Saturday, February 26, 2011

some annoying items while with public services.

This probably wont be a long or interesting post. There’s just a few things I wanted to share.
When working with the public: why do people have to be so annoying? (here’s some examples)
                Example: You stand in line waiting to get your drink/food ordered. We get to you and you had all that time to think of what you wanted and you still stand there when we ask what would you like you have no idea what you wanted to drink/eat. Can’t you see there’s a line and you had at least a few minutes before hand to think.
                Note to people who do this: you came to starbucks for a reason right? Be on your toes and know what you want to eat/drink. J
                Another example: you ask to use for-here mugs and things on plates. Please at least clean up your mess, by bringing your mugs to one of us or something. We don’t get paid enough to be waitresses.
                Example: if your on the phone in line or talking to the people at the tables while in line. And your not paying attention when someone ask your drink order 2x ( I try twice and nothing I move on..) I will skip you until you are ready theres other people in line waiting and annoyed with you too.
On a happy note.
Yesterday was the first time back at the gym after being sick. I got a stupid common cold. Ugh germs. So I needed to run, I wasn’t really stuffy anymore so the gym I went. It was only 3 miles but still better than nothing. I pushed myself really hard. 3 miles in 24 minutes. J I even had a fast mile to it was 7min something. J All this training for my half this june! Which I probably should sign up for..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

snow snow and more snow

I have to say: I love how snow falls gracefully, and how pretty it looks. I love it when I can stay home drink hot cocoa, or coffee, watch movies and walk in the snow. But I don’t like the snow when I live on a hill down town gh, when I have to deal with Tacoma narrows bridge, dealing with crazy drivers who speed, deal with icy conditions, and figuring out how am I going to get to work and back. Snow is nice when you don’t have to go anywhere, but being an adult and having to work makes snow no fun anymore..  I just wanted to share that with you all. I like snow but hate snow. Snow and I have a love/hate relationship. But here is my wonderful day today with the hatred of the snow:
What a day: woke up this morning to dry roads in GH. SO I got up and got ready for work. I left at 540am and didn’t need to be there until 630Am so I gave myself plenty of time. I made it just fine up the hills to the freeway, jumped on 16 and it was great driving conditions. But while on the bridge I kept thinking : “ do I take pearl street? Or Jackson? Do I want to deal with a hill, or sharp turn?” Well I picked hill. The road looked good. As soon as I got to the stop light at Jackson and turned on to Jackson, bad idea. The road was snowy, ice crap. So I drove very slow. And made it to work fine just a little after 6am. But as soon as I got inside my boss was like “ oh did you get my text?”… hmm no… did you press send? Turns out she told me on a text that I didn’t need to get there until 7. Gee thanks. Why not just call?? But it’s okay. But as soon as the day got started it started snowing, not just light but hard snow. So thanks guys for coming in early and staying later so I can get across the bridge before it got bad again. But as soon as I crossed the bridge again, it was clear roads. This weather is crazy! Snow will fall, snow will melt, snow again, roads covered, roads clear. And now it’s going to freeze and I work in the morning once again. Now the question is “do I drive or have paul drive” times like these I wished I had a all wheel drive car.. I know it doesn’t help for ice but still makes me feel a little bit better than my little car.
I can’t believe that February is almost over but then again it’s a short month only 28 days but still, 2 months done of 2011. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. All I know that june is coming fast. For those who don’t know I will be running my first half marathon! J. But lets go over my new year goals to see if I have accomplished any of them!
And now here is some of my New Years goals!
-New Friends
-Hanging out with old friends -----Close but not yet.
-New style (clothes, hair-out look of life..)
-picking whats right for me (school, life and so on...) still looking into this
-running more races..( a half marathon or more!) if you read the previous blog it explains WHAT races I want to do this year
- to get better at soccer—Noticed I toe kick because my balance isn’t center enough but im still working on getting better at soccer
-to be able to move out on my own, (right now im living with someone)
-travel to more places
-get a new camera(canon point and shoot! I love it)
-being more affectionate towards people ( still working on this!!)
-become a shift leader at work (still in process..if it ever happens)
-get a tattoo –(daisies on my ankle, there’s a pic posted on a previous blog)
-work out more at the gym (this is still a goal, and will be all year!)
-drink more water
-save more money/invest money
-making more dinners/not eating out as much
So those were my new years goals: I accomplished a few, and still working on most! Im hoping to cross more off in the next months! So stay turn to next month and see where I am in my list, and if more have been crossed off!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday I ran a 10k (over 6 miles) :) It felt great, but sucked since it was all on the treadmill at the gym, and another bummer was my nose was sort of stufy so it made it hard to actually push my self to run faster pace! but in the end I completed it. Im not really following a running plan but i figure if i ran 3 miles, then add more the next time and back to 3 and keep doing that over a period of time. so far so good! I ordered new shoes (the same ones I have now, but the newer version, I like the why not) Im sure I will have to buy another pair right before my half..

today the weather has been crazy!!!! goes from sun at sunrise, to clouds and grey to rain and snow, sun, snow, grey and sun.. crazy!!

