Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3

Day 3- we said good bye to great grandma and off we went 3.5 hrs drive back to mn. I was lucky enough to drive 1.5 hrs on a flat boring road. So today we walked around down town mn. Saw target field where twins play. We saw corporate target. This place was cool... 2 stories, with an escalator for your shopping cart!! No joke. I saw it in action. And even Paul tried it out 2x. We even video taped it. :) we then found the Mississippi river where we took some pictures of some sweet pieces of art. Let me tell you, drink water or at least give me water because i will be crabby in 90 degree heat.
We then got to our hotel which is pretty nice!! :)
I needed some more coffee and had to try caribou. Let me tell you... Yuck!!! I couldn't even drink it :p it didn't even taste like coffee. !!
Anyways that was day 3. It's about dinner time.
arch bridge near Mississippi river

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