Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 5.

Day 5 is here. The day before the wedding. Stress levels are higher. This morning I tried to sleep in. I needed the extra sleep :). Grabbed some Starbucks. And off we went to pick up the groom and did some de stressing. Finally hit the giant spoon and cherry. I think it was just what the groom needed. A time to relax some and have fun. :) now it's do all last minute things before the big day tomorrow. I am kind of like a stress reliever. Let's hope I can do that.
Then we went ( I sat there) while everyone else practiced for the big day. Then rehearsal dinner at this fancy place. All paid for. :) I had the stake. Yummy! It was a fun evening. Just says the wine kept on pouring and I had a little to much! But it was still fun. We then went to Dave and busters and had a blast!! :) it's like a giant chuckie cheese but with adult beverages :) it was Fun.
I wanted to see this for a while!!
spoon and cherry!

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