Monday, June 25, 2012

A lot of graduations this year..

I think this is the year of graduations. I knew so many people graduating college, high school, middle school and elementary school. I find it interesting with all these graduations this year unlike last year was all weddings, and following year before that was all babys. I feel like my friends are living life backyards? Anyways I would like to do a little shout out to the people I know that graduated!

Tessa- My brother's girlfriend graduated from Gig Harbor and did running start at TCC. You sweet girl, Congrats on finishing Gig Harbor (even tho you weren't really there because of running start). I know you will do great things in the next step in your life. Im glad your dating my little brother and that we're actually hanging out more! Good luck in the next step of your education!

Harlie- My crazy wild cousin, I can't believe you graduated High school. (Tacoma school of the Arts). I still remember you playing with my brother with rugrat dolls or something? Good luck at Evergreen state college.

Brittany-  I've only known you for a year but i love playing soccer with you! Congrats on graduating High school and good luck in the next stage of life.

Elle- Paul's little sister- She also graduated from GH with Tessa. I wish you best of luck in college!

Troi- my stylish cousin, congrats on finishing middle school. I still can't believe you will be entering high school this fall. You're growing up way to fast! Enjoy it before it's gone. Good luck!

Jaron- my little balloon animal making cousin- you are no longer in elementary school. I still think of you as 7 years old. Good luck!

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