way so i had to stop, yes I was almost home maybe like 45 min but i really needed something. So now you're probably thinking "why were you driving up north???"

Well today was the day I was going up north to see megan's baby faith.. Not even a week old!! Faith was born on St Patrick's day, so this was the first time I was able to come visit. So on my way up I didn't hit any traffic (thank-god) and my goal was the outlets!< And well i needed to pee too...> So i stopped at the outlets, and quickly found the restroom after walking in a huge circle...while walking I figured out what shops I wanted to go into and of course let the coach store clear up some. thats right I said coach. I bought a new purse!! :) It's silver/grey , it looks like the teal one I have but it's cloth and has an extra zipper, and i bought a cute spring wallet. :) driving north + having to pee + given a 30 % coupon = a very happy Alyssa!! Spending only 100!! :)

After it was time to go see megan. I finally was able to meet Faith. She is soo tiny, cute, and such a great baby. The whole time I didn't hear her cry, only saw her eyes open for a few minutes, and i got to hold her most of the day!! I enjoyed every minute of holding her. she is so light! When i first saw her she looks just like megan, and part of megan's dad-terry. I dont really see her dad in her (could be a good or bad thing...) but all i have to say I can't wait to spend more time with faith and spoil her.!  here's some pictures of today!


tiny fingers


mommy and baby

baby feet

eyes open finally!

And tomorrow Im going to Silverdale to see yet another friends' baby..Donna!! Its a "weekend" of babies!! :)

Besides shopping, and babies...I really need to go to the gym! it's been way to long!! The last day I worked out was march 16! only ran 3 miles. 17th was st patricks day I went out with friends, 18th was soccer 19th i went to silverdale and such, 20th was my dad's birthday..21st i worked and took an hr nap and then went to my mom's. and today the 22 I went up north. so tomorrow will be a week of no gym. I miss it. I need to get running. I have a 12k in just a few weeks..!! I think I just had fallen off the wagon of the workout train. I need to get back on and get my mindset working again!!
And it doesn't help when I had stopped eating fries and had fries 17, 20, and now today.. UGH!

PS.. Happy late birthday to my Dad, (was the 20th)
Love ya dad! You're awesome!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soccer ball to the face.

Hello ,
Another weekend is coming to an end for all of you but mine is about to start Monday afternoon!!! So this past weekend we had a Normal friday night of soccer. The other tesm players didn't show up so we had a larger team this time around so we basically broke into two teams.. We kept most of our normal players. Bennett,brian,will,Jaime,Tiffany, tiana, me and seth and mike.. The other team had alex ( trader) mikel ray ( you suck) Megan and I think that's all. ( sorry if I forgot you)
So aNyway it was a good practice game for us, I was doing pretty well :) until our team had a free kick and one second I was tying to get open for the ball, the next minute I'm was walking off the field because WILL HICKS kicked a freaking ball at my face. It hit me smack in the face near the temple. I was not expecting it so it scared me and this girl had some watery eyes. Will good thing my head didn't fly off my neck. Or good thing it didn't hit straight to my face near my nose. Good thing I don't have a bruise right now, and if I would have used my arm to protect my face I would have a huge soccer ball mark! But life goes on, will hicks I hope you feel horrible for hitting me in my face. ;)

Well. That was the most exciting thing all weekend. Have a great day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks day!


Let me first start off with: I hadn't had a french fry in over a month and a half.. and today that was sadly broken. I was doing so well too! Been picking salad over fries! but today I fell off the wagon. I was cutting my favorite food because I was trying to eat better for my half marathon. and sadly i failed... :(

Hopefully everyone is having a great St Patricks day. Im not irish. So i could care less, but it's much relax "holiday" then valentines day. So I will take it. I dont mind wearing green (it brings out my eyes ) So today was the first time ever, I drank a beer. Yes I have had sips of beers but would rather drink other things.  Im 23 years old and never liked beer. And to be honestly, Im still full from it (and this was at 3pm) Usually I just have a well drink or something fancy but today in honor of St Patricks day and I was with my lovely friends I wanted to try it. So I had a green Alaskan amber. But I probably wont have another one for a long time!!

Today was a great day! I reconnected with my dear friends miles, and Leigh! Oh how I have missed those two people in my life! It was great seeing them!! :)

And on another happy note: MY best friend megan :) had her little girl today! A little st patricks day baby!
Welcome to the world little faith! I can't wait to hold you and meet you! I will be a great "auntie" to you! ("auntie" because we grown up together so it's sort of like family to me).
Congrats megan for giving birth. I know you were there for a while but in the end it's all worth it!
welcome to the world little Faith-- I can't wait to meet you
freshly born

--She went in yesterday because there wasn't enough fluid around the baby so they induced her around 11am but finally this morning, Im guessing around 815-830? Faith entered the world weighing in at 5.7oz and 17 inches long. Oh i can't wait to meet and hold this little doll!
Hopefully this weekend  I will be able to drive up north!

well thats all I have to say for today!
a few hours old. sent from faiths dad to me :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's been a while, so beware long post!

1) I don't know what had happen, but I guess I have been to busy to sit down at my computer and write a blog. I guess that was because I had worked almost 40 hrs this last week, and that never happens! Last Monday I seriously worked a 12 hr day, with a 5 hr break to nap, eat and run 6 miles. it was crazy! I had opened that day, then did tips, went home nap and such, and went to the store for work and then set up for the new promo that was happening on Tuesday. Boy was I tired Monday night/Tuesday! But in the end it was great tips I made from last week, and I can't wait for my paycheck this week! :) money money money!!

