Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 mile run "Over the Narrows"

I just love this 10 miler "over the narrows'' run, 3rd year in a row running this! This race always prepares me for the "You GO Girl" in mid september since I suck at long runs. So for this race I wasn't that prepared since I had just got back from my NYC trip a few days before. I picked up my packet, and was super excited for this race. I knew a few people running it which was pretty cool, Mel, Tiana, Jessica and Paul.

Race day morning, of course I had my outfit all picked out (green sparkle, and my white seattle RnR shirt) That morning was freezing!! But I knew I would warm up as soon as I got going. 9am and off we were running. Paul and I started together and then I passed him. I was going so strong at the start that I knew that was a bad idea for me to do that.All I knew was I wanted to PR this race because I did last year so I wanted a new PR. I knew I needed to beat 1:32. So the first 2 miles I was flying. Then it was a hill over by the airport, I wanted to walk because I hate hills, and my side was hurting me because I think I started to fast. So as soon as I knew it Paul was passing me and told me that I was hauling. The whole time i was thinking if he passed me and finish before me I would be super angry! So I had to stop walking and started running again. I was still ahead of Jessica and Mel, but all i could think of was " I gotta pass paul" As we were going thru the tunnel I kept thinking you must pass paul.. I saw my uncle on his bike so it was good encouragement seeing him and having him cheer me on. We got to the bridge and I swear to God, why do mean wear strong smelly things on a race? I know it's better then BO but i was stuck running this pace with this guy with strong perfume smell which was giving me a head ache.

 I still had paul in my view, he was seriously hauling butt. No matter how fast I was going he was still a head of me. I knew he was going to take a gel around the turn around point and knew if i could pass him there and haul he would have to catch me. So after the bridge theres that long hill, usually I can do hills pretty well, but I just wasn't feeling it. So i took a gel and thats when Jessica came up to me and we started running together until I couldn't keep up. But still in my mind I needed to pass Paul. I finally got to the top where the turn around point was and saw paul and his words were "are you going to catch me?" rude i thought which made me more motivated to pass his butt! I got back on the bridge he was still ahead of me and then all of sudden Mel and her hubby was next to me running. I ran with Mel for a bit and off she went. I kept thinking i know Paul will slow down soon (well at least i hoped) So still the hill by the airport i walked a few times because I really wanted a strong finish. I could see paul walking, I knew he was having a hard time (well thats what he told me at the end) Finally at mile 9 i caught up to him. He started running ahead and then I got a head. We started walking/jogging. We were both tired! Finally almost to the finish line he started running and almost ran me over turning a corner which made me angry! So at this point the angry got me and i wanted to just finish strong. At one point he was slowing down, and I took the corner and off I went. He noticed and started sprinting as well but as I saw the clock I pushed myself even more since I saw 1:29:xx and knew I would totally beat my last years time. in the end I finished before Paul by one second while he was a head of me the whole time! I got a new PR

So paul mentioned that Im still a better runner for long distance but for speed on shorter runs he has me beat. But Im up for the challenge...

race results:
overall : 141/384
51/216 females
age (20-29) 14/42
finish time : 1:30:16
pace: 9:02 per mile

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