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Friday, January 25, 2013

Running pictures of 2012

These are pictures from my past year races.
1) feb 18 on my birthday "knock your socks off"5k
2) march "st patty day" 5k
3) April "Seahawks" 12k
4) may 5 "cinco de mayo half"
5) June NODM half
7) June "Seattle Rock n roll
8) sept "over the narrows " 10 miler
9) sept "you go girl " half
10) oct "zombie dash" 5k
11) nov "Seattle half"
12) dec "Santa run" 5k

2013 already.

Hello blogging world, I haven't been blogging since september. I think the last post was a recap of you go girl. Yikes!!!  So here's a little recap of what I've done since then..

October race: I found a 5k timed zombie run down in Olympia. So Paul and I drove down there met my mom and my friend sue in the pouring rain and ran a zombie run.  This was pretty cool. There were runners, zombies and zombie hunters. So Paul and I were humans and they let us go 2 min before the zombies were let loose and then the hunters 2 min after that. Boy we were speedy, plus it was raining so I wanted to just be done. We ran around a lake in Olympia and near the Capitol. It was pretty fall colors and such. A zombie grabbed my flag or it feel off not sure but it was the fast 5k ever! Not sure if I wall run it again but I needed a race for my 2012 goal. But it was fun having my mom there for once watching me run.

November race: like many other runners I signed up for the Seattle half the Sunday after thanksgiving. I stayed in the same hotel as Tiffany and her family which was nice being so close to the start line!! Paul and I got there Saturday, picked my packet up and met up with the group for dinner. There was a few of us there: Zach was running the half, kate from work was running her first half then there were tiffany and I. I found out that if I'm running with friends I'm not nervous at a race. Anyone of you still get nervous before a race? The morning of, I got into my running outfit- purple/orange crazy Nike pants, purple sparkle skirt, black shirt, purple sleeves, hat?, and a vest. Tiffany and I sort of had matching outfits. :) I like to try and match with others!! We met in the lobby and off we went to meet kerrie and Kate and Zoe. I started with tiffany and Kate. It's also fun starting a race together. It was Kate's first half. She was pretty nervous. So it was fun seeing her deal with it about to start. We couldn't move at the start. It was so packed that there was no way we could move up anymore. It was nice staying warm tho. And we were off, more like walking. We didn't get to a good pace until mile 1.5. Around mile 3 Kate slowed down and I saw a tunnel approaching. I hate tunnels. So I said my goodbye and off I went running the course wasn't bad at all. It was different then the Seattle rock and roll course. I kept hearing there was a "oh shit" hill. Well I turned that corner and yes that's what I said but I'm good at hill. Thanks gh! So honestly it wasn't that bad! I don't remember what mile that was but I think it was right before running in the "woods" the course had so much trees,I loved it!! I was feeling pretty good on this course. I still struggle once in a while but I'm pushing through it. But boy near the end last mile or so I was looking for that stupid space needle. Finally the end was near, I saw the finish line!! My time was 2:09? It wasn't bad for not training and starting with Tiffany and Kate! I felt great too, usually I feel like crap. It must have been running those 3 firstMiles at a slower pace. :) I found Paul and will and waited for Kate and Tiffany to finish. It was a fun race. Most likely will do it again next year.

December race: Tacoma santa5k. Paul and I ran this together. We met up with Tiffany and her family and Meredith. Paul and I said this is for fun not kill your self. Run together. So we did. We ran ahead of the clan and just ran. But of course at the end we had to race each other! I think we came in at 26-29 min. I forgot the time since its been a few weeks! We watched Tiffany and her daughter run in and said bye and headed to the car. It was started to rain and it was freezing! Over all another fun race.

So I finished my 2012 goal: to run a race each month! I ran 5 half marathons,goal was 3 and I finished the year with 540miles- last year was 250. So not bad 2012 running!!

2013 will be a fun year:
Running the st party's day hhalfwith Tiffany and will. Running Seattle rock n roll again And running a Disney half in Disney land!! I know there's more races I want to do but I haven't signed up yet!!