Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eye ball hurts.

Man oh man I have been slacking off on my blog writing!! I think it's because I haven't really been on my computer. WHo knew the iphone would be my world now. I do still love my laptop but it's just really easy to just pull things up on my iphone!! :) I can't wait for the next iphone, that would be awesome. :)
anyways, heres an update from the last few days:
Heres some shoutouts:

Happy late birthday to the followings:
My aunt Dawn- Happy birthday to you. Some things I love about Dawn: That she's my aunt..LOL that I can talk to her about really anything, she has good fashion :) and the list can go on..

My uncle Craig- Happy birthday to you. Since Ive know craig since i was born, he's pretty much an awesome uncle! funny guy, knows how to make things, use fry oil to make gas for his truck..

Congrats to the followings:
Meredith and Scott-- for giving birth to their 15 day late son Cole. Im wishing you two the best of life with your new little bundle of joy! Im sure he will be a great sports boy! ;) He's very cute, and I can't wait to actually hold the little man! :)

Angela and Luke- Congrats on your baby girl! She's going to be the cute little one wearing all pink and spinning around in little dresses! You two will be great parents as well! I can't wait to hold this little baby girl! :)

Happy mother's day to my mom.

Alright now for some updates:
Last wed I went running with my good friend tiffany hicks! It was a perfect day to run, maybe a little to hot but it was still a good run!! I really enjoyed running with her. But let me tell you I was tired, and sore after. And now tomrrow we will be running again with eachother! 10 miles I'm not excited about but hey, june 5 is quickly approaching.. :/

And now for the title of the blog.. yes my eye ball hurts. I changed contacts this morning, and Im thinking some makeup has been buggin my eye today.

sorry not a very exciting blog, but at least it's a blog!

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