Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy cow Im behind on blogging.

Hello blogger world!
It's been months since I have wrote anything in here, so here's a little recap as much as I can remember from the last few months.

My dad  moved from AZ to Fargo,ND. Good thing I was able to see him while he was in AZ still.

We were manager less, which was fine because we were all waiting for that day to finally come. We just got a new one, Im sure I will write how I like her when it's been more then 2 weeks.

My friend Megan asked for my help for a job. She asked me to help her get a job at Starbucks. So I told her to apply on line, and I would bring her to the stores and drop off her resume. So I took my time, gas, and good word to help her get a job. I asked the fill in managers if there store was hiring, and gave them megan's name. She had a call back from top foods Starbucks, and actually had an interview set up. So i was glad that she might had a job coming her way. Well a few days before her sister Melanie texted me saying that Megan was going to skip out on her job interview and move back up north with her druggie boyfriend. So I texted her and she told me things weren't working out down here in tacoma. Really bitch? I took time from my day to drive her around because she have no car, or baby sitter, I stuck my neck out there so her could actually have an interview, and what do she do? she went back to your bad habits of the boyfriend, and hes doing drugs and now she will be joining him again with the drugs. She has an 18month old baby. So Im hit the last straw with her...

On a happy note- my friend kelsey got married to her highschool boyfriend of 6 years! :) it was a good wedding. it was held at the church, she had alot of people there, and he not so much. I took lots of pictures of the wedding, and it was nicely put together. Jess did say the wrong name, and turned beat red, and when they were kissing someone yelled out from behind "okay thats enough" really who does that at a wedding? they didn't even really kiss it was more like a peck.. rude i think. Kelsey had asked me to help out at her wedding- so i did. I served punch and cake. which was fine because there wasn't any seats to sit down anyways. The church upstairs holds alot of people but downstairs it doesn't so it was bit crowded. it was a short wedding all together but it was perfect for them!

I was able to catch up with Jess while he was here marrying Kelsey! He stayed at my house for a night and calvins the other. It was good seeing him. We had dinner, and just sat outside on my deck watching lightning. I miss him and it was good seeing him!

GUess who's going to NYC>>>>This girl!! :) more to come on that!

But besides that I have been working, running more and enjoying summer!

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