Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soccer ball to the face.

Hello ,
Another weekend is coming to an end for all of you but mine is about to start Monday afternoon!!! So this past weekend we had a Normal friday night of soccer. The other tesm players didn't show up so we had a larger team this time around so we basically broke into two teams.. We kept most of our normal players. Bennett,brian,will,Jaime,Tiffany, tiana, me and seth and mike.. The other team had alex ( trader) mikel ray ( you suck) Megan and I think that's all. ( sorry if I forgot you)
So aNyway it was a good practice game for us, I was doing pretty well :) until our team had a free kick and one second I was tying to get open for the ball, the next minute I'm was walking off the field because WILL HICKS kicked a freaking ball at my face. It hit me smack in the face near the temple. I was not expecting it so it scared me and this girl had some watery eyes. Will good thing my head didn't fly off my neck. Or good thing it didn't hit straight to my face near my nose. Good thing I don't have a bruise right now, and if I would have used my arm to protect my face I would have a huge soccer ball mark! But life goes on, will hicks I hope you feel horrible for hitting me in my face. ;)

Well. That was the most exciting thing all weekend. Have a great day!


  1. OUCH!! Your one tough woman! I probably would have started crying cause I'm a baby like that haha.

  2. I hope your face is feeling better. And I was very proud that you just teared up but DIDN'T drop a single tear. Good Job Alyssa!