2) So last Tuesday Starbucks turned 40 years. (not sure of the real date but thats when we did it..) They reveled the new logo and new limited time coffee. So happy anniversary Starbucks.

3.) Last friday I played soccer :) Im just loving soccer. I wished I had played when I was younger, but Im glad Im doing it now! I was more aggressive then normal!  :) used the wall to kick the ball off of to try and get it away from the other team. The only thing Im  not liking about soccer, is that some people on my team never passes the ball to me. I would be wide open, and never ever do i get the ball. It actually is starting to get annoying. Im sorry I dont have a penis so stop being a jerk and a ball hog. okay IM done.

4) I would like to mention, it's horrible of whats happening in Japan after the huge earthquake. My thoughts and prayers are with those people. Heres what they are dealing with right now.

5) Lately Paul has been driving me nuts. I asked him to ask the landlord about my cats coming to stay because my mom's house is for sale. :( So he talked to them they said they will call him yesterday. nope they didn't call. So he was like yeah I will call tuesday. I asked him today, and did he call..?? NOPE.. Its very annoying. Sometimes Im happy with him but other times he gets on my last nerves!! but i guess thats what happens with living with a boy!

6.)On a happy note:
I was able to see my best friend megan the other day. I haven't seen her in a while. she's prego and is due soon, more like 21 of march soon. I can't wait for that. That will be my little "niece" We've been friends for a while so she's like my "sister" so it's cool. :) it was great seeing her! She needed to get out of the stress place that she lives in. Drama, drama, drama.. I wont get in to all of that drama!

7)My favorite part of the year is here! Cheery blossoms are blooming!! I love those trees!! I need to take pictures soon before they aren't pretty anymore. but the weather has been crappy! Rain rain rain!! but I will be taking pictures out there rain or shine for those trees!!

8) Running: I have been running more lately. and Longer distance too! Im very proud of my self. I ran 6 miles under an hr! :) I believe it was 58 min but I know it could have been at least 50min but I had to stop to pee, and talked to Alex for a bit. All this is helping me get to my half marathon on june 5! Which I still need to sign up for.. opps!

9)You know what yesterday was? it was pie day.. 3.14.. yup you guessed it.. I had some apple pie to celebrate pie day.. (thanks Paul for the pie)

10) last thing. I would like to do a shout out to my dear friend Meredith!
Good luck with everything. I will miss working with you on sunday mornings. It has been great getting to know you over the last 4 years! I know you will miss starbucks. (well or just tiffany and I..) I know we will miss you! But I know you will be busy with your baby boy on the way! Im glad i was able to work with you and get to know you. I know we will still see eachother so dont worry! Because I know I want to see that baby of yours. You will do great raising a kid!! :)

have a good night!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

friends, chocolate and drinks!

Yesterday was great! I was able to see some my friends! Its so hard for everyone to get together because of our different work schedules. It was great being able to get together at the melting pot! YUM it was perfect and just want we all needed. we have been all dealing with certain things in our lives.
some with sisters not wanting to attend a wedding, to moving to a new state and finding a place to live, relationships with certain people. but it was much needed girl time! We were lucky enough to get there during happy hour! 4 of us, and drinks. my bill came to under 15! it was just perfect! I just miss being able to see my friends all the time like back in high school. but it was great!
we had some cheese (Swiss ) fondue and milk chocolate! YUMMY!

besides being able to see my friends, I attempted the gym yesterday. I was determined to run 5 miles with my new nike shoes! As soon as I got to the gym, I started running (stretching first of course) and boy the first half mile was a killer, the lovely shin splits were starting to act up. I know when those start it's time for new shoes, so it usually take a few times before the shin splits go away with the new shoes. So as soon as I felt no pain in the shins my phone was going crazy. text text text so i stopped running turned my texts off and then all of sudden i was going at a good pace and then it was phone call phone call voice message phone call and so on. OMG i have never felt so needed in my life it was great but you know what it was annoying at the same time. I was running on the treadmill at a 7.8 speed. i was pushing my self so hard but was getting annoyed that i had to stop my run. so instead of 5 miles it was almost 3 miles.

on another note: i had to open my store in 15 minutes because someone missed placed her keys. it was lovely walking in the store at 445 giving me only 15 to set up the whole case and oh wait the pastry trays were taller than me. 16 trays!! and tons of mini desserts. it was a rough day but the almost 2 hr nap was well worth it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

the race season has begun

Today I signed up for my first running race of 2011! I really wanted to do the st patty day race, but getting time off was a bit tricky. so i found this one instead. it's the 12k seahawk race. :) Im excited. April 10 will be the day. This is just a baby step to my half marathon in june (which I still need to sign up for ...)
Now am I ready for a 12k? (about 7.5 miles) I know I can do it. it's just the mental of it. I tend to struggle lately around mile 4 but then again I have been running at the gym lately stuck in one spot listening to the same music, and dealing with pain. My new shoes are here just in time. my shin splints are starting to start up again. so I just gotta go pick my shoes up this weekend! I just need to push myself outside and run. last outside run was feb 13. the weather was awesome. just lately it's been a little to cold for me, (yes Im a chicken) but i need to get used of running in the rain. apparently every race tiffany runs it rains, and Im planning on running some with her so i need to get past the running in the race part.

have a great weekend!