Friday, March 4, 2011

the race season has begun

Today I signed up for my first running race of 2011! I really wanted to do the st patty day race, but getting time off was a bit tricky. so i found this one instead. it's the 12k seahawk race. :) Im excited. April 10 will be the day. This is just a baby step to my half marathon in june (which I still need to sign up for ...)
Now am I ready for a 12k? (about 7.5 miles) I know I can do it. it's just the mental of it. I tend to struggle lately around mile 4 but then again I have been running at the gym lately stuck in one spot listening to the same music, and dealing with pain. My new shoes are here just in time. my shin splints are starting to start up again. so I just gotta go pick my shoes up this weekend! I just need to push myself outside and run. last outside run was feb 13. the weather was awesome. just lately it's been a little to cold for me, (yes Im a chicken) but i need to get used of running in the rain. apparently every race tiffany runs it rains, and Im planning on running some with her so i need to get past the running in the race part.

have a great weekend!

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