Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yet again probably another long blog

Lately I have been so busy that the computer doesn't get turned on for like a week plus. And I have so many photos I need to get off my camera as well. I guess life has been busy! So here's a little update from the past week or so.
-Tuesday- it was a very nice sunny day. (finally!!) I woke up early since my body is so used to waking up at 3 to go to work by 430. So the sun was up and I wanted to run. My goal 11 miles, but only did 10 but at least I had a run partner. Paul only wanted to run 3-4 miles but some how he was like well maybe 8 miles. I thought okay, then I would only have to run 3 more alone. Well turned out he ran 10 miles with me. We started at our house down town gh, up harbor view, towards highway 16, we were going to run the cushman trail and back to the rest of the cushman trails, but i thought lets do something different. So we ran over the over past, past safeway, down past my old house, down point fosdick and stopped at the flashing light. we were a little past 5 miles. I thought really this is only 5 miles. So the hard part came. What way shall we go?? Do we keep going towards the bridge and run the trail back to the house? keep going down point fosdick to collect more miles, turn around and go the same direction, or still turn around but go past TCC? well we ended going back the way we came. It was 10 miles when we got back to the house how strange? but paul wanted to keep going, but at this point I had to pee. And didn't want to hurt the groin muscle but it wasn't really bothering me. But somehow my knee is now.. :(
Then later that day I was able to hang out with my two dear friends--Alex and Sara! we took pictures that were much needed, and it was perfect weather! I then went to a baseball game with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend. over all a great tuesday!

Wed-I drove to up north to see my little "niece" I can't believe how big she has gotten!! I hate not being able to see her and megan more often but it's a long drive :(

Friday- was soccer time! My knee was a little bit sore,I had no idea why, and I didn't stretch my groin muscle that well so i was a little sore trying to run and play soccer. I apparently did pretty well! :) I foam rolled my knee and went to bed.

Saturday- KNee was a little sore but not to bad. I went to a BBQ at my friend tiffany house ! And I was able to see and meet baby cole! Thanks meredith and scott for showing up so we can all have a baby fix by holding the handsome boy of yours!

Sunday- I told myself I must run 12 miles! Half marathon is 2 weeks away! Im starting to freak out. So I took a quick nap and  changed to go run. So i started out left my house, went towards the city park, and ended up where the road ends by the little light house of gig Harbor. then I turned around and went back towards the house, I really needed to pee but i figured if i stopped at my house I wouldn't go back out so i ran to another park and at that point i was at 6 miles! Only 6 more to go! Boy oh boy my knee wasn't happy.I had to stop and stretch every 1.5 or so. it sucked! I wasn't going my normal pace either. I kept going with my run, I ran up the hill, (seems like hills are killing me lately) and into part of the cush man trail, past BK, and crossed the street to start the 3rd part of the cushman trail but by this point my knee was not happy, so i just went down the huge hill back to my house. I got back to the house and I was at 9.5 (damnit) If i would have just kept going I bet I would have been 12 miles! That was my freaking goal, I hate not finishing something!! I even got back to the house and rested a bit and thought okay maybe i will go back out and finish the 2.5 miles. i tried i really did. I went back outside and walked down my driveway and nope knee wasn't liking that so i turned back inside and to this day still not 100% better. gosh why now? i want to run my half., I will still run but seriously why now all these problems?!

So since the half is in 2 weeks (less now) I need some new music ideas! Any suggestions??

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