Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 4 (china town, grand central, photography, diner, slice)

Day 4
Today we went to check out china town. This is where you find gifts for cheap. I was able to find a shirt for cheryl and few shot glasses at a reasonable price! Then we kept walking to 5th ave where all the shops start. Went into sport stores, I actually was able to find some shin guards :) which was nice considering mine are so smelly! I needed new ones! :p
We walked to see little Italy and then off we went to the grand central. The grand central was so cool. The building is so detailed! Very roman style. There is a whispering wall area where it's 4 corners and you stand on one end and you can hear people talking across from
You. But it didn't work for us because they were doing construction on that part of the grand central. The ceiling has a night sky and shops in between. It was so pretty!
After we toured the grand central for a bit we found this cupcake place called "crumbs". This place has tons of cupcakes. We deiced to get a pack of 6 so we could try 2 kinds each. I picked cookie crumble, and apple one. The cookie one was dry. I wasn't happy with that one because it was dry. I hate dry cupcakes. Then the apple one- yummy!! It tasted like a apple muffin it was so moist and after that bite I wanted another one! Amy couldn't eat her pb one, so I finished it for her. That was awesome yummy! Not dry and it was pretty rich! Over all this crumb place gets a 4 star rating! ( only 4 because the first cake was dry!)

Then we headed toward the intrepid space museum. But on our way there I happened to look over at my right and saw this photography museum thing. So I wanted to check it out. It was pretty cool. Had black and white photos from the 1930 and such. I liked it! We were probably there for a good 45 min? Right before we left there was a gift shop with photography things. So of course we had to go in there. I knew I wanted something back from NYC that said NYC on it. But I didn't know if I wanted the plain "I love NYC " shirt. So while in this store I found this really cool shoulder bag with a zipper and such, it was printed with old cameras. I Thought very hard about the bag until I went around a corner and saw a shirt I absolutely loved. "I photography NYC" yup this was the shirt for me! And it was the same price as the bag. So of course I picked the shirt! Not sure if I will wear the shirt often like I would use the bag but we shall see! :)
Then we took a taxi to be closer to the intrepid but when we got there there was a line to get wait in. Not only one line outside. But another line to buy tickets. And then there's 2 more
Lines inside. And this place closed at 6. So we deiced to come back tomorrow with Pre order tickets. So by this point we were hungry and wanted some
Food. Amy wanted us to try a diner so that's what we did. Amy and Paul had burgers and they liked theres. I had chicken fingers. I wasn't that happy with my choice oh we'll lesson learned. But I did have some fries from each of there plate and those were pretty yummy! Then Amy was tired sober headed back to her place. Ate a drumstick ice cream on her roof top. We then went out to get a red box movie and a slice (pizza). This slice was pretty good. It was the size of Costco pizza. But way better. It was so greasy tho. But I thought it was pretty good ! Then i tried a garlic knot. Which was a bread stick in a ball form. It was actually really good. It tasted like a bread stick. But man it had a lot of garlic on it.
Then we watched salt the movie and went to bed early. When I say early it was 7 Washington time. And well I didn't sleep well last night kept tossing and turning. And has been up since 7 here so 4 Washington time.
I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen today. And I'm a little sad that my vacation ends tomorrow as well :(

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