Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seattle Rock and Roll Half marathon 2012

Another race completed for 2012, Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon! I wasn't sure if I was going to run this race because of how expensive it was but Im glad I signed up ! This race was my second half this month alone, thats's right I ran 20 days before this one, call me crazy! Tiffany and Cynthia ran this "with"me. Thanks to them I signed up and ran this race! So Tiffany ran the half and Cynthia ran the full.

So Thursday I was able to go to Seattle and picked up my race packet to avoid traffic and huge crowds on Friday. I took Alex with me so I wasn't alone. I still hate driving to Seattle and finding parking! To much stress for me to be honest! Anyways after 20min of looking for a parking spot we finally found one and went into the expo at century link field and picked up my race packet! We walked around a bit, and I found a really cute tech Seattle RnR shirt. And since the hotel we got was so cheap(thanks for a discount) I didn't feel so bad for buying things at the expo! I sort of wish I took more time to actually look at things but going with someone who doesn't really understand makes it a little awkward.

So Friday came and I was suppose to meet Tiffany and Cynthia at the hotel. So I had Paul drive me up so we could have an early start to Seattle since race started so early 7AM! We got all ready for bed and lights out about 1030pm. We had our alarms set to 3:45A YIKES! (HA-im actually used to that time from work...) But I couldn't seem to fall asleep, Im pretty sure the girls were having a hard time too, we were just so excited for the race in the morning. I think I finally turned the brain off and all of sudden I heard this alarm, and thought "are you kidding me? It's that time already? I barely slept...." but it turned out to be a car alarm outside our room. I looked at the clock and it was only 12:45a. Good more time to sleep but still I wasn't that happy with that car!! So i finally went back to sleep and bam 3:45a came. I think we all just laid there not wanting to get up. So we all jumped in to our outfits and off we went. I ate my normal race day food- a banana, and a cliff bar- But I wasn't that hungry considering I think i always get a little nervous on race days.

Myself, Cynthia and Tiffany in our race outfits

So we got our picture taken and off we were to down town seattle to find our parking garage- which was nice because it was so close to the finish line. Thanks for Tiffany I was able to use the "Brooks" VIP porta bathrooms. These were super nice compared to a normal porta potty. These had real flushing toliets, running water, and anything really you need like q-tips, gum, and such. Thanks Tiffany! =) I said HI to a few runner people (bloggers) and then Tiffany ran off to her Corral, and I stayed around with Cynthia. She ran with the "Run to remember" group. SO I watched them do their little thing. It was pretty cool. Then I lined up in my corral, I honestly should have just stayed with Cynthia. Oh well life goes on.. SO I was in corral 19. Race started at 7Am, and I think I was finally starting around 725am?  I wore my runner rain jacket because I thought it was going to rain. Well long and behold no rain! :D So mile 1- I think I was hitting a 8:30 min pace (fast i know) But I think i was trying to get ahead of the slower people- but turns out I was zig zagging the whole time through people who were much slower! mile 2 was a pretty fast mile as well and same with 3. But man Oh man I was getting warm so around mile 3.5 I took my jacket off.. and bam my nike (iphone) stopped and said work out completed. I was so mad, I was just trying to get the jacket off, and put the phone in my pouch and i ended up ending the workout. So once I got all put back together I had to restart it. So now I had no idea where I was at in my pace, time, and miles! So I just ran- I was hoping i would know what and where I was at to push my self more but nope.. lesson learned!!
So I kept running turned a corner and saw ahead of me a hill. A steep hill! BUt I got to it and kept running up it without stopping or walking! People were making me a little mad tho stopping and such so i had to run around them. But I did it, non stop running up the hill. And then it was down hill.. good thing it wasnt raining because I knew I probably would have fell down. anyways once we past that I came to the "race to remember" group. they were holding flags and had the fallen pictures up. It was pretty cool!

running with a smile
After that cool section, I ran through a tunnel which I thought would never end! But it was kind of cool the first time but the next few ones BLAH! Running on the freeway and looking at cars and seattle was pretty cool kept my mind not on running! Ran past the football and baseball fields and around then I started feeling that thought " WHERE THE HELL IS THE SPACE NEEDLE!" I was totally struggling at this point since i hadn't ran in 9 days! But i knew i couldn't stop. I think mile 10-11 were super hard for me but still i did it! I saw mile 12 and knew I was almost finished! While running I believe he was the first full marathoner to cross the finish line was approaching me. I saw him coming towards me and I thought "holy cow, Im almost done with my half and he's double me aready...I dont want him to pass me.." I picked my speed up and started to push myself to see if i could beat him.. well nope he kicked my butt. Once he passed me I just kept going. The finish line was up a little hill and around a corner. I finsihed strong at the end. Took some finish photos, and was feeling pretty good at that point. My leg was a little sore and knee but i just kept walking and grabbed my finishers food.

I found a nice place to sit down to eat my food, and i knew I had to go find the meeting place B for bloggers where some bloggers would be there and Tiffany. SO i was able to meet more bloggers! :D

finished :)

Results from the Seattle Rock and Roll

overall: 4085/12240 (half marathoners)
female: 1893/9568
age division (18-24): 178/734

5k: 28:11
10k: 57:41
10mi: 1:34:46
pace of 9:41
chip time: 2:06:56!

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