Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long post FYI:

I will warn you, this post is long since i haven't had time to actually post it on line, but it should be entertaining to you or at least i hope so. :)
So first I would like to say welcome to the world little baby keira polen!  Born on Thursday Jan 27, 2011! My best friend Donna just had her baby!  I must say Donna was induced and was in labor for more than 24 hrs , and had to push for 3 hrs and finally a c section.. so good job donna! I can’t wait to see more pictures of the baby. I just wish I was there to see the new little baby of yours.!
Second, On Thursday I was able to see my friend Kelsey who I hadn’t seen in over a year! I miss seeing her so it was good finally being able to meet up with her. I met her in Puyallup at the south hill mall, and since I was that close to this tattoo place my dad told me about I took her with me. SO I was driving looking for this place, we got there and wow, this place looked so scary… so we walked in, it was dark and just not very friendly, I talked to the guy told him what I wanted (which was scary) and then paid 20 for a deposit… after leaving that place I was thinking what the heck did I just do..?? so I called my dad told him the details, and then thought more about it today.. I then decided that im just going to lose the 20 and find a better place. I know my dad is buying this for my birthday but I think I want a place that looks not to scary. So basically I lost 20…(thanks dad… :/ , you went there back in 97, where it probably didn’t look scary…)

Anyway it was great seeing Kelsey! I miss her! SO we just talked about whats been going on and such. J
Then friday: I did the usual work and went to the gym to get some anger out. I rode the bike for 60min and a total of 17 miles. Let me just tell you my butt was sore the next day..
Saturday: I did the whole work thing again, and had a lovely soccer game Saturday night. We played the team that this girl and I got into a fight the whole time. lucky she wasn't there. It was a great game on Saturday night. We had a pretty good line up: Alex, Bennett, Brian, mike, ray, Jaimie and her friend and myself. So it was a good strong team, (sorry Tiffany and will but we missed you--hope you had fun in Seattle that night). Anyway we had Brian in the goalie box first half, then switched second half to Jaimie, 2nd half. We actually scored 4 goals and kept them at 2 for the longest time until about last 20 sec they scored their 3. but we actually won.. 4-3! and NO Tiffany ray didn't set us up to tell you we won.. we actually won. no joke. Alex scored a goal and Brian a few? I kept missing my shots at the goal, which always makes me angry for not making a goal. My goal: to not freak out under pressure, and i need to practice goal shots!
Then Sunday, worked again, and Sunday was the day I was getting a tattoo.. Yes you heard right Alyssa and tattoo in the same sentence. So dad and lily picked me up from work and off we went to get my first tattoo. Appointment was at 1, we got there at 1220? and told him what I wanted, he cleaned the room and 10 min later I was sitting in a chair freaking out. My hands were starting to sweat and I was super nervous.! A; the tattoo artist told me it feels like bees stinging you.. (oh great I hate bees...). so he started tattooing... it felt a little odd.. not fun... painful at times. sweaty hands forming, and lily asking if it hurts..well sort of hurting but more annoying.. I was trying very hard not to watch, and keeping my mind off of it.. then by 115 I was all done and paid.. so in the end it wasn't that bad. it just was annoying pain and that blood was on my shoe..But over all im very happy with my results..
I got 3 daisies on my ankle area with some leaves. it looks very cute! Not sure how mom feels about my tattoo but she liked the other design i showed her before i made my mind up with the one i have now. but i like it! :) now it's just the healing process..

well thats basically my life the last few days!
Today's goal: hitting the gym, either stair master or bike, and actually i should go outside and run.. but the coldness really just turns me off., i know it's sunny.. maybe I will go outside in a few hours, right now im enjoying the sun through the window! And enjoying relaxing on my day off!

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