Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 days away..

In 5 days from now, Well I guess 4 after i finish writing this blog because Im goin to bed soon, I will be running or finishing my first half marathon ever! Ive done 10 mile race, and ran a lot of 10 miles before. I had a plan of running 12 miles before the half but my knee was hurting. I just finished reading my friend tiffany blog about her training plans. And noticed that her knee was hurting last year at this time couple weeks before the race. And how she stopped to let it heal so she could finish her first half marathon. You know what, thats me right now. I was having knee problems and i kind of backed off on running because i dont want to risk anything because i would like to finish my first half marathon! She mentioned that she runs in these shoes and all her pain goes away. Maybe i should get a pair and try them out? but i just bought some new shoes! I haven't wore them yet but will soon, they are super fun colored! But if my knee is still bothering me after my half I think i may need to invest in those shoes she loves so much!! But i just thought it was strange what  I had just read from her blog is what is happening to me in my life at this moment in time right now! how strange!!
Paul has a lovely countdown for me on the white board and Im scared out of my mind. I haven't had dreams of it so i guess thats good but apparently I will get a dollar if a bear eats me ;) (haha tiffany very funny!! ) I probably need to figure out the weather for that day, and what i should wear. Do i wear my new running skort, shorts, pants? do I wear tank top, t-shirt, jacket? hat no hat? so many options. I dont have any compression socks ( because i really dont know what they're suppose to do.) but i will be putting a knee brace on for just in case . other wise i woujldn't want to carry the whole brace the whole time. so that sort of sucks.
Also probably tomorrow I need to figure out how long my music play list is and add more to it for the just in case im still running and my music stops or starts to repete. I dont think i want repeting of the music while running my half marathon. I did happen to get the new death cab for cutie cd today so maybe i will listen to that tonight before sleep and see if i should add any to my mix of running music.
I just hope I can finish this race in a decent time!! :)

And tonight i just signed up for another race, over the narrows-10miler- again!! Im excited, this will be the 2nd year for it and I can't wait!! Alex told me i need to finish my first race before signing up for more races.. LOL Oh alex! But i think if i keep doing races I have to keep running,and Im enjoying it when it's not pouring raining, and when my legs dont hurt!! :)

well it's getting late ( i know you may be thinking, "she posted this blog at this time..." thats so early to go to bed. but when your used to being at work by 430 you tend to go to sleep by 845... and even on my days off I try to stay up later but im always up super early in the morning!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yet again probably another long blog

Lately I have been so busy that the computer doesn't get turned on for like a week plus. And I have so many photos I need to get off my camera as well. I guess life has been busy! So here's a little update from the past week or so.
-Tuesday- it was a very nice sunny day. (finally!!) I woke up early since my body is so used to waking up at 3 to go to work by 430. So the sun was up and I wanted to run. My goal 11 miles, but only did 10 but at least I had a run partner. Paul only wanted to run 3-4 miles but some how he was like well maybe 8 miles. I thought okay, then I would only have to run 3 more alone. Well turned out he ran 10 miles with me. We started at our house down town gh, up harbor view, towards highway 16, we were going to run the cushman trail and back to the rest of the cushman trails, but i thought lets do something different. So we ran over the over past, past safeway, down past my old house, down point fosdick and stopped at the flashing light. we were a little past 5 miles. I thought really this is only 5 miles. So the hard part came. What way shall we go?? Do we keep going towards the bridge and run the trail back to the house? keep going down point fosdick to collect more miles, turn around and go the same direction, or still turn around but go past TCC? well we ended going back the way we came. It was 10 miles when we got back to the house how strange? but paul wanted to keep going, but at this point I had to pee. And didn't want to hurt the groin muscle but it wasn't really bothering me. But somehow my knee is now.. :(
Then later that day I was able to hang out with my two dear friends--Alex and Sara! we took pictures that were much needed, and it was perfect weather! I then went to a baseball game with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend. over all a great tuesday!

Wed-I drove to up north to see my little "niece" I can't believe how big she has gotten!! I hate not being able to see her and megan more often but it's a long drive :(

Friday- was soccer time! My knee was a little bit sore,I had no idea why, and I didn't stretch my groin muscle that well so i was a little sore trying to run and play soccer. I apparently did pretty well! :) I foam rolled my knee and went to bed.

Saturday- KNee was a little sore but not to bad. I went to a BBQ at my friend tiffany house ! And I was able to see and meet baby cole! Thanks meredith and scott for showing up so we can all have a baby fix by holding the handsome boy of yours!

Sunday- I told myself I must run 12 miles! Half marathon is 2 weeks away! Im starting to freak out. So I took a quick nap and  changed to go run. So i started out left my house, went towards the city park, and ended up where the road ends by the little light house of gig Harbor. then I turned around and went back towards the house, I really needed to pee but i figured if i stopped at my house I wouldn't go back out so i ran to another park and at that point i was at 6 miles! Only 6 more to go! Boy oh boy my knee wasn't happy.I had to stop and stretch every 1.5 or so. it sucked! I wasn't going my normal pace either. I kept going with my run, I ran up the hill, (seems like hills are killing me lately) and into part of the cush man trail, past BK, and crossed the street to start the 3rd part of the cushman trail but by this point my knee was not happy, so i just went down the huge hill back to my house. I got back to the house and I was at 9.5 (damnit) If i would have just kept going I bet I would have been 12 miles! That was my freaking goal, I hate not finishing something!! I even got back to the house and rested a bit and thought okay maybe i will go back out and finish the 2.5 miles. i tried i really did. I went back outside and walked down my driveway and nope knee wasn't liking that so i turned back inside and to this day still not 100% better. gosh why now? i want to run my half., I will still run but seriously why now all these problems?!

