Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 days away..

In 5 days from now, Well I guess 4 after i finish writing this blog because Im goin to bed soon, I will be running or finishing my first half marathon ever! Ive done 10 mile race, and ran a lot of 10 miles before. I had a plan of running 12 miles before the half but my knee was hurting. I just finished reading my friend tiffany blog about her training plans. And noticed that her knee was hurting last year at this time couple weeks before the race. And how she stopped to let it heal so she could finish her first half marathon. You know what, thats me right now. I was having knee problems and i kind of backed off on running because i dont want to risk anything because i would like to finish my first half marathon! She mentioned that she runs in these shoes and all her pain goes away. Maybe i should get a pair and try them out? but i just bought some new shoes! I haven't wore them yet but will soon, they are super fun colored! But if my knee is still bothering me after my half I think i may need to invest in those shoes she loves so much!! But i just thought it was strange what  I had just read from her blog is what is happening to me in my life at this moment in time right now! how strange!!
Paul has a lovely countdown for me on the white board and Im scared out of my mind. I haven't had dreams of it so i guess thats good but apparently I will get a dollar if a bear eats me ;) (haha tiffany very funny!! ) I probably need to figure out the weather for that day, and what i should wear. Do i wear my new running skort, shorts, pants? do I wear tank top, t-shirt, jacket? hat no hat? so many options. I dont have any compression socks ( because i really dont know what they're suppose to do.) but i will be putting a knee brace on for just in case . other wise i woujldn't want to carry the whole brace the whole time. so that sort of sucks.
Also probably tomorrow I need to figure out how long my music play list is and add more to it for the just in case im still running and my music stops or starts to repete. I dont think i want repeting of the music while running my half marathon. I did happen to get the new death cab for cutie cd today so maybe i will listen to that tonight before sleep and see if i should add any to my mix of running music.
I just hope I can finish this race in a decent time!! :)

And tonight i just signed up for another race, over the narrows-10miler- again!! Im excited, this will be the 2nd year for it and I can't wait!! Alex told me i need to finish my first race before signing up for more races.. LOL Oh alex! But i think if i keep doing races I have to keep running,and Im enjoying it when it's not pouring raining, and when my legs dont hurt!! :)

well it's getting late ( i know you may be thinking, "she posted this blog at this time..." thats so early to go to bed. but when your used to being at work by 430 you tend to go to sleep by 845... and even on my days off I try to stay up later but im always up super early in the morning!)

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  1. Are you still wearing Nike's?
    Nike's I think are what was causing my knee pain. After I switched brands I have not been hurt. I run in Saucony Kinvaras and I LOVE them!

    I would suggest going to Road Runner Sports and have them analyze your running style (its free) and fit you with a pair of shoes. Or try out Tiffany's shoes. But I'm willing to bet it's the Nike's.