Thursday, February 24, 2011

snow snow and more snow

I have to say: I love how snow falls gracefully, and how pretty it looks. I love it when I can stay home drink hot cocoa, or coffee, watch movies and walk in the snow. But I don’t like the snow when I live on a hill down town gh, when I have to deal with Tacoma narrows bridge, dealing with crazy drivers who speed, deal with icy conditions, and figuring out how am I going to get to work and back. Snow is nice when you don’t have to go anywhere, but being an adult and having to work makes snow no fun anymore..  I just wanted to share that with you all. I like snow but hate snow. Snow and I have a love/hate relationship. But here is my wonderful day today with the hatred of the snow:
What a day: woke up this morning to dry roads in GH. SO I got up and got ready for work. I left at 540am and didn’t need to be there until 630Am so I gave myself plenty of time. I made it just fine up the hills to the freeway, jumped on 16 and it was great driving conditions. But while on the bridge I kept thinking : “ do I take pearl street? Or Jackson? Do I want to deal with a hill, or sharp turn?” Well I picked hill. The road looked good. As soon as I got to the stop light at Jackson and turned on to Jackson, bad idea. The road was snowy, ice crap. So I drove very slow. And made it to work fine just a little after 6am. But as soon as I got inside my boss was like “ oh did you get my text?”… hmm no… did you press send? Turns out she told me on a text that I didn’t need to get there until 7. Gee thanks. Why not just call?? But it’s okay. But as soon as the day got started it started snowing, not just light but hard snow. So thanks guys for coming in early and staying later so I can get across the bridge before it got bad again. But as soon as I crossed the bridge again, it was clear roads. This weather is crazy! Snow will fall, snow will melt, snow again, roads covered, roads clear. And now it’s going to freeze and I work in the morning once again. Now the question is “do I drive or have paul drive” times like these I wished I had a all wheel drive car.. I know it doesn’t help for ice but still makes me feel a little bit better than my little car.
I can’t believe that February is almost over but then again it’s a short month only 28 days but still, 2 months done of 2011. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. All I know that june is coming fast. For those who don’t know I will be running my first half marathon! J. But lets go over my new year goals to see if I have accomplished any of them!
And now here is some of my New Years goals!
-New Friends
-Hanging out with old friends -----Close but not yet.
-New style (clothes, hair-out look of life..)
-picking whats right for me (school, life and so on...) still looking into this
-running more races..( a half marathon or more!) if you read the previous blog it explains WHAT races I want to do this year
- to get better at soccer—Noticed I toe kick because my balance isn’t center enough but im still working on getting better at soccer
-to be able to move out on my own, (right now im living with someone)
-travel to more places
-get a new camera(canon point and shoot! I love it)
-being more affectionate towards people ( still working on this!!)
-become a shift leader at work (still in process..if it ever happens)
-get a tattoo –(daisies on my ankle, there’s a pic posted on a previous blog)
-work out more at the gym (this is still a goal, and will be all year!)
-drink more water
-save more money/invest money
-making more dinners/not eating out as much
So those were my new years goals: I accomplished a few, and still working on most! Im hoping to cross more off in the next months! So stay turn to next month and see where I am in my list, and if more have been crossed off!!

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