Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3( brunch, central park, time square-spiderman, dinner on roof )

Saturday morning we work up and we went to get brunch. They weren't opened yet when we got there due to a water leak in the kitchen. So we found a Starbucks and grabbed coffee and while I was there I happened to find Starbucks gift cards. Btw. I've been looking all over for those stupid things! I finally found it. Which was good considering people wanted some from me. Then it was finally time to sit down and have our brunch. I had a mimosa :) and they brought out deep fried dough with cinnamon sugar like a doughnut. It was soo good!! I ordered the banana pancakes. It was better then the ones I had in Hawaii! Then after brunch we walked to time square. We had a show "spiderman" at 2. So we were a bit early and walked around in time square in the day time which was much different in the night then day. We went to toy r us and walked around. This store was huge!! :) had 2 candy stores in side! We grabbed some candy and we were off on our way to see "spiderman"
This show was awesome! Spiderman flies over the audience! It scared Amy but wow I really like the songs and the whole performance! A well worth it show!! :) then afterwards we went to central park. Paul and I rode a bike that would take you around central park showing you all the movies and who live/d there. Our driver knew a lot about where things were filmed and such. Yes he was hard to understand most of the time but well worth the hour ride. ! But we had an awesome time!
Then for dinner we were invited to Amy friend house for dinner on the roof top. Homemade tacos!! Yummy :) it was good meeting some of Amy friends. But I was soo tired that I could barely stay awake during this time!
Over all a great day! :)

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