Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy may day

Happy May Day! I cant believe it's May already. It felt like yesterday it was christmas, and now it's  barely warm outside and it's may! On a happy note, since it's may day I actually got some may day flowers. And it was actually nice today!! :) spring is here but not for long because it's going to rain again. :(
So I really should write in this more often, but i dont. it's more because im lazy!!

So a few updates from april
: I scored a goal saturday night at soccer! :) Its always a great feeling when i score a goal!
: I ran 6.5 miles outside on friday afternoon. And it felt great. I actually had a running buddy this time around, and tried something different. I didn't use headphones but in stead had the music playing on my arm. it worked really well! It keeps me going, and i can still hear cars and such behind and around me.

SHOUT out::
BABY COLE get out so we can meet you!!!

Since april is finished its that time again where I need to go over my new year goals o know what I have completed or still in process.

Few of my new year goals!
--Im still not eating fries, I did have one on st pattys day but havent had any since then!
--I still need to eat better, work out more, and drink more water
--im still working on getting a new style
--i have been seeing more friends!, And making some too
--Running more long distances!
--traveling more hasn't been brought up yet
--affection level has improved some
-making dinners- not so much I still need to do that. Just make a list and make food
-- shift leader-- it's still something i would like to do. it's sort of a work in process.
i guess Candis said theres anew was of training a barista who's brand new, she wants to train me on how to do that so I know what to expect when the time does finally come when I become a shift leader. but we shall see if anything really does happen..

May 1st= very warm day. Cleaned the outside table, my car rims, my car windows and napped/read outside in the sun. over all a productive day, minus counting soo much things at work. speaking of work i should probably get to bed since  i open tomorrow morning. and mondays' are my long days! well have a good night everyone.

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