Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh wow it's june almost july

Hey everyone I can't believe it's almost July, I guess blogging hasn't been on my top too list! :( sorry! Life has in fact been busy!
A little catch up from the last post:

Feb: I turned 25 this past year. Went to Disneyland and Huntington beach for my birthday with my BF. It was wonderful being able to get away for a while and be that kid again in Disney! I was able to see some friends as well.
Also in Feb I changed stores. After being at one store for 6 years it was time to get another store experience so I can hopefully move up as a shift manager. I moved to GH north Starbucks. I still miss my old store  a lot. But i guess I'm not missing the lack of manager there. I had my ups and downs with this new store.

Mar: I ran the Tacoma st patty day half with Tiffany. It went from downtown Tacoma to ruston way and back

April: I ran the seahawks 12k again with the BF. Saw Tall mom there as well with her little Baby belly!
My friend Nicole asked me to be her MOH in her wedding.

May: BF and I moved to a house. He bought a house and we moved up the street like a quarter of a mile. My brother and the cats moved in as well. It feels good being in a quiet house without loud neighbors and noisy street out front.
I also ran the Tacoma city half marathon. That was a hot day to run. I liked the course and actually got a new PR for myself. 1:54 for a half!! :)

June: I was invited to run with Tiffany, Kerrie, and Zoe to take Mels place in the Rainier to Ruston relay. Im glad I was asked to join their team. I had a blast running my first relay.(**recap to come still...**)
I just ran the Seattle rock and roll half marathon this past weekend. Another perfect weather running day! it was warm! I ran with Tiffany and Cynthia for 7 miles and off i went on my own to finish that race trying to beat last years time but didn't happen. I had more fun running with friends for the first half then killing my self and feeling sick the rest of the day. (**full recap will be up soon...**)

And now I feel like you are all caught up on my life over the last few months. I want to try and blog more again!