Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of trip

This morning we woke up and enjoyed a free hotel breakfast and found a Starbucks. Starbucks are harder to find out here. Caribou is very popular out here. Paul wants to try it but we shall see ;)
Then I decided to be a good great granddaughter and stopped at the store to buy her flowers. We found her place and she was of course waiting for us at the door. How sweet! She was excited to see me! She hadnt Seen me in 5 years. So we saw her place( very small) just like a bedroom with a bath room. They feed her and such. It's an assistant living home where she only uses the help when she needs it. Then we drove and picked up Dale -my grandpa- and we brought them to "dinner" (lunch) and drove around Fargo. Was able to take a picture and went to go print it off. We then hung around her place watched some tv and off we went to have "supper"(dinner) pizza was recommend by my dad. So ate dinner and took dale back then went back to grandmas for a bit before taking off. Some adult beverages were needed after a long day!
pizza place my dad loves so i had to go for him
i needed a drink after a long day of spending time with grandma

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