Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 years already?!?

10/10/2011- Was the day I have been working at starbucks for 5 years! I can't believe it's been 5 years already!! I have come along way since 2006! I started working at starbucks 5 years ago. I was 18 years old, just had graduated high school and I was starting my first ever quarter at TCC. I had turned in my app, went to a job fair, met with traci, and bam I was walking out of class to my car when I got a phone call, from traci saying I got the job, what I should wear and i start on 10th. I was so excited and nervous. But it has been a great! I learned alot over the last 5 years, I started off shy and quiet but  i think it took 7months to finally open up and become louder! :) This has changed the way I am. I am not that shy little girl anymore, Im more loud. I have had customers tell me over the years, wow i remember when you first started and i love how you are today over the years of changes. I still love my job after 5 years, yes theres times i dont like it (when some people play favorites and dont do their jobs--) and eggnog time. but over all i still to this day love my job. I miss the people who aren't working there anymore but it's been great. Now your probably wondering what will happen next? Well i have been a barista for this long, I think it's time to move to become a shift. I've been ready for a while but i think i have been enjoying the less stress life right now but i can see myself moving up now. 5 years it's time to expand my horizon! I just want to say thanks to everyone who has seen me grow, help me learn, gain new skills, and such!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last day.

Last day:
Today we had to say good bye to vacation and back to the real world. :( we were able to sleep in which was nice since we got back so late and been go go go ever since we left Seattle. We grabbed some coffee and finished packing. Said goodbyes to the bride and groom and off we went. We were asked if we wanted to upgrade to first class. I said nah. But Paul wanted it. But by the time I decided we had just left tickets. So we actually lucky to get to the gate where a person was there and we upgraded. Let me just say once we did. I got more excited to fly. :) we were the first to board. Seats were nice. Comfy and roomy. Drinks were served right away. I didn't choose to drink adult beverages but Paul did. He's enjoying this first class life. He had 2 glasses of wine. And coffee with baileys. And we got free to use for the flight the DVD movie things :) free music. Free movies. And such. :) I love it. Saves my phone battery ! Then food time... On the way out we had hot dogs. But today thanks to Paul. We were lucky to have this experience. Pasta salad. Chicken. Bread. And dessert:: chocolate brownie on a plate with a doily :) and crackers with fancy cheese :) we get our own bathroom and the flight assistance is Awesome. :). There's only 8 of us up here. Still 4 seats left. I love this first class thing!! It's making time enjoyable. I dont have to worry about asking 2 other people to pee. I can just ask Paul. I don't have to wait for drinks. I can just ask. It's nice. I love seeing the sun. I will miss it. :( I'm not ready for rain yet. I love wearing shorts. No jackets and flip flops !! But it was a good trip. I hate to see it end. Wish we had one more day to just relax with kris and Ann.
from the airplane in the air
first class meal!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 6 wedding day.

The day of the wedding. I woke up feeling a little blah from all the wine I drank the night before. So Paul grabbed Starbucks for me and breakfast since he will be gone all day. It was nice I slept in. And relaxed around the hotel. I did manage to go to some stores and shopped some to kill some time. Then it was time to meet people in the lobby. I was catching a Ride to the wedding and had to drive to the reception in paul car. So we got o the wedding. And it all started. We sat down and it started. I was lucky to sit close to the front :) so yes i took pictures. Lots of them :) this wedding was a catholic wedding. I've never been to one before. It was interesting. Alot of praising lord. Prayers and such. Even did mass where people would get up and take communion. Then the wedding was over and the wedding party left in a limo. While they were leaving an airplane flew over ( kris loves airplanes) Here comes the part I've been dreading: driving the car to the reception alone. But lucky for me sev ( kris sister bf) rode with me. I thought oh awesome. A person to make conversation with. But it wasn't that bad. Actually was able sit with them and the others I rode with to the wedding at the reception. It turned out to be the fun table. We had so much adult beverages on that table ! So I got
To the reception found my name tag and table and sat down. The reception was beautiful. They had a guest book scrap book. That you sign on paper that will go into a scrap book. They had wedding pictures of their parents and grandparents. And it was just put together nicely. Then finally the wedding party arrived. They made their grand entrance wearing sunglasses and such. Then it was food time. The food wasn't that bad, had some chicken and such. We watched a slide show of pictures of kris and Ann and then heard some speeches. Had some cake (pies) - wish they announced that they were cutting cake so I could have taken a picture. Oh well--
Then after cake it was dancing time. I don't like dancing but I did dance. They did the traditional bride husband : son mom : dad daughter: they did a dollar dance where you pay 1$ to dance with bride or groom. ( yes I did dance with kris and didn't have to pay :)) also I thought this was neat: they had a dance where married couple ls would get on the dance floor and start dancing and dj would announce how long people Have been married. And the last people standing were kris grandparents that have been married for 63 years.
Also. I was able to help decorate the get away car. It took Paul and I hours/ days to figure out how they were getting back to the hotel. We asked people: groom. And such. We even walked around the parking lot looking and we never saw his car. And all of sudden there it was. His car. So we grabbed some people to help decorate the car. It was easy to grab people because the "fun table" were sitting down so we used them. :) the car looked very cute. Not to dirty. Just alot of hearts and such on it.
We then went back to the dance floor so it looked like we were just taking a break. Thats when I actually started dancing. I even danced with kris a few times. I had a blast!! But boy was I tired when we got back to our room. Paul went down with some of the guys for more drinks. But over all it was a good wedding. I'm glad I was able to go to it:) I just need to wait to post pictures of the wedding. And they're having a Seattle reception so I'm going to that as well. ;)
Congrats to both kris and Ann. Good luck with your new life together!! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 5.

