Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks day!


Let me first start off with: I hadn't had a french fry in over a month and a half.. and today that was sadly broken. I was doing so well too! Been picking salad over fries! but today I fell off the wagon. I was cutting my favorite food because I was trying to eat better for my half marathon. and sadly i failed... :(

Hopefully everyone is having a great St Patricks day. Im not irish. So i could care less, but it's much relax "holiday" then valentines day. So I will take it. I dont mind wearing green (it brings out my eyes ) So today was the first time ever, I drank a beer. Yes I have had sips of beers but would rather drink other things.  Im 23 years old and never liked beer. And to be honestly, Im still full from it (and this was at 3pm) Usually I just have a well drink or something fancy but today in honor of St Patricks day and I was with my lovely friends I wanted to try it. So I had a green Alaskan amber. But I probably wont have another one for a long time!!

Today was a great day! I reconnected with my dear friends miles, and Leigh! Oh how I have missed those two people in my life! It was great seeing them!! :)

And on another happy note: MY best friend megan :) had her little girl today! A little st patricks day baby!
Welcome to the world little faith! I can't wait to hold you and meet you! I will be a great "auntie" to you! ("auntie" because we grown up together so it's sort of like family to me).
Congrats megan for giving birth. I know you were there for a while but in the end it's all worth it!
welcome to the world little Faith-- I can't wait to meet you
freshly born

--She went in yesterday because there wasn't enough fluid around the baby so they induced her around 11am but finally this morning, Im guessing around 815-830? Faith entered the world weighing in at 5.7oz and 17 inches long. Oh i can't wait to meet and hold this little doll!
Hopefully this weekend  I will be able to drive up north!

well thats all I have to say for today!
a few hours old. sent from faiths dad to me :)

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