Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 4 (china town, grand central, photography, diner, slice)

Day 4
Today we went to check out china town. This is where you find gifts for cheap. I was able to find a shirt for cheryl and few shot glasses at a reasonable price! Then we kept walking to 5th ave where all the shops start. Went into sport stores, I actually was able to find some shin guards :) which was nice considering mine are so smelly! I needed new ones! :p
We walked to see little Italy and then off we went to the grand central. The grand central was so cool. The building is so detailed! Very roman style. There is a whispering wall area where it's 4 corners and you stand on one end and you can hear people talking across from
You. But it didn't work for us because they were doing construction on that part of the grand central. The ceiling has a night sky and shops in between. It was so pretty!
After we toured the grand central for a bit we found this cupcake place called "crumbs". This place has tons of cupcakes. We deiced to get a pack of 6 so we could try 2 kinds each. I picked cookie crumble, and apple one. The cookie one was dry. I wasn't happy with that one because it was dry. I hate dry cupcakes. Then the apple one- yummy!! It tasted like a apple muffin it was so moist and after that bite I wanted another one! Amy couldn't eat her pb one, so I finished it for her. That was awesome yummy! Not dry and it was pretty rich! Over all this crumb place gets a 4 star rating! ( only 4 because the first cake was dry!)

Then we headed toward the intrepid space museum. But on our way there I happened to look over at my right and saw this photography museum thing. So I wanted to check it out. It was pretty cool. Had black and white photos from the 1930 and such. I liked it! We were probably there for a good 45 min? Right before we left there was a gift shop with photography things. So of course we had to go in there. I knew I wanted something back from NYC that said NYC on it. But I didn't know if I wanted the plain "I love NYC " shirt. So while in this store I found this really cool shoulder bag with a zipper and such, it was printed with old cameras. I Thought very hard about the bag until I went around a corner and saw a shirt I absolutely loved. "I photography NYC" yup this was the shirt for me! And it was the same price as the bag. So of course I picked the shirt! Not sure if I will wear the shirt often like I would use the bag but we shall see! :)
Then we took a taxi to be closer to the intrepid but when we got there there was a line to get wait in. Not only one line outside. But another line to buy tickets. And then there's 2 more
Lines inside. And this place closed at 6. So we deiced to come back tomorrow with Pre order tickets. So by this point we were hungry and wanted some
Food. Amy wanted us to try a diner so that's what we did. Amy and Paul had burgers and they liked theres. I had chicken fingers. I wasn't that happy with my choice oh we'll lesson learned. But I did have some fries from each of there plate and those were pretty yummy! Then Amy was tired sober headed back to her place. Ate a drumstick ice cream on her roof top. We then went out to get a red box movie and a slice (pizza). This slice was pretty good. It was the size of Costco pizza. But way better. It was so greasy tho. But I thought it was pretty good ! Then i tried a garlic knot. Which was a bread stick in a ball form. It was actually really good. It tasted like a bread stick. But man it had a lot of garlic on it.
Then we watched salt the movie and went to bed early. When I say early it was 7 Washington time. And well I didn't sleep well last night kept tossing and turning. And has been up since 7 here so 4 Washington time.
I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen today. And I'm a little sad that my vacation ends tomorrow as well :(

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3( brunch, central park, time square-spiderman, dinner on roof )

Saturday morning we work up and we went to get brunch. They weren't opened yet when we got there due to a water leak in the kitchen. So we found a Starbucks and grabbed coffee and while I was there I happened to find Starbucks gift cards. Btw. I've been looking all over for those stupid things! I finally found it. Which was good considering people wanted some from me. Then it was finally time to sit down and have our brunch. I had a mimosa :) and they brought out deep fried dough with cinnamon sugar like a doughnut. It was soo good!! I ordered the banana pancakes. It was better then the ones I had in Hawaii! Then after brunch we walked to time square. We had a show "spiderman" at 2. So we were a bit early and walked around in time square in the day time which was much different in the night then day. We went to toy r us and walked around. This store was huge!! :) had 2 candy stores in side! We grabbed some candy and we were off on our way to see "spiderman"
This show was awesome! Spiderman flies over the audience! It scared Amy but wow I really like the songs and the whole performance! A well worth it show!! :) then afterwards we went to central park. Paul and I rode a bike that would take you around central park showing you all the movies and who live/d there. Our driver knew a lot about where things were filmed and such. Yes he was hard to understand most of the time but well worth the hour ride. ! But we had an awesome time!
Then for dinner we were invited to Amy friend house for dinner on the roof top. Homemade tacos!! Yummy :) it was good meeting some of Amy friends. But I was soo tired that I could barely stay awake during this time!
Over all a great day! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 ( 9/11 memorial, statue of liberty ferry-staten island ferry, brooklyn bridge, central park )

Day 2
I'm getting used to using the subway. It's still a different experience I'm not going to lie. So we had tickets to see the 9/11 memorial at 1130. We got there around 11 checked in. It felt like an airport with tons of security. I guess that's what happens when two
Buildings fall over. Once we got to the pools Amy sat down ( she just had her gallbladder taken out a week before and was still sore) Paul and i walked around taking pictures. As I was standing looking at this water pool with names around it It didn't look that big for a building that used to stand. But it was a good way to remember what had happened on that day almost 11 years ago. The two pools is where the buildings once stood. It was a waterfall so it sounded nice- drowned out the city around you to honor what happened that day. The north pool is bigger then the south pool. And right next store they were building world trade center. This time the bottom is all cement and its strong enough to with hold a car bomb. And it has triangle long piece to hold it up better this one around. They are building a museum for it but it wasn't done yet since it oil so much money cleaning up the mess!

