Saturday, February 26, 2011

some annoying items while with public services.

This probably wont be a long or interesting post. There’s just a few things I wanted to share.
When working with the public: why do people have to be so annoying? (here’s some examples)
                Example: You stand in line waiting to get your drink/food ordered. We get to you and you had all that time to think of what you wanted and you still stand there when we ask what would you like you have no idea what you wanted to drink/eat. Can’t you see there’s a line and you had at least a few minutes before hand to think.
                Note to people who do this: you came to starbucks for a reason right? Be on your toes and know what you want to eat/drink. J
                Another example: you ask to use for-here mugs and things on plates. Please at least clean up your mess, by bringing your mugs to one of us or something. We don’t get paid enough to be waitresses.
                Example: if your on the phone in line or talking to the people at the tables while in line. And your not paying attention when someone ask your drink order 2x ( I try twice and nothing I move on..) I will skip you until you are ready theres other people in line waiting and annoyed with you too.
On a happy note.
Yesterday was the first time back at the gym after being sick. I got a stupid common cold. Ugh germs. So I needed to run, I wasn’t really stuffy anymore so the gym I went. It was only 3 miles but still better than nothing. I pushed myself really hard. 3 miles in 24 minutes. J I even had a fast mile to it was 7min something. J All this training for my half this june! Which I probably should sign up for..


  1. I would not use a plate at Starbucks today because I didn't want to be in your blog post...LOL.

  2. Lol
    No you wouldn't leave it on table and walk out. And doesn't matter I wasn't there lol. Not my problem. (sorry Tiffany)