Tuesday, March 22, 2011

driving north has some great perks! :)

So today Starbucks and I became best of friends... I had a cup of tribute blend in a french press made for me this morning :), then I stopped before getting on the highway to go up north. you may be thinking but "you just had a french press.." yes I did, but im driving north so i need more, so an iced coffee :) then on my way back i was getting a head ache and i really was craving a cookie. I kept driving and driving and I was close to federal way so i had to stop, yes I was almost home maybe like 45 min but i really needed something. So now you're probably thinking "why were you driving up north???"

Well today was the day I was going up north to see megan's baby faith.. Not even a week old!! Faith was born on St Patrick's day, so this was the first time I was able to come visit. So on my way up I didn't hit any traffic (thank-god) and my goal was the outlets!< And well i needed to pee too...> So i stopped at the outlets, and quickly found the restroom after walking in a huge circle...while walking I figured out what shops I wanted to go into and of course let the coach store clear up some. thats right I said coach. I bought a new purse!! :) It's silver/grey , it looks like the teal one I have but it's cloth and has an extra zipper, and i bought a cute spring wallet. :) driving north + having to pee + given a 30 % coupon = a very happy Alyssa!! Spending only 100!! :)

After it was time to go see megan. I finally was able to meet Faith. She is soo tiny, cute, and such a great baby. The whole time I didn't hear her cry, only saw her eyes open for a few minutes, and i got to hold her most of the day!! I enjoyed every minute of holding her. she is so light! When i first saw her she looks just like megan, and part of megan's dad-terry. I dont really see her dad in her (could be a good or bad thing...) but all i have to say I can't wait to spend more time with faith and spoil her.!  here's some pictures of today!


tiny fingers


mommy and baby

baby feet

eyes open finally!

And tomorrow Im going to Silverdale to see yet another friends' baby..Donna!! Its a "weekend" of babies!! :)

Besides shopping, and babies...I really need to go to the gym! it's been way to long!! The last day I worked out was march 16! only ran 3 miles. 17th was st patricks day I went out with friends, 18th was soccer 19th i went to silverdale and such, 20th was my dad's birthday..21st i worked and took an hr nap and then went to my mom's. and today the 22 I went up north. so tomorrow will be a week of no gym. I miss it. I need to get running. I have a 12k in just a few weeks..!! I think I just had fallen off the wagon of the workout train. I need to get back on and get my mindset working again!!
And it doesn't help when I had stopped eating fries and had fries 17, 20, and now today.. UGH!

PS.. Happy late birthday to my Dad, (was the 20th)
Love ya dad! You're awesome!

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