Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I had a blast! Thursday night a few close friends, and coworkers meet me at the rock in tacoma for a birthday dinner. It was good seeing everyone! And thanks to Alisha for my yummy drink! And thank goodness no buckets for me! :) but Alex did have one for me, (thanks alex ;) ) and then finally a jello shot! :)

Then on friday (my birthday) I was wide awake at 6, not because I was excited, but because my body can't really sleep in anymore. So I layed in bed for a few minutes, and then decided it's time to get up and hit the gym since i knew i was going to be eating alot of food. So before I left for the gym, I saw an awesome sunrise! :) And lucky for me no snow!! :) So i got to the gym and ran a 5k! :) it felt great, then it was coffee time. I ran into a old friend Kris Deyoung. it was great seeing her.
next stop: seattle
I wanted a top pot doughnut really bad so thats where I ended up. Grabbed some yummy doughnuts, and off we went to shop. What a great way to spend your birthday by shopping in seattle. I didn't find much but found great deals at american eagle! :) I can't wait to wear my new clothes.
then lunch: cheesecake factory was on my mind, so off we went again. it was perfect paul and I had shared mini corn dogs, and hamburgers and it was the right size, along with a yummy drink!
Then next: more walkiing around, and it was time to head back to gh to meet dad. while heading back I took a little cat nap since i wasn't the driver.
dad and his gf took us out to dinner at the ram. :) yum stake and a yummy drink! it was mango and other fruity things! :)

over all it was an awesome birthday!!

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