After the 9/11 we walked to catch the staten island ferry. Which was free. You can take the ferry to the island that goes right past the statue of liberty and you hop off and get right back on. It was cool seeing the city in the day time on a boat and not at sunset.

We walked around more of the town and Paul and I walked on the Brooklyn bridge. We didn't walk the whole
Bridge just a quarter of it. Too many people. Then we kept walking and went back to Amy's for a nap! Woke
Up and headed to central park to watch a movie in the dark. It was cool! Animal house was the movie that was playing. It was a funny movie. They had this yummy popcorn for free there. I liked Oreo flavor kind! Then it was time to head back and go back to Amy's for bed.

Trip to NYC (day 1)

Trip to NYC to see my friend Amy! It was a spur of the moment trip- grabbed tickets on the last minute, cheap round trip ticket non stop and requested time off. And it worked out! Thursday morning got up at my normal time and headed to the airport. Paul dad dropped us off and we headed towards security. Passed through just fine found the restroom and got on the plane. The flight was alright not to bad. Got to NYC JFK airport and wow was it different. Birds in the airport flying around your head. I almost had one in my hair. People are just strange. I never seen so many odd things in my life until this trip! Amy picked us up and of we went. We got to her place and she showed us around her apartment and off we went to take
The subway for the first time ever. It was interesting leading to say. All kinds
Of people. It was crazy! It smells, worn down. We were headed to the downtown for a tour around the city in a boat. It was a guided tour and this guy never stopped talking! But it was nice. You could go outside and take pictures. But I just stayed in side. Took some awesome pictures of the city, the statue of liberty at sunset, and city at night! If I would have paid attention to the guy talking I probably would have learned some things about the history. But I was enjoying the scenery myself in my own little world. After the boat ride we walked to the place we were going to have dinner at. It was this Italian place. Very fancy but we had a groupon. So they sat us down and handed us bread and menus. She comes back and we handed her the groupon. She instantly was rude at that point and said we needed different menus. Which was basically the same
Menus and our food choice didn't change. The service after that point was poor. Slammed water cups down never coming by for more water and so on. Apparently with 3 people she added a gratitude on. Which I find stupid: it was only 3 of us not 6 of us. So needless to say our fancy food turned out to be $3 a person! Go us!
After dinner we walked to time square at night! It was awesome. Lights all up and lite tons of people even at time. And shops still open at that time! It was crazy. People dressed in costumes, huge lines in stores it was just interesting! We will be going back to time square Saturday for the broadway show!
Then we took the subway back to Amy's and went to bed. It was a long day of travel and site seeing!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy cow Im behind on blogging.

Hello blogger world!
It's been months since I have wrote anything in here, so here's a little recap as much as I can remember from the last few months.

My dad  moved from AZ to Fargo,ND. Good thing I was able to see him while he was in AZ still.

We were manager less, which was fine because we were all waiting for that day to finally come. We just got a new one, Im sure I will write how I like her when it's been more then 2 weeks.

My friend Megan asked for my help for a job. She asked me to help her get a job at Starbucks. So I told her to apply on line, and I would bring her to the stores and drop off her resume. So I took my time, gas, and good word to help her get a job. I asked the fill in managers if there store was hiring, and gave them megan's name. She had a call back from top foods Starbucks, and actually had an interview set up. So i was glad that she might had a job coming her way. Well a few days before her sister Melanie texted me saying that Megan was going to skip out on her job interview and move back up north with her druggie boyfriend. So I texted her and she told me things weren't working out down here in tacoma. Really bitch? I took time from my day to drive her around because she have no car, or baby sitter, I stuck my neck out there so her could actually have an interview, and what do she do? she went back to your bad habits of the boyfriend, and hes doing drugs and now she will be joining him again with the drugs. She has an 18month old baby. So Im hit the last straw with her...

On a happy note- my friend kelsey got married to her highschool boyfriend of 6 years! :) it was a good wedding. it was held at the church, she had alot of people there, and he not so much. I took lots of pictures of the wedding, and it was nicely put together. Jess did say the wrong name, and turned beat red, and when they were kissing someone yelled out from behind "okay thats enough" really who does that at a wedding? they didn't even really kiss it was more like a peck.. rude i think. Kelsey had asked me to help out at her wedding- so i did. I served punch and cake. which was fine because there wasn't any seats to sit down anyways. The church upstairs holds alot of people but downstairs it doesn't so it was bit crowded. it was a short wedding all together but it was perfect for them!

I was able to catch up with Jess while he was here marrying Kelsey! He stayed at my house for a night and calvins the other. It was good seeing him. We had dinner, and just sat outside on my deck watching lightning. I miss him and it was good seeing him!

GUess who's going to NYC>>>>This girl!! :) more to come on that!

But besides that I have been working, running more and enjoying summer!