Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain rain and more rain.

I guess life has been pretty busy that I forgot that I have a blog and I probably should write in it. I think i also forget i have a computer too, because Im on my phone all the time. Anyway this past week I was able to run with Tiffany once again. This time it was a 10 miler down on the water front in tacoma, and hey guess what... it was raining. yup from the week before warm 9 miler, to this past week 10 miler in the rain. It wasn't rain, it was more like a monsoon!! We parked by the red boat on ruston way. Tiffnay told me we're going to run the short part first because if we did the long part first you would stop at mile 8 and ditch me at the car. And I was like ya probably. LOL. SO off we went, 10 miler. the week before I had pulled/strained my groin muscle and so it was a little rough at 4mile. At first it it was a nice run, no pain. but once we got to a hill man thats when it started to feel the pain. I did pretty well, it wasn't until my ipod stopped working , and tiffany was way ahead of me when the pain was no good, that i actually had to stop stretch a bit and kept going. By the end of the run we were soaked! I ran my rain jacket (north-face) and it was so wet that it felt gross. I had washed it a few days before and the soap was still coming off of it. it was a little odd. it's like i took a bath with all the soap everywhere. total run: 10 miles, my iphone said 1hr,36 min but thats because i also didn't stop at stop lights, and it took a little bit to stop the iphone after i crossed 10 miles. So it was more like 1hr 30 min, which is 5 min faster then my 10 miler race back in sept. :) So im happy about that time even with my running performance.
but man oh man after that run, my legs were sore! I instantly took a bath, this was the first 10 miler since last year. This week, 11 miles! Yikes!!! Can i do it? do i have the mental mind for it? will i get hurt? all the questions in my head.

friday I played soccer, i wasn't going to play at first because of the leg, but i did actually play. i had taken ibphonin (spelling?) and icy hot on the muscle. and stretched very well too. it was a little pain at first but it felt great! :) played soccer for like 2 hrs! it was so much fun! Im just loving this sport.! I scored 3 goals, the second half we sort of just worked on our passes and the other team really didn't care to play since the second half was 42 min. lol

saturday i went and saw bridesmaids with my mom and her bf Todd.. it was a good movie, but i wouldn't go with your mom. LOL she said the same about not going with me her daughter.

well i think thats all folks! ;)

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