Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's been a while, so beware long post!

1) I don't know what had happen, but I guess I have been to busy to sit down at my computer and write a blog. I guess that was because I had worked almost 40 hrs this last week, and that never happens! Last Monday I seriously worked a 12 hr day, with a 5 hr break to nap, eat and run 6 miles. it was crazy! I had opened that day, then did tips, went home nap and such, and went to the store for work and then set up for the new promo that was happening on Tuesday. Boy was I tired Monday night/Tuesday! But in the end it was great tips I made from last week, and I can't wait for my paycheck this week! :) money money money!!

2) So last Tuesday Starbucks turned 40 years. (not sure of the real date but thats when we did it..) They reveled the new logo and new limited time coffee. So happy anniversary Starbucks.

3.) Last friday I played soccer :) Im just loving soccer. I wished I had played when I was younger, but Im glad Im doing it now! I was more aggressive then normal!  :) used the wall to kick the ball off of to try and get it away from the other team. The only thing Im  not liking about soccer, is that some people on my team never passes the ball to me. I would be wide open, and never ever do i get the ball. It actually is starting to get annoying. Im sorry I dont have a penis so stop being a jerk and a ball hog. okay IM done.

4) I would like to mention, it's horrible of whats happening in Japan after the huge earthquake. My thoughts and prayers are with those people. Heres what they are dealing with right now.

5) Lately Paul has been driving me nuts. I asked him to ask the landlord about my cats coming to stay because my mom's house is for sale. :( So he talked to them they said they will call him yesterday. nope they didn't call. So he was like yeah I will call tuesday. I asked him today, and did he call..?? NOPE.. Its very annoying. Sometimes Im happy with him but other times he gets on my last nerves!! but i guess thats what happens with living with a boy!

6.)On a happy note:
I was able to see my best friend megan the other day. I haven't seen her in a while. she's prego and is due soon, more like 21 of march soon. I can't wait for that. That will be my little "niece" We've been friends for a while so she's like my "sister" so it's cool. :) it was great seeing her! She needed to get out of the stress place that she lives in. Drama, drama, drama.. I wont get in to all of that drama!

7)My favorite part of the year is here! Cheery blossoms are blooming!! I love those trees!! I need to take pictures soon before they aren't pretty anymore. but the weather has been crappy! Rain rain rain!! but I will be taking pictures out there rain or shine for those trees!!

8) Running: I have been running more lately. and Longer distance too! Im very proud of my self. I ran 6 miles under an hr! :) I believe it was 58 min but I know it could have been at least 50min but I had to stop to pee, and talked to Alex for a bit. All this is helping me get to my half marathon on june 5! Which I still need to sign up for.. opps!

9)You know what yesterday was? it was pie day.. 3.14.. yup you guessed it.. I had some apple pie to celebrate pie day.. (thanks Paul for the pie)

10) last thing. I would like to do a shout out to my dear friend Meredith!
Good luck with everything. I will miss working with you on sunday mornings. It has been great getting to know you over the last 4 years! I know you will miss starbucks. (well or just tiffany and I..) I know we will miss you! But I know you will be busy with your baby boy on the way! Im glad i was able to work with you and get to know you. I know we will still see eachother so dont worry! Because I know I want to see that baby of yours. You will do great raising a kid!! :)

have a good night!

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  1. just came across your blog, love it! i am one of your followers