Monday, February 7, 2011

busy weekend.

Boy did I have a busy weekend. Started friday with going to work, taking a nap, and baked a cake and went to soccer. It was our new session! I just love playing soccer. I do actually have a bruise this time around, usually I dont. I ran into this one guy and his elbow hit my arm, and it's still a little sore. Then I ran into this lady, I did a header with the ball but it sort of it my newly peirced ears, (ouch) and then shinguards and newly tattoo doesn't mix, and failing to score a goal.. :( but over all it was a good friday.

Saturday: I did the work thing, went to my best friend megan baby shower. she got a lot of clothes! I just can't wait to meet my little "niece"! only about a month left.
then since my mom's birthday was sunday we my aunt and mom and I went out for her birthday. We first went to silverdale to shop, and then went to silver city brewery but the wait was over an hr so we drove back to tacoma and went to the keg. I hadn't been to the keg is years, they have good food but seriously it took a really long time. We got there a little after 7,  finally sat down by 745, and we didn't leave til after 10! I was super tired since i had opened!

sunday: work, nap for 2 hours, I was sooo tired, hit the gym, and watched lost

and today: nothing to exciting but i did hit the gym!!
235 floors of stairs! :)

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  1. 235 floors! That's awesome!
    I opened the stupid Reese's and had one but hey I don't mind putting the rest in a gift basket for you! lol :)