Day 5 is here. The day before the wedding. Stress levels are higher. This morning I tried to sleep in. I needed the extra sleep :). Grabbed some Starbucks. And off we went to pick up the groom and did some de stressing. Finally hit the giant spoon and cherry. I think it was just what the groom needed. A time to relax some and have fun. :) now it's do all last minute things before the big day tomorrow. I am kind of like a stress reliever. Let's hope I can do that.
Then we went ( I sat there) while everyone else practiced for the big day. Then rehearsal dinner at this fancy place. All paid for. :) I had the stake. Yummy! It was a fun evening. Just says the wine kept on pouring and I had a little to much! But it was still fun. We then went to Dave and busters and had a blast!! :) it's like a giant chuckie cheese but with adult beverages :) it was Fun.
I wanted to see this for a while!!
spoon and cherry!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4

Note to self. No coffee past 2 no matter what. I couldn't sleep last night. I kept tossing and turning. And I even woke up and went running in the gym because I couldn't sleep. Then grabbed some coffee and off we were went to go walking around a lake. The sun was shining and autumn Colors were shown and it was 70s. Perfect. So we walked 3 miles. I ran 3. = 6 today.
Then went to This place for brunch. I didn't like it much. I had fruit and toast. Not to good. Now we will be heading to the mall of America. I really hope I see the giant spoon and cherry art work but we shall see. Its getting to the point where I will be spending alot of time by myself. I was invited for a pedicure but I passed because 1) I dont really need it 2) I always get cut so I passed.

We then met everyone for dinner. Not the greatest dinner. :( then went to bed. I was a tired girl!
Very beautiful Autumn in MN
at the mall of america in lego land
all legos!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3

Day 3- we said good bye to great grandma and off we went 3.5 hrs drive back to mn. I was lucky enough to drive 1.5 hrs on a flat boring road. So today we walked around down town mn. Saw target field where twins play. We saw corporate target. This place was cool... 2 stories, with an escalator for your shopping cart!! No joke. I saw it in action. And even Paul tried it out 2x. We even video taped it. :) we then found the Mississippi river where we took some pictures of some sweet pieces of art. Let me tell you, drink water or at least give me water because i will be crabby in 90 degree heat.
We then got to our hotel which is pretty nice!! :)
I needed some more coffee and had to try caribou. Let me tell you... Yuck!!! I couldn't even drink it :p it didn't even taste like coffee. !!
Anyways that was day 3. It's about dinner time.
arch bridge near Mississippi river

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of trip

This morning we woke up and enjoyed a free hotel breakfast and found a Starbucks. Starbucks are harder to find out here. Caribou is very popular out here. Paul wants to try it but we shall see ;)
Then I decided to be a good great granddaughter and stopped at the store to buy her flowers. We found her place and she was of course waiting for us at the door. How sweet! She was excited to see me! She hadnt Seen me in 5 years. So we saw her place( very small) just like a bedroom with a bath room. They feed her and such. It's an assistant living home where she only uses the help when she needs it. Then we drove and picked up Dale -my grandpa- and we brought them to "dinner" (lunch) and drove around Fargo. Was able to take a picture and went to go print it off. We then hung around her place watched some tv and off we went to have "supper"(dinner) pizza was recommend by my dad. So ate dinner and took dale back then went back to grandmas for a bit before taking off. Some adult beverages were needed after a long day!
pizza place my dad loves so i had to go for him
i needed a drink after a long day of spending time with grandma

Trip to mn/nd part1

The countdown was over. It was time to pack and head to the airport. My dad took us (paul and I) to the airport and off we went through security and waited to board our plane. The ride wasn't to bad. Never I mean never eat an airplane hot dog. Omg. My tummy was hurting!!! As soon as we got off the plane and grabbed our bags we were off to get our car. Oh btw. My bag was the LAST bag on that plane. Good thing it made it on. Or other wise. I wouldn't have been happy camper! So we met with the bride and groom had dinner and then off we went to drive 3.5 hours to Fargo. We hit an outlet mall!! I of course had to stop and buy things ex a new coach bag :) then we finally made it to our hotel and went to sleep!!
thats a great feeling.. NOT