It was good seeing My friend Sara today: we went to BOB! (blazing onion burger--I go there often) it was yummy as usual!

well later gater (sorry not so interesting post)

who wants to do these??

ive been looking up running races, I want to do these:please push me to do so!
St Patty day-3/12 ( tacoma-- this one I probably can't get time off.. :( )
seahawk 12k-4/10 (renton)
NODM (half)-6/5 sequim(my first ever half!!)
Tacoma half-8/6 (gh-tacoma)
...over the narrows-9/3 (gh)
you go girl half -9/18!! (tacoma)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I had a blast! Thursday night a few close friends, and coworkers meet me at the rock in tacoma for a birthday dinner. It was good seeing everyone! And thanks to Alisha for my yummy drink! And thank goodness no buckets for me! :) but Alex did have one for me, (thanks alex ;) ) and then finally a jello shot! :)

Then on friday (my birthday) I was wide awake at 6, not because I was excited, but because my body can't really sleep in anymore. So I layed in bed for a few minutes, and then decided it's time to get up and hit the gym since i knew i was going to be eating alot of food. So before I left for the gym, I saw an awesome sunrise! :) And lucky for me no snow!! :) So i got to the gym and ran a 5k! :) it felt great, then it was coffee time. I ran into a old friend Kris Deyoung. it was great seeing her.
next stop: seattle
I wanted a top pot doughnut really bad so thats where I ended up. Grabbed some yummy doughnuts, and off we went to shop. What a great way to spend your birthday by shopping in seattle. I didn't find much but found great deals at american eagle! :) I can't wait to wear my new clothes.
then lunch: cheesecake factory was on my mind, so off we went again. it was perfect paul and I had shared mini corn dogs, and hamburgers and it was the right size, along with a yummy drink!
Then next: more walkiing around, and it was time to head back to gh to meet dad. while heading back I took a little cat nap since i wasn't the driver.
dad and his gf took us out to dinner at the ram. :) yum stake and a yummy drink! it was mango and other fruity things! :)

over all it was an awesome birthday!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy tuesday!
Today is my day off. I love days off! :) But no matter how late or early I go to bed on monday night I am always awake early.. This morning up at 330, then 5 and 6. I should have just gotten up and hit the gym early, but I enjoyed the nice warm bed and actually ended up falling back to sleep.:) but days off are the best, i never know what to do on my days off but oh well.
today I bought myself an early birthday present! I bought a new camera! I have been camera less for a few months now. :( I loved my kodak camera(s) but the first one the lens broke, and the second one i have loved and enjoyed for a few years started to stop working. the shutter sensor i think was dying which was causing the batteries to die instantly, it would be brand new batteries pop inside camera and bam dead nothing working. but thank goodness for iphone i have been using that ever since then. i think it's been more than a year since i had a camera. i just have been using pauls nice one or my mom's crappy one. but finally a camera! I was torn when my really nice kodak died so i had to try a new brand. sorry kodak i will always love you but im cheating on you with canon. Hello canon you and I will hopefully be the best of friends. I hope you wont disappoint me! So today i bought canon power shot sd 1300. 12mp
Im excited to test it out outside tomorrow if the weather is good!
heres what my new camera

today i went for a 4.25 mile run, not outside just at the gym. i was using my nike+ program today and noticed that the nike and treadmill at the gym aren't the same messurements. the machine is much slower? so i was surprised to see that my nike+ said one thing and then i looked on the machine and noticed totally different numbers. oh well. but after my lovely run i did some biking. and leg work outs. man it felt great doing that work out today. and to end my day, I enjoyed some ice cream, and biggest loser.
have a great evening!!

i will leave you with this note:
my birthday is on friday, only a few more days left! I keep looking at the news and snow is being called for on friday, IM not looking forward to that.. I wanted the sunshine that they kept projecting last week for my birthday and now it's getting closer snow shows up.. no good!
have a good night!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 mile run :)

