Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally a real vacation :)

Finally I was able to actually go see my dad over father's day weekend. He had moved back in November down to Gilbert, AZ. I was suppose to fly down in Jan to see him but the time I was suppose to head out my flight got cancelled and then I was snowed in stuck in my house for a week while I was hitting a minor depression mode. So I dont consider that a vacation since i stayed at home in the freaking snow. UGH anyways, it finally worked out that I could fly down to see my dad. I thought it would be cool to see him during father's day weekend. So I called him up and he said he had to figure out his work schedule. So he figured it out and we were set vacation was booked. June 14-18, I know short trip but so worth it. So the plan was to fly out thursday and fly in thursday night and he would actually be flying in too from his work and then we would fly out together on monday to our different locations. But he actually had lost his job 1 week after we booked this trip so I could have probably stayed longer if we knew. oh well but good news I still went on vacation! I was getting so excited to finally get out of Washington, a vacation away from work and go see my dad. So thursday came, I went running in the morning because I knew I had to get at least one more run in before running the Seattle RnR the following weekend. (more about that race soon! ) I then grabbed coffee, and last minute items for my trip. I was all ready to go and nervous as heck I hadn't flown alone yet. Paul was nice and took me to the airport. And off I went inside alone to figure it out on my own. I went through security and it wasn't bad. The lines were super long but I found my gate and got settled in. I boarded the plane (honestly why do they ask the last people on to wait..they should get on first) and found my seat, a window seat and no one sat in the middle! As soon as I got off the plane I called my dad and he was outside waiting! I stepped outside and BAM it felt like I was in an oven. It felt hot! But I was there and I was happy to see my dad! WE drove to a pizza place for a late dinner and then went to his house.

Lily was there waiting for me, it was nice seeing her. They're house is beautiful! You walk in and it's the living room, then the kitchen is in the back with the laundry room bathroom and guest room on the bottom floor.  Then you go upstairs and there's a master bedroom with a nice master bath, and a full bath and two more guest room. I picked the room upstairs (my dad's sports room.) That first night was a hot sleeper! They set their AC to 80 considering it's 100 outside. So i was a little warm that night.

Friday- That morning I was wide awake at 530. The sun was shinning and so I just layed there in bed for a bit. I got out of bed and my dad asked if i wanted to go for a bike ride before it got to hot. So we hopped on bikes and off we rode to grab some coffee at this little coffee cafe that was on this farm. it was cute. The coffee wasn't that bad either! We ate breakfast and then rode back. Then it was pool time (btw it was like 80 at this time(7am)) We hung out in the pool for a few hours, and then drove around checking things out and even went to a shopping center. Then we went to dinner at this Joe's farm house place (same place as the coffee shop) And then went to a movie.

Saturday- I had slept better that night since i was getting very used to the warm weather. I loved every mintute of this weather! So got up and lily asked if i wanted to go to starbucks and get coffee. of course i did! So i went with her and grabbed some coffee. Then it was pool time again.! Then my dad and I went and started our dirve to the grand canyon. We drove to Sedona and ate lunch there. it was a cute little town and beautiful! Then went kept driving to flagstaff.(where we were going to spend the night) We got to flagstaff and went to the mall which was getto! And then walked around the town. This town is a hippie town! Lot's of crazies! We were also there during pride weekend which was interesting. We ate at this place called "pita pit" amazing! :D

Sunday- We got up early and drove 1.5 hours to the grand canyon! I hadn't been there before and it was truely amazing! Stunning even! We got there around 830 and took a bus tour all around the canyon. Stunning just stunning.! (pictures soon) Once we got done with the canyon we headed back to his house. I was burnt as heck! We forgot sunscreen...opps! I was so burnted that it sucked. I think im still red on my shoulders from last sunday but im turning tan and peeling at the same time. GROSS huh! Since sunday was father's day we went out to dinner at this texas road house place. OMG amazing food! Sunday was so much fun!!

Monday- That sunday night I slept horrible due to the burning of my skin. :( anyways i got up early and grabbed some coffee and didn't swim since i had a huge burn! I still went outside and sat by the pool. I didn't want to go back to washington yet. it was going to be 50+ degrees cooler then what i was used to. So i got to the airport and off i went leaving my dad in AZ while i had to go back to WA. I missed my dad a lot and I was glad I was able to see him. BUt I got to the airport and found my way to the gate. Security was a peace of cake! And once again an empty seat!! :) I got off the plane and paul picked me up.. HOLY COW i was freezing. It took 2 days to finally warm back up. I miss the warm weather. I miss my dad and i want to go back and visit already!!

SO i finally had a vacation and i needed it ! :) I had so much fun and i can't wait to go back and see them (my dad and LIly)!

PICTURES will be on another post!

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