So since the half is in 2 weeks (less now) I need some new music ideas! Any suggestions??

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain rain and more rain.

I guess life has been pretty busy that I forgot that I have a blog and I probably should write in it. I think i also forget i have a computer too, because Im on my phone all the time. Anyway this past week I was able to run with Tiffany once again. This time it was a 10 miler down on the water front in tacoma, and hey guess what... it was raining. yup from the week before warm 9 miler, to this past week 10 miler in the rain. It wasn't rain, it was more like a monsoon!! We parked by the red boat on ruston way. Tiffnay told me we're going to run the short part first because if we did the long part first you would stop at mile 8 and ditch me at the car. And I was like ya probably. LOL. SO off we went, 10 miler. the week before I had pulled/strained my groin muscle and so it was a little rough at 4mile. At first it it was a nice run, no pain. but once we got to a hill man thats when it started to feel the pain. I did pretty well, it wasn't until my ipod stopped working , and tiffany was way ahead of me when the pain was no good, that i actually had to stop stretch a bit and kept going. By the end of the run we were soaked! I ran my rain jacket (north-face) and it was so wet that it felt gross. I had washed it a few days before and the soap was still coming off of it. it was a little odd. it's like i took a bath with all the soap everywhere. total run: 10 miles, my iphone said 1hr,36 min but thats because i also didn't stop at stop lights, and it took a little bit to stop the iphone after i crossed 10 miles. So it was more like 1hr 30 min, which is 5 min faster then my 10 miler race back in sept. :) So im happy about that time even with my running performance.
but man oh man after that run, my legs were sore! I instantly took a bath, this was the first 10 miler since last year. This week, 11 miles! Yikes!!! Can i do it? do i have the mental mind for it? will i get hurt? all the questions in my head.

friday I played soccer, i wasn't going to play at first because of the leg, but i did actually play. i had taken ibphonin (spelling?) and icy hot on the muscle. and stretched very well too. it was a little pain at first but it felt great! :) played soccer for like 2 hrs! it was so much fun! Im just loving this sport.! I scored 3 goals, the second half we sort of just worked on our passes and the other team really didn't care to play since the second half was 42 min. lol

saturday i went and saw bridesmaids with my mom and her bf Todd.. it was a good movie, but i wouldn't go with your mom. LOL she said the same about not going with me her daughter.

well i think thats all folks! ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eye ball hurts.

Man oh man I have been slacking off on my blog writing!! I think it's because I haven't really been on my computer. WHo knew the iphone would be my world now. I do still love my laptop but it's just really easy to just pull things up on my iphone!! :) I can't wait for the next iphone, that would be awesome. :)
anyways, heres an update from the last few days:
Heres some shoutouts:

Happy late birthday to the followings:
My aunt Dawn- Happy birthday to you. Some things I love about Dawn: That she's my aunt..LOL that I can talk to her about really anything, she has good fashion :) and the list can go on..

My uncle Craig- Happy birthday to you. Since Ive know craig since i was born, he's pretty much an awesome uncle! funny guy, knows how to make things, use fry oil to make gas for his truck..

Congrats to the followings:
Meredith and Scott-- for giving birth to their 15 day late son Cole. Im wishing you two the best of life with your new little bundle of joy! Im sure he will be a great sports boy! ;) He's very cute, and I can't wait to actually hold the little man! :)

Angela and Luke- Congrats on your baby girl! She's going to be the cute little one wearing all pink and spinning around in little dresses! You two will be great parents as well! I can't wait to hold this little baby girl! :)

Happy mother's day to my mom.

Alright now for some updates:
Last wed I went running with my good friend tiffany hicks! It was a perfect day to run, maybe a little to hot but it was still a good run!! I really enjoyed running with her. But let me tell you I was tired, and sore after. And now tomrrow we will be running again with eachother! 10 miles I'm not excited about but hey, june 5 is quickly approaching.. :/

And now for the title of the blog.. yes my eye ball hurts. I changed contacts this morning, and Im thinking some makeup has been buggin my eye today.

sorry not a very exciting blog, but at least it's a blog!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy may day

Happy May Day! I cant believe it's May already. It felt like yesterday it was christmas, and now it's  barely warm outside and it's may! On a happy note, since it's may day I actually got some may day flowers. And it was actually nice today!! :) spring is here but not for long because it's going to rain again. :(
So I really should write in this more often, but i dont. it's more because im lazy!!

So a few updates from april
: I scored a goal saturday night at soccer! :) Its always a great feeling when i score a goal!
: I ran 6.5 miles outside on friday afternoon. And it felt great. I actually had a running buddy this time around, and tried something different. I didn't use headphones but in stead had the music playing on my arm. it worked really well! It keeps me going, and i can still hear cars and such behind and around me.

SHOUT out::
BABY COLE get out so we can meet you!!!

Since april is finished its that time again where I need to go over my new year goals o know what I have completed or still in process.

Few of my new year goals!
--Im still not eating fries, I did have one on st pattys day but havent had any since then!
--I still need to eat better, work out more, and drink more water
--im still working on getting a new style
--i have been seeing more friends!, And making some too
--Running more long distances!
--traveling more hasn't been brought up yet
--affection level has improved some
-making dinners- not so much I still need to do that. Just make a list and make food
-- shift leader-- it's still something i would like to do. it's sort of a work in process.
i guess Candis said theres anew was of training a barista who's brand new, she wants to train me on how to do that so I know what to expect when the time does finally come when I become a shift leader. but we shall see if anything really does happen..

May 1st= very warm day. Cleaned the outside table, my car rims, my car windows and napped/read outside in the sun. over all a productive day, minus counting soo much things at work. speaking of work i should probably get to bed since  i open tomorrow morning. and mondays' are my long days! well have a good night everyone.