What a beauitful day today! It was pretty decent outside and the best part...the sun was shinning!! :) Today I had it in my mind that I will run outside! I ran the other day on the tredmill for 5 miles, and it took a while.. Long and boring,  so today I made sure I ran outside! It was a chance to try out my nike+ I got for Christmas, and to get some vit d! So I got home from work, and instantly changed, cause I knew if I sat down on the couch it would have been no good, and a nap would have happened! So i changed and made sure the sensor was working and off I went. Start: 12:30, and my goal was 5 miles!! So I left my house ran to Anthony's seafood restruant and back past my house towards the Tides, up harborview hill (this is steep!) then ran up a even bigger hill past the police station/skate park, down the cushman trail, down rosedale and back along the water front to get to my house for a final distance of 5.25!! :) It felt great running outside! I seriously have missed it. total time: 44.42 ! I was just pacing myself, nothing but a good run outside!
And to treat my self made a protien drink! :)

Then went to dinner with my dad and brother for valentines day. ( I know a day early)
And last night went to a dinner and a movie with paul for v-day.
To be honest I really dont like valentine day. Its really a lame holiday, flowers are jacked up in price, candy is everywhere shaped as hearts, and pink.. I am not a fan of pink and red. but on the other hand my birthday is in 4 days!! :)

I will leave you with the amazing rainbows I saw the other day, thursday maybe?

the last few days..

It’s been a few days since the last post: I guess my daily post is not so daily any more. Life gets pretty busy. We all need to stop once and a while and look around you and enjoy every moment of god’s creation. He put you here for a purpose.. have you found yours yet? Incase you were wondering, I haven’t found mine yet. Hmm.. let me see any big news this past week? Nope can’t think of any..
Serious mode must start soon for my half marathon! I feel like I have been not on track, not focused. But this past week I have been going to the gym almost every day. I had a rest day on Thursday. I picked Thursday since well, I went twice on Wednesday, and my calfs were sore, and mom and I was suppose to go walking but well we both took naps instead. And I don’t have soccer this week so gym this weekend is a must. Tonight I did at least run 5 miles on the tredmil. Yes I hate tredmill running but I really had no other choice. You know what it was nice, boring for sure, but I did a lot of thinking about today. (thinking about how I need/ would like more hours at work, how we’re doing big cupcake weekend but only had 4 cupcakes in the whole store that  were gone before 9 am, how today at work went and how I may need to look into some new running shoes shortly.)
Let me just leave you with this note:
In less than 12 hrs I wont have to see certain people J I honeslty have been waiting for this day for a while. Yes the little things make me happy and this is a little thing. J
And in less then 7 days my birthday will be here!  :D

heres a pic of the cupcake art I made for work.

Monday, February 7, 2011

busy weekend.

Boy did I have a busy weekend. Started friday with going to work, taking a nap, and baked a cake and went to soccer. It was our new session! I just love playing soccer. I do actually have a bruise this time around, usually I dont. I ran into this one guy and his elbow hit my arm, and it's still a little sore. Then I ran into this lady, I did a header with the ball but it sort of it my newly peirced ears, (ouch) and then shinguards and newly tattoo doesn't mix, and failing to score a goal.. :( but over all it was a good friday.

Saturday: I did the work thing, went to my best friend megan baby shower. she got a lot of clothes! I just can't wait to meet my little "niece"! only about a month left.
then since my mom's birthday was sunday we my aunt and mom and I went out for her birthday. We first went to silverdale to shop, and then went to silver city brewery but the wait was over an hr so we drove back to tacoma and went to the keg. I hadn't been to the keg is years, they have good food but seriously it took a really long time. We got there a little after 7,  finally sat down by 745, and we didn't leave til after 10! I was super tired since i had opened!

sunday: work, nap for 2 hours, I was sooo tired, hit the gym, and watched lost

and today: nothing to exciting but i did hit the gym!!
235 floors of stairs! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

wow that was an ugly cake ...sorry mom

So this weekend is my mom's birthday, and I wanted to make her her favorite cake.. german chocolate, and whats better then homemade cake made by me? well how about in a giant cupcake pan. I got one for christmas and hadn't used it yet, so i thought hey i should try and make a giant cake for my mom. so i read the box of the cake and right when i remembered it was to late. I had forgot to spray the pan.. I instantly thought oh crap how am i going to do this now? So i instantly poured the batter back in the mixing bowl, or at least tried to pour it all back.. the bottoms didn't come out so i just sprayed it anyway.. and thought that should be fine? well i was wrong. I had let the  pan sit for 20min before removing the cake.. instead the top part just came out leaving the bottom part where i didn't get spray stuck to the pan.. oh great this isn't going well. so my great idea now turned into a mess. so i let the two pieces cool more, even it out, and added frosting.. wrong again, i thought it was cool enough but nope german chocolate frosting didn't want to spread that well on this cake.. so now it looks like crap.. seriously it really looks like crap... I then thought well this already looks bad might as well add a freaking smiley face,  and thats what i did. dont worry I will be posting pictures of this lovely cake.. just keep reading! oh wait there's more. I was getting the stuck cake out of the pan and totally broke my finger nail. :(

So sorry mom, i hope you actually like your cake, i know it looks horrible but the  pieces i had were pretty good.. blah worst cake ever! actually the ugliest cake ever. round two of the cake pan will be soon, i would like to try it again to see if it actually works, and if it doesn't then dang what a stupid christmas gift.

yup thats the ugly cake

most of you are probably wondering, what the heck does her tattoo look like? well here's an update:
it's starting to itch which means it's healing. oh joy im so not looking forward to the scabbing part and such. but i have been adding lotion to it! :)
so heres my lovely tattoo!!
this picture is a close up,  it's only on my ankle so it's really not that big like the picture makes it to be

alright now it's about that time kids where I need to start gathering my things for soccer, first game of yet another session! IM excited!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long post FYI:

I will warn you, this post is long since i haven't had time to actually post it on line, but it should be entertaining to you or at least i hope so. :)
So first I would like to say welcome to the world little baby keira polen!  Born on Thursday Jan 27, 2011! My best friend Donna just had her baby!  I must say Donna was induced and was in labor for more than 24 hrs , and had to push for 3 hrs and finally a c section.. so good job donna! I can’t wait to see more pictures of the baby. I just wish I was there to see the new little baby of yours.!
Second, On Thursday I was able to see my friend Kelsey who I hadn’t seen in over a year! I miss seeing her so it was good finally being able to meet up with her. I met her in Puyallup at the south hill mall, and since I was that close to this tattoo place my dad told me about I took her with me. SO I was driving looking for this place, we got there and wow, this place looked so scary… so we walked in, it was dark and just not very friendly, I talked to the guy told him what I wanted (which was scary) and then paid 20 for a deposit… after leaving that place I was thinking what the heck did I just do..?? so I called my dad told him the details, and then thought more about it today.. I then decided that im just going to lose the 20 and find a better place. I know my dad is buying this for my birthday but I think I want a place that looks not to scary. So basically I lost 20…(thanks dad… :/ , you went there back in 97, where it probably didn’t look scary…)

Anyway it was great seeing Kelsey! I miss her! SO we just talked about whats been going on and such. J
Then friday: I did the usual work and went to the gym to get some anger out. I rode the bike for 60min and a total of 17 miles. Let me just tell you my butt was sore the next day..
Saturday: I did the whole work thing again, and had a lovely soccer game Saturday night. We played the team that this girl and I got into a fight the whole time. lucky she wasn't there. It was a great game on Saturday night. We had a pretty good line up: Alex, Bennett, Brian, mike, ray, Jaimie and her friend and myself. So it was a good strong team, (sorry Tiffany and will but we missed you--hope you had fun in Seattle that night). Anyway we had Brian in the goalie box first half, then switched second half to Jaimie, 2nd half. We actually scored 4 goals and kept them at 2 for the longest time until about last 20 sec they scored their 3. but we actually won.. 4-3! and NO Tiffany ray didn't set us up to tell you we won.. we actually won. no joke. Alex scored a goal and Brian a few? I kept missing my shots at the goal, which always makes me angry for not making a goal. My goal: to not freak out under pressure, and i need to practice goal shots!
Then Sunday, worked again, and Sunday was the day I was getting a tattoo.. Yes you heard right Alyssa and tattoo in the same sentence. So dad and lily picked me up from work and off we went to get my first tattoo. Appointment was at 1, we got there at 1220? and told him what I wanted, he cleaned the room and 10 min later I was sitting in a chair freaking out. My hands were starting to sweat and I was super nervous.! A; the tattoo artist told me it feels like bees stinging you.. (oh great I hate bees...). so he started tattooing... it felt a little odd.. not fun... painful at times. sweaty hands forming, and lily asking if it hurts..well sort of hurting but more annoying.. I was trying very hard not to watch, and keeping my mind off of it.. then by 115 I was all done and paid.. so in the end it wasn't that bad. it just was annoying pain and that blood was on my shoe..But over all im very happy with my results..
I got 3 daisies on my ankle area with some leaves. it looks very cute! Not sure how mom feels about my tattoo but she liked the other design i showed her before i made my mind up with the one i have now. but i like it! :) now it's just the healing process..

well thats basically my life the last few days!
Today's goal: hitting the gym, either stair master or bike, and actually i should go outside and run.. but the coldness really just turns me off., i know it's sunny.. maybe I will go outside in a few hours, right now im enjoying the sun through the window! And enjoying relaxing on my day off!