Monday, October 10, 2011

Last day.

Last day:
Today we had to say good bye to vacation and back to the real world. :( we were able to sleep in which was nice since we got back so late and been go go go ever since we left Seattle. We grabbed some coffee and finished packing. Said goodbyes to the bride and groom and off we went. We were asked if we wanted to upgrade to first class. I said nah. But Paul wanted it. But by the time I decided we had just left tickets. So we actually lucky to get to the gate where a person was there and we upgraded. Let me just say once we did. I got more excited to fly. :) we were the first to board. Seats were nice. Comfy and roomy. Drinks were served right away. I didn't choose to drink adult beverages but Paul did. He's enjoying this first class life. He had 2 glasses of wine. And coffee with baileys. And we got free to use for the flight the DVD movie things :) free music. Free movies. And such. :) I love it. Saves my phone battery ! Then food time... On the way out we had hot dogs. But today thanks to Paul. We were lucky to have this experience. Pasta salad. Chicken. Bread. And dessert:: chocolate brownie on a plate with a doily :) and crackers with fancy cheese :) we get our own bathroom and the flight assistance is Awesome. :). There's only 8 of us up here. Still 4 seats left. I love this first class thing!! It's making time enjoyable. I dont have to worry about asking 2 other people to pee. I can just ask Paul. I don't have to wait for drinks. I can just ask. It's nice. I love seeing the sun. I will miss it. :( I'm not ready for rain yet. I love wearing shorts. No jackets and flip flops !! But it was a good trip. I hate to see it end. Wish we had one more day to just relax with kris and Ann.
from the airplane in the air
first class meal!

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