Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 ( 9/11 memorial, statue of liberty ferry-staten island ferry, brooklyn bridge, central park )

Day 2
I'm getting used to using the subway. It's still a different experience I'm not going to lie. So we had tickets to see the 9/11 memorial at 1130. We got there around 11 checked in. It felt like an airport with tons of security. I guess that's what happens when two
Buildings fall over. Once we got to the pools Amy sat down ( she just had her gallbladder taken out a week before and was still sore) Paul and i walked around taking pictures. As I was standing looking at this water pool with names around it It didn't look that big for a building that used to stand. But it was a good way to remember what had happened on that day almost 11 years ago. The two pools is where the buildings once stood. It was a waterfall so it sounded nice- drowned out the city around you to honor what happened that day. The north pool is bigger then the south pool. And right next store they were building world trade center. This time the bottom is all cement and its strong enough to with hold a car bomb. And it has triangle long piece to hold it up better this one around. They are building a museum for it but it wasn't done yet since it oil so much money cleaning up the mess!

After the 9/11 we walked to catch the staten island ferry. Which was free. You can take the ferry to the island that goes right past the statue of liberty and you hop off and get right back on. It was cool seeing the city in the day time on a boat and not at sunset.

We walked around more of the town and Paul and I walked on the Brooklyn bridge. We didn't walk the whole
Bridge just a quarter of it. Too many people. Then we kept walking and went back to Amy's for a nap! Woke
Up and headed to central park to watch a movie in the dark. It was cool! Animal house was the movie that was playing. It was a funny movie. They had this yummy popcorn for free there. I liked Oreo flavor kind! Then it was time to head back and go back to Amy's for bed.

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