Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy tuesday!
Today is my day off. I love days off! :) But no matter how late or early I go to bed on monday night I am always awake early.. This morning up at 330, then 5 and 6. I should have just gotten up and hit the gym early, but I enjoyed the nice warm bed and actually ended up falling back to sleep.:) but days off are the best, i never know what to do on my days off but oh well.
today I bought myself an early birthday present! I bought a new camera! I have been camera less for a few months now. :( I loved my kodak camera(s) but the first one the lens broke, and the second one i have loved and enjoyed for a few years started to stop working. the shutter sensor i think was dying which was causing the batteries to die instantly, it would be brand new batteries pop inside camera and bam dead nothing working. but thank goodness for iphone i have been using that ever since then. i think it's been more than a year since i had a camera. i just have been using pauls nice one or my mom's crappy one. but finally a camera! I was torn when my really nice kodak died so i had to try a new brand. sorry kodak i will always love you but im cheating on you with canon. Hello canon you and I will hopefully be the best of friends. I hope you wont disappoint me! So today i bought canon power shot sd 1300. 12mp
Im excited to test it out outside tomorrow if the weather is good!
heres what my new camera

today i went for a 4.25 mile run, not outside just at the gym. i was using my nike+ program today and noticed that the nike and treadmill at the gym aren't the same messurements. the machine is much slower? so i was surprised to see that my nike+ said one thing and then i looked on the machine and noticed totally different numbers. oh well. but after my lovely run i did some biking. and leg work outs. man it felt great doing that work out today. and to end my day, I enjoyed some ice cream, and biggest loser.
have a great evening!!

i will leave you with this note:
my birthday is on friday, only a few more days left! I keep looking at the news and snow is being called for on friday, IM not looking forward to that.. I wanted the sunshine that they kept projecting last week for my birthday and now it's getting closer snow shows up.. no good!
have a good night!

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