Friday, February 4, 2011

wow that was an ugly cake ...sorry mom

So this weekend is my mom's birthday, and I wanted to make her her favorite cake.. german chocolate, and whats better then homemade cake made by me? well how about in a giant cupcake pan. I got one for christmas and hadn't used it yet, so i thought hey i should try and make a giant cake for my mom. so i read the box of the cake and right when i remembered it was to late. I had forgot to spray the pan.. I instantly thought oh crap how am i going to do this now? So i instantly poured the batter back in the mixing bowl, or at least tried to pour it all back.. the bottoms didn't come out so i just sprayed it anyway.. and thought that should be fine? well i was wrong. I had let the  pan sit for 20min before removing the cake.. instead the top part just came out leaving the bottom part where i didn't get spray stuck to the pan.. oh great this isn't going well. so my great idea now turned into a mess. so i let the two pieces cool more, even it out, and added frosting.. wrong again, i thought it was cool enough but nope german chocolate frosting didn't want to spread that well on this cake.. so now it looks like crap.. seriously it really looks like crap... I then thought well this already looks bad might as well add a freaking smiley face,  and thats what i did. dont worry I will be posting pictures of this lovely cake.. just keep reading! oh wait there's more. I was getting the stuck cake out of the pan and totally broke my finger nail. :(

So sorry mom, i hope you actually like your cake, i know it looks horrible but the  pieces i had were pretty good.. blah worst cake ever! actually the ugliest cake ever. round two of the cake pan will be soon, i would like to try it again to see if it actually works, and if it doesn't then dang what a stupid christmas gift.

yup thats the ugly cake

most of you are probably wondering, what the heck does her tattoo look like? well here's an update:
it's starting to itch which means it's healing. oh joy im so not looking forward to the scabbing part and such. but i have been adding lotion to it! :)
so heres my lovely tattoo!!
this picture is a close up,  it's only on my ankle so it's really not that big like the picture makes it to be

alright now it's about that time kids where I need to start gathering my things for soccer, first game of yet another session! IM excited!

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