Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 mile run :)

What a beauitful day today! It was pretty decent outside and the best part...the sun was shinning!! :) Today I had it in my mind that I will run outside! I ran the other day on the tredmill for 5 miles, and it took a while.. Long and boring,  so today I made sure I ran outside! It was a chance to try out my nike+ I got for Christmas, and to get some vit d! So I got home from work, and instantly changed, cause I knew if I sat down on the couch it would have been no good, and a nap would have happened! So i changed and made sure the sensor was working and off I went. Start: 12:30, and my goal was 5 miles!! So I left my house ran to Anthony's seafood restruant and back past my house towards the Tides, up harborview hill (this is steep!) then ran up a even bigger hill past the police station/skate park, down the cushman trail, down rosedale and back along the water front to get to my house for a final distance of 5.25!! :) It felt great running outside! I seriously have missed it. total time: 44.42 ! I was just pacing myself, nothing but a good run outside!
And to treat my self made a protien drink! :)

Then went to dinner with my dad and brother for valentines day. ( I know a day early)
And last night went to a dinner and a movie with paul for v-day.
To be honest I really dont like valentine day. Its really a lame holiday, flowers are jacked up in price, candy is everywhere shaped as hearts, and pink.. I am not a fan of pink and red. but on the other hand my birthday is in 4 days!! :)

I will leave you with the amazing rainbows I saw the other day, thursday maybe?

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