Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday I ran a 10k (over 6 miles) :) It felt great, but sucked since it was all on the treadmill at the gym, and another bummer was my nose was sort of stufy so it made it hard to actually push my self to run faster pace! but in the end I completed it. Im not really following a running plan but i figure if i ran 3 miles, then add more the next time and back to 3 and keep doing that over a period of time. so far so good! I ordered new shoes (the same ones I have now, but the newer version, I like the why not) Im sure I will have to buy another pair right before my half..

today the weather has been crazy!!!! goes from sun at sunrise, to clouds and grey to rain and snow, sun, snow, grey and sun.. crazy!!

It was good seeing My friend Sara today: we went to BOB! (blazing onion burger--I go there often) it was yummy as usual!

well later gater (sorry not so interesting post)

who wants to do these??

ive been looking up running races, I want to do these:please push me to do so!
St Patty day-3/12 ( tacoma-- this one I probably can't get time off.. :( )
seahawk 12k-4/10 (renton)
NODM (half)-6/5 sequim(my first ever half!!)
Tacoma half-8/6 (gh-tacoma)
...over the narrows-9/3 (gh)
you go girl half -9/18!! (tacoma)

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  1. You can totally do all those runs! I did all of those except for the Seahawks run. Don't forget the Seattle Aflac Iron Girl. I liked that one and the medal and shirt are cute!