Friday, August 24, 2012

Trip to NYC (day 1)

Trip to NYC to see my friend Amy! It was a spur of the moment trip- grabbed tickets on the last minute, cheap round trip ticket non stop and requested time off. And it worked out! Thursday morning got up at my normal time and headed to the airport. Paul dad dropped us off and we headed towards security. Passed through just fine found the restroom and got on the plane. The flight was alright not to bad. Got to NYC JFK airport and wow was it different. Birds in the airport flying around your head. I almost had one in my hair. People are just strange. I never seen so many odd things in my life until this trip! Amy picked us up and of we went. We got to her place and she showed us around her apartment and off we went to take
The subway for the first time ever. It was interesting leading to say. All kinds
Of people. It was crazy! It smells, worn down. We were headed to the downtown for a tour around the city in a boat. It was a guided tour and this guy never stopped talking! But it was nice. You could go outside and take pictures. But I just stayed in side. Took some awesome pictures of the city, the statue of liberty at sunset, and city at night! If I would have paid attention to the guy talking I probably would have learned some things about the history. But I was enjoying the scenery myself in my own little world. After the boat ride we walked to the place we were going to have dinner at. It was this Italian place. Very fancy but we had a groupon. So they sat us down and handed us bread and menus. She comes back and we handed her the groupon. She instantly was rude at that point and said we needed different menus. Which was basically the same
Menus and our food choice didn't change. The service after that point was poor. Slammed water cups down never coming by for more water and so on. Apparently with 3 people she added a gratitude on. Which I find stupid: it was only 3 of us not 6 of us. So needless to say our fancy food turned out to be $3 a person! Go us!
After dinner we walked to time square at night! It was awesome. Lights all up and lite tons of people even at time. And shops still open at that time! It was crazy. People dressed in costumes, huge lines in stores it was just interesting! We will be going back to time square Saturday for the broadway show!
Then we took the subway back to Amy's and went to bed. It was a long day of travel and site